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 Making a Session

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PostSubject: Making a Session   Making a Session EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 12:27 pm

Starting a Session

Making a session always starts in 'Plots Ideas/Looking to RP' and the new topic title should be the same name as the new topic in one of the following 'Roleplay Areas'. Without this. It would be nearly impossible for the people upon the forum to find. But however. Another method of looking for such topic names is to click the 'Search' tab colored in red at the top of this forum.

Sessions that tend to start out will be in stages for people that will be posting within your session, or on theirs. As well trying to work out who to connect to what server. However in this guide. I'll tell you how to battle such confusion encase something like that occurs.

Closed Sessions

Once you have started up a thread in the 'Plots Ideas/Looking to RP'. You should keep a roster at hand upon your first post that started the topic so people can know if a slot is open or taken.

A more simpler way I would provide within a graceful manner. Is for you to copy this template for a more extent usage of how such a session should work. As well for onlookers that are checking out for something that is or not needed within your session. Highlight the text within the Code box and paste it within your newly starting thread.


[b]Session name:[/b]
[b]Session open or closed?:[/b]
[b]Number of players:[/b]
[b]Class roles taken:[/b]
[b]Aspect roles taken:[/b]
[b]Derse players:[/b]
[b]Prospit players:[/b]
[b]Dreamers total:[/b]
[b]Session Voided, Null, Doomed or Playing all the way to win?:[/b]

Voided, Null, Doomed and playing all the way to win?
What does all of this mean?

[Voided] - A voided session means they fade out of existence within the confinements of their universe. Because something was missing and they stay within living what they have. Enjoying their lives within the session instead of not going for the goal.

[Null] - A session that is too stuck. But locked within a time frame with everything within the universe on a complete stand still. Would have its time frame be triggered by a "TIME FREEZE MEGA BOMB". Effecting those belonging to the universe to be stuck in some sort cryogenics stasis. But those outside the session universe [Players that have unwilling entered ones universe by mistake or escaping theirs perhaps.] can move freely, or if one of the said players find the source of the bomb. They can turn it off. This turning off such null bomb will start to make everything become animated again.

[Doomed] - A doomed session is when everything has gone horribly wrong and there is no way to win or go anywhere. Just like Voided. Doomed means its still going, whiles voided means it will just ceases to exist.

[Playing all the way to win] - Playing all the way to win means that the session would get to have everything it needs to progress in getting to their winning prize. That winning prize would mean a creation of another universe for those that have won already. Or those that have died get resurrected somehow. Then this would get those wining players to rest within their new universe. Instance god tiering for those that had not and 10 percent added bonus power on their god tier aspect power. The only other risk that this new universe would get. Is that it might possibly going to get another session coming on to the new generation of players that are to play. Those that have already played Sburb / Sgrub and won would not be able too. But watch the new players play. But flip those rules over for just watching. Could mean you can go help them secretly.

Space, Time and Knight
Is it needed?

Well yes! If you would want the session to win. Reason being is because of this.

[Space] - A space player job as well as their role is to help breed their lands frogs to make the genesis frog. Which will result in another new creation of their soon to be winning prized universe... Without this genesis frog, would mean the session is bound to swing meany unwilling ways possible.

[Time] - A player that is task with the aspect role, time. Is in charge of the sessions capability. The time player has to be there to make sure the session does not fail. Or swerve into doomed, null and voided. However. A time player can process the ability to time travel at pre-godtier. To have this means they would need to scale their echeladder to unlock the given card item code from the title to do so.

[Knight] - A knights job is to protect everyone within the session, so their most importing players don't die. As well doing their best to keep things at bay. But a Knight of Space is a very bad choice considering they get to breed the frogs on their own. But another reason for the knight role is that they need to protect the space player in breeding the frogs from such foes that would try stop it. Just remember that a knight of a certain aspect gets to make weapons of their engraved aspect. Just like dave with his time sword. Hope for a believable weapons as well void players having weapons of destroying nothing to protect nothing. But that nothing can be anything.


Server Connections

How one is to understand how servers and clients would work within sburb / sgrub for people who don't get it. Goes like this.

Boby > Helln > Timy > Caul

Here is how I would break it down for you. The '>' Means connect too someone. It DOES not got backwards. Because I've made that mistake many times before when I never got it. But however. To to understand it more clearly. Is to understand how one server and client function works. The 'server' is for the client to connect too. As the client is to connect to a players server. Which with unseen secret would look like this.

> [Server] Boby [Client] > [Server] Helln [Client] > [Server] Timy [Client] > [Server] Caul [Client] >

There are other ways to cheat with sburb and sgrub. Is to either use spyware to control your server's computer, so you can build up your own house more at your own design. Ask them to send a code copy of their computer / laptop / husktop, with sburb / sgrub server already having your client connected to it. Or get the 'Intellibeam Laserstation'. That will become available in the Phernalia Registry, when the second player of sgrub / sburb has connected. Not entered, "Connected". With that is to make another copy of your server disk, encase one has lost said server or client disk. Or Do double connections hostings. Or connect to two people. Having two people building your house.

