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 [Spacestuck] Chat logs

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Vriska's Matesprit
Kneehigh Pilgrim

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PostSubject: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:17 pm

[03:50] -- clammeringCruncher [CC] began trolling solarHelios [SH] at 15:50 --
[03:50] CC: << syntes, are you done with your preparations yet?>>
[03:51] SH: AlmoSt done. I juSt need to burn the program into diScS.
[03:51] CC: << hm, i see>>
[03:51] SH: I am pretty excited. I wonder what game thiS thing will turn into.
[03:51] CC: << why were we reviving this game again, if you would remind me>>
[03:52] SH: The codeS were pretty Strange, like it waS from another language. It waSn't ~eth So I tried to change it over and of courSe, you guyS helped.
[03:52] SH: BaSically we are doing thiS out of curiouSity
[03:53] CC: <<(uriosity huh...>>
[03:53] CC: << it is interesting, what (uriosity leads us to do>>
[03:53] SH: I mean, the dead Site held Some pretty ominouS meSSageS...

[03:53] CC: << i would say it's a bad omen, but then again, what (an i say?>>
[03:54] CC: << ugh, i don't even )now what the others are doing at the moment>>
[03:54] SH: Probably prepping up and helping me patch a few codeS...
[03:54] CC: << shouldn't all of us be in the pro(ess of (he()ing up on ea(h other instead of lazing around though?>>
[03:55] SH: True enough.
[03:55] CC: << i doubt that. there are few people in this group whom i )now who have a good wor) ethi(>>
[03:55] SH: Like who Rakeyn?
[03:56] CC: << mr. dextet for starters>>
[03:56] CC: << he a(tually seems to try and (ontribute to the pro(ess of preparing for this game>>
[03:57] SH: He did helped me find out a few bugS in the coding.
[03:57] CC: << exa(tly, he has a good wor) ethi( and would do well for a teal blood as he should be for his blood (aste>>
[03:57] SH: Forgot to mention Something...
[03:58] CC: << do i have to as)?>>
[03:58] SH: Someone knowS we are playing thiS game.
[03:59] CC: << someone outside of our group i presume?>>
[03:59] SH: YeS. He haS a blank uSername and typeS in white. Really hard to read.
[03:59] SH: Had to highlight everything!
[04:00] CC: << oh gosh, that sounds li)e a *terrible* person! who does he thin) he *is*?!>>
[04:00] CC: << no one has white *blood* for goodness' sa)e!>>
[04:01] CC: << it's li)e he's *trying* to appear *mysterious* or something!>>
[04:00] SH: He Said Something really weird though...
[04:01] CC: << what is it?>>
[04:01] CC: << is he the one who )nows that we're playing the game?>>
[04:01] CC: << if so, he'd be better of not prying into our business. that's (ourtesy>>
[04:01] SH: He Said that thiS game will define uS and the fate of Alternia... whatever that meant.
[04:02] CC: << well then, he's either spitting out f***)in' nonsense or he's some frea)in' psy(hi(>>
[04:03] SH: Probably the former aS he typeS in freaking white.
[04:03] SH: I mean, what will thiS game do that will affect reality?
[04:03] CC: << who )nows, other than affe(t our lifestyles maybe.>>
[04:03] SH: Probably.
[04:03] CC: << we'd better not get too hoo)ed on this game just in (ase we lose tra() of time>>
[04:04] CC: << that'll be una((eptable, espe(ially for a troll li)e me>>
[04:04] SH: Well, I gotta' prepare the diScS now. I wonder how I can Send them to you guyS?
[04:05] SH: Oh wait! Gob am I So forgetful.
[04:05] CC: << what now syntes?>>
[04:06] CC: << for someone who's aspiring to be a universal business person you sure do need to wor) on your memory>>
[04:06] SH: Can I intereSt you in a new brand of Sugary treatS? It'S a new product I made for Sale.
[04:06] CC: << i have *no* interest in that sort of thing!>>
[04:06] SH: Oh come on. It haS 3 flavorS aS of right now
[04:06] CC: << who do you ta)e me for?! some sugar eating troll idiot li)e some juggalo?!>>
[04:07] CC: << that is just *ridi(ulous*!>>
[04:07] CC: << you *)now* me syntes! i do *not* by any (han(e (onsume *sugary goods*>>
[04:07] SH: Oh alright. I'll try the other guyS. Well, I gotta' go and burn the diScS. Talk to you later.
[04:09] -- solarHelios [SH] gave up trolling clammeringCruncher [CC] at 16:09 --

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Plucky Tot

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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:07 pm

