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 Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun (OPEN)

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PostSubject: Re: Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun (OPEN)   Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:39 pm


Oro acted as a guiding crutch for her wounded moirail, the much smaller troll almost having to walk on the tips of her toes in order to be tall enough to keep Oz standing. Eventually, they entered a rather large and furnished burrow. The walls were actually stone, and the burrow was built solid with colloms and strong walls.

This was her most secure burrow, one that she had hidden behind her most confusing paths and her most deviously clever passages. She firmly believed this place was undetectable, and was thus somewhere she never went to in order to keep it as such. That is, she never did unless she had Oz over. It was her best, and she could only give her best to her Moirail when he needed her.

Oro's cheeks inflated as she exerted herself, air escaping as she slowed in her movements. She was obviously at her limit, but the sight of a large plastic bean shaped object filled bag seat was a welcome sight. She moved herself and Oz towards it, then slowly tried to ease him onto the seat.

Once done, she fell back onto a nearby seat of similar design, and let out a deep sigh as she relaxed from the exertion. She then pouted slightly, looking to Oz "Why are you so heavy?" She said, her ears twitching slightly as she got comfortable.
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PostSubject: Re: Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun (OPEN)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:54 am

Ozeath felt like he was in some kind of dream, stumbling along with barely enough consiousness to help his little squeakbeast not totally collapse under his weight. He felt warm blue blood bleed through the bandages on his bare chest and noticed things he usually wouldn't pay attention to - such as the rain beating against the ground above his Oro's tunnels. It was oddly peaceful, his arduous breaths slowing down as it calmed him. Every once in awhile his hand would reach up to rub his moirail's horns, letting her know he was still conscious. He slowly realized just how large her caves were, able to easily fit him inside them and extending so far that...well, he really didn't know how far they went. He'd have to ask when he was feeling less like death.

Aaah, and of course one of the best things to make him feel more alive was their Pale Cave, as he liked to call it. He didn't know why his Oro didn't just make the entire tunnel complex out of stone and stuff, but...well, she was kind of puny! Adorable, but she totally needed to work out more. Oh man, he shouldn't of gotten mauled. He could've worked out with her! Well, he guessed he would be here for a bit so maybe he'd have time.

Shit, what was he talking about again? Well, thinking, he wasn't really talking.

Oh shit. This was one super comfortable beanbag. Ah yes so many memories in this thing. Aaaah. He felt himself collapse into the amorphous furniture, letting his long arms fall to the side and letting out  a loud breath of relief as everything stopped hurting as much. He just laid there for a few seconds, letting his tired body relax. His pumpbiscuit fluttered a little when he heard Oro pout, bringing a wide grin to his face, he didn't realize he was missing two of his teeth. When he answered, it was slightly slurred but sincere as ever.

"Becausse I'm weighed down by my adorastion for you?" He asked, reaching his arm over to pull her over onto him, bringing her in for an impromptu cuddle. "Why are you such a lightweisght, is the better quesstion." He teased, rubbing her hair weakly. Yep, he was definitely at home here. Sometimes he felt more at ease with her at her hive than he did back at his hive, what without his lusus breathing down his neck every hour. He could be a bit more free and expressive. He held her against his chest, trying to nuzzle her despite his limited use of limbs.
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PostSubject: Re: Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun (OPEN)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:06 pm

Sperse woke up, confused, with a lingering headache and while being soaked in his own blood and tears. Mostly tears, but also some blood. Then he remembered what led to him sleeping in his tears and blood, and he grimaced.

How could he be so weak? All because somebody didn't message him back? They were probably busy with something else. What a confidence-lacking fool I am, he thought.

His expression went from neutrality to somber gradually as he walked around his hive.

Might as well do what he always does when he's like this, he figured. So he marched to his fridge and grabbed a bottle of the fruit juice. No, wait, another one. And another.

He filled his arms with the bottles and carried them to his respiteblock, where he lay them down on his desk and chugged one to get him going. As soon as he felt the buzz coming, he packed his bag full of the bottles, put on his SMG straps, carefully placed said SMGs in the little holsters, and filling his little pouches on both straps with one of the raw fruits each, before heading out into the Alternian night.


Somewhere not too close to meet Sperse, but also not far away, was Gaissh. Also walking through the Alternian night, he had a roughly similar reason to do so: At the base, they were both attempting to be happy. Sperse was doing it due to a lack of confidence, more specifically, while Gaissh was trying to clear his head.

As the heavyset troll hobbled along, he would occasionally hold a hand to his head and stop, with a pained expression on his face.

He, and he alone, would hear voices or see things from time to time - The "birth", so to speak, of these hallucinations is unknown. His memory is faulty and some things he says indicate they are fairly recent, others point towards being almost as old as him himself.

He was walking in order to clear his head, not necessarily of the hallucinations, that would be nice if it did, but rather, allow him to practically not think, just act for a little while. If prompted, he would think, but the only thoughts crossing his head are those akin to "Don't walk into that tree," "There's a big root up there, don't trip" and such.

Due to his size, and his easily denoted blood color, he is rather physically imposing. In addition, he also had a rather large, scope-less lever action rifle, which if sat on the butt and the barrel is straight in the air, was about ten inches shorter than him. However, the way he held himself, and if spoken to, his loud-but-joking tone leads to his general physical appearance misleading.

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PostSubject: Re: Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun (OPEN)   

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Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun (OPEN)
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