How do all gates work?
And what is the meaning behind them?

The gatering system of sburb and sgrub is to divide every entered players worlds in order to make the game almost as tough it can be to play with. By tough, I mean wait till you stumble onto the seventh gate. But I'll get to that, not to worry.

[Humans] The humans gatering system works with having two on their ends within being in their lobby aka the medium area, where their first one is located way up high of their house. The second one is located quite far away [From appearing after entering their first gate.] of their consorts village. Then they will enter their second gate. The second gate will then bring them to their server hoster that was building up their house. Then this would carry on the same thing you had to get through to get along with things your desiring to get done.

[Trolls] The trolls gatering system for sgrub, works for them that entering their lands gate located yet again above their hive / house thing would instantly make them appear on their server hoster land. Easy it may be, yes. But the down side is, that something on their seventh gate will take the turn for the worse.

The Seventh Gate

The seventh gate is when the player surpasses so many gates, will lead them awakening their 'denizens' on their land. But if they did not complete the side quest on their land. Their sprite will leave them, heading towards 'Skaia' through space. But if they have completed their lands side quest. Their kernelSprite will give them their sprite pendent to summon up their sprite at will. This will allow them freedom out of their house / hive. But before even entering the seventh gate and not completing the side quest. Will have your KernelSprite forever stuck at your house / hive.

KernelSprite and their Prototypings

The KernelSprite is the tiny orb thing that comes out from the Cruxtruder lid upon opening. Once open too, it will give you the dowel. Both the dowel and KernelSprite will be the same color as your hex code for both humans and trolls. Also this same color lingo will apply to your imps and underlings you yet have to fight.

The reason Prototypings is important. Is because the light and dark will be forever locked in stalemate with the lack of Prototypings. But if the Prototypings was to come through. The battlefield will transform into a more wider conflict. And the armies will become bigger that are all randomized by Prototypings.

An example of the battlefield changing during the course of Prototypings is from this flash movie.

Darkness always wins at battling the lights army because the reason being is when within certain occasions. Light always takes it first move which will spark the beginning of the game of chess. Jack Noir is always in present within every single sburb session. But there is always a 50/50 chance he will kill the black queen in annoyance. Or get banged up in prison if the black queen of Derse spotted him trying to do so. If Noir did managed to get the ring in time, by killing the black queen. He will send everything crashing down.

But the real question is. Will you want to skip that or have that little fun thing in your session? It does not need to be Jack Noir that gets the ring. It can also be a made up Carapacians.

Grist givings Out

As you may or may not know. That who ever connects first within the game of sgrub or sburb will start out with a certain amount of grist. Due to this. It will rise up when the next person connects to another server. Spreading this rather messy looking grid of 'who connected to who first'. Will pull a migraine. How to sort something like this out is to make sure you ask the people to say on the plot board they connected to this person. Within that way. You can calculate how much that said player in roleplay would have in starting to play sburb / sgrub. However. Google is your friend people! Use this calculator!

Build grist is what is being talked about here. So the sum you'll be looking at is this 2×10^1. The patterns goes, that the first number of the sum always stays with as a '2'. Always the last number changes when a player connects. For example; 2×10^1 --> 2×10^2 --> 2×10^3, so on and so forth. Another way to battle this also is to place down this, as shown bellow.

- 20
- 200
- 2.000
- 20.000

As seen. An extra zero is added on with a player connects to a server hoster successfully.

Phernalia Registry and its Machines

The Phernalia Registry is only seen on the sburb / sgrub server hoster screen. Having only Four machines to place down. Them four machines cost no grist and are freely extensible in use. However... To have the other machines unlocked is to get another player connected to another server hoster in order to do so. Without another player connecting will remain locked, as the server hoster will not be able to place down the unlockable machines within their Phernalia Registry. When they are unlocked. They will cost quite a lot of grist.


To know more is to look at the provided links bellow.

- Cruxtruder
- Punch Designix
- Totem Lathe
- Alchemiter
- Jumper Block Extension
- Punch Card Shunt
- Holopad
- CD (Gristtorrent)
- Intellibeam Laserstation
- Unknown Device

Only for space players:

- Ectobiology Apparatus
- Cloning Pad

Open Sessions

Open session are those that null, doomed, voided and Playing all the way to win means nothing. As well the amount of players you have in the open session means it be a cataclysmic mess [unless your a twisted fire starter, then go ahead.]. Dupe classes and aspects are tossed out of the window. But however. The whole entering the game element is still in there. Just that it will be slightly on the messy side where people will take on desires they really want to get at. Just be warned. But open means every single idea everyone has is always accepted. Unless on topic's starter consent.

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Making a Session
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