[04:50] -- perpetuallyAdroit [PA] began trolling politeFerryman [PF] at 16:50 --
[04:51] PA: Hey, I'm sorry that I'm like, fucking questioning about this shit again &ut are we sure everything is ready?
[04:52] PA: I'm mean, we already know nothing a&out this omninous shit and I just wanna make sure everything that can &e done is.
[04:52] PF: PerfectlY UnderstandablE TO AsK QuestionS TastoN, ThiS WholE ThinG IS A LittlE BiT ON ThE OdD SidE OF ThE SafetY SpectruM.
[04:53] PF: I ThinK EverythinG ThaT CaN BE DonE IS BeinG DonE, I TrusT SynteS ThaT MucH, BuT WhO KnowS AT ThiS PoinT.
[04:54] PA: Yeah... I mean I know he is all intent a&out investigated this, and I can understand that, &ut I think we need temper our ethusiasm with caution.
[04:54] PA: I don't know, maybe I'm &eing paranoid. How are you doing?
[04:55] PF: ThaT'S A GooD WaY OF LookinG AT IT. WE DiD JusT FinD ThiS ON A WebsitE LineD WitH OfF ThE WalL WeirD, ApocalypsE PredictinG StufF. ParanoiA IS ExpecteD IN ThiS KinD OF ThinG.
[04:55] PF: AnD I'M DoinG FinE, ThankS FoR AskinG. MY LusuS IS InterruptinG MY ReadinG WitH HiS LouD ChewinG, BuT I'VE HaD WorsE. YoU?
[04:56] PA: Lusus problems, I hear ya. Little shit has gotten into the practice of 'hiding' the food. I honestly can't tell if he is very smart or very stupid anymore.
[04:57] PA: I can't even find him right now, like what the fuck?
[04:59] PF: UnderstandablE, ThinkinG OF HoW FasT AnD TricksY ThaT LittlE DeviL OF YourS IS. AnD TO ThinK, I WaS RaiseD TO BE PolitE, YeT MY LusuS DoesN'T UnderstanD ThE ConcepT IN HiS OwN SelF SometimeS. HypocrisY AT IT'S FinesT, I SaY.
[05:00] PF: I CaN AlwayS DroP YoU OfF SomE OF MY CatcH IF YoU NeeD SomE FooD ThaT IsN'T AlreadY HiddeN.
[05:02] PA: Yeah well you got it tougher than most, I got a tricky piece of shit &ut you got the goddamn perfect mess of aggression. I'm surprised you manage.
[05:03] PA: And thanks for the offer &ut I'll be fine, the little guy pro&a&ly wants me to goddamn shoot a circulated food preperation device off a tree of something equally pointless.
[05:06] PF: YoU'RE NoT ThE FirsT TO SaY ThaT, BuT HE'S A ReaL PlusH ToY WheN HE'S NoT HungrY. ThougH, ThE AggressioN IS ReaL WheN I ScreW UP OR DoN'T GeT EnougH BiG FisH FoR HiM. HehehE... AnD IF YoU SaY SO, I'LL RefraiN FroM DragginG A NeT OveR TO YouR HivE. I ThinK YouR LusuS JusT LoveS RedundantlY PointlesS PuzzleS AnD YouR FooD HunT IS JusT IT'S NeW MousE MazE FoR YoU TO RuN IN.
[05:09] PF: I JusT HaD A ThoughT!
[05:09] PA: Yeah... I try to justify it &y telling myself, 'he is just teaching you life lessons.' Can't wait till I am a&ble to &ecome the greatest food preparation hassler in her Empress' Foul military.
[05:09] PA: What was it?
[05:12] PF: HoW ThE HelL IS SynteS GoinG TO GeT ThE GamE DiscS TO US? PardoN MY LanguagE, BuT HE DoeS LivE SomewhaT OuT OF ThE WaY, SO I DoN'T SeE HiM TrekkinG TO AlL OF OuR HiveS TO GivE US ThE DiscS.
[05:15] PA: I don't know actually, I guess got a little too excited for his own good. I suppose he could just send us the programs and we can &urn them onto disks.
[05:16] PA: Seems like a redudant way of playing the game, &urning them onto disks just to put them &ack into are tops. &ut I say give him that one at least, he managed the rest pretty well with help.
[05:18] PF: ThaT'S TruE. I'LL SubmiT TO ThaT, IT IS A LittlE RedundanT, BuT SynteS HaS DonE A PrettY BanG-UP JoB ON ThE WholE ProjecT. HE ProbablY CoulD'VE DonE IT WithouT US, IT WoulD'VE JusT TakeN LongeR AnD A LoT OF PatchinG.
[05:20] PF: ThinK AbouT HiM HavinG TO WalK TO RakeyN'S HivE. I ImaginE ThaT WoulD EnD WitH HiM LeavinG WitH AT LeasT OnE FingeR BrokE AnD A KicK IN ThE BulgE AfteR HE TrieS TO SelL HeR ON SomethinG.
[05:23] PA: Yeah if he got off lucky, from what I have heard her lusus is terrifying as shit. Would end up with more venom in him than &lood.
[05:26] PF: I'VE GoT NothinG AgainsT HeR, BuT I'M FreE TO AdmiT HeR TempeR DoeS ScarE ME. AnD HeR LusuS HaS BeeN SaiD TO BE A LittlE EdgY AS WelL, SO YeaH, IT'S AS LikelY TO StinG FirsT AnD AsK QuestionS LateR LikE RakeyN.
[05:27] PF: MatcH MadE IN ThE CloudS, I SupposE.
[05:28] PA: Yeah I guess, I wonder who is more afraid of who in that sym&iotic relationship?
[05:29] PA: Hehe, may&e a unique case of lusus-ship inