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 Balter Vanrik

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PostSubject: Balter Vanrik    Balter Vanrik  EmptySat Jul 30, 2016 12:27 am

Full Name: Balter Vanrik
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"

Age: 7 Sweeps
Physical appearance: Balter is tall and lean - considered lanky if he had any less muscle. His face is sharp, with eyes that shine with a predatary gleam. His hair is wild and always filthy, dried blood mixed with mud creating a wild cocktail that always has him a little on edge. He's got long arms and legs, perfect for grabbing and running - sometimes taking to all fours just for the hell of it, though he isn't aware of how ridiculous this makes him look. His fingernails are grown out somewhat, and jagged from where he trims them with a knife - his hair suffers the same injustice. He doesn't seem to mind any of this, a constant smirk plastered on his face, seemingly laughing at the world for various reasons.


Clothing: Balter wears functional wifebeaters and shorts with some running shoes for the most part, though when winter comes he dons a nice jacket he stole. That jacket, being the nicest thing he owns, doubles as formal wear.
Personality:  Balter sees value in everyone. He believes everyone is equal and oppression is a thing that should be fought at every turn. From that sentence, he'd sound like a surprisingly nice troll.

Nothing is further from the truth.

It turns out that all because he sees everyone as equal, doesn't mean he isn't going to be an asshole to you, kill you, or rob you blind. Sometimes all three. He mistrusts any kind of goverment or power struggle, one that will inevitably lead to oppression. So you can say he has some serious authority issues - an extremely dangerous thing for any troll. He overall has very little respect for trolls, surviving by robbing those he comes across or otherwise taking advantage of them.

He isn't always a mindless raider, though. He tries to interact with trolls when 'off the job' for his own amusement and to maybe even meet some like-minded trolls. Unlike many, he has something called faith, venerating nature as a whole and serving as a protector for the mysterous carved tree at the center of his forest home - to him it represents the freedom every troll is entitled to, the ancient ways of trollkind where the strong take what they need, rewarded for their power. That aspect is still integral to troll society but the freedom is gone, and that is what angers him. Despite how important these beliefs are to him, he isn't one for prothelizing. Either they'll find their way or they won't.  

Handle: meistingHighway
Typing Style: Grrot a bit of a Grrowly voice.
Blood Color: Olive
Symbol: A diamond type thing. Ironically, he is an awful moirail.
Lusus: Wolfdad

Strengths: Fast, Ruthless Hunter, Stupidly brave
Weaknesses: Stupidly brave, is a legitiment asshole, tends to divide others into "strong and weak" unconsiously.
Fears/Insecurities:  Dying? Eeeh...barely. Enslavement? Yeah that one definitely.
Likes and Hobbies: Hunting, Meat, Fighting, Fluffy things, balls, nature, teasing.
Dislikes: Authority, Pollution, Brussel Sprouts.

God Tier Title: Prince of Hope
Land: Land of Purity and Glass
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: axeKind

Describe your character in three words: Oh god why

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A spear, and another spear.

Other: He has a wonderfully soft blanket that he loves to sleep with.
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PostSubject: Re: Balter Vanrik    Balter Vanrik  EmptySat Jul 30, 2016 1:11 am


Balter Vanrik  Ptolem10

Whatever you want to glow

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Balter Vanrik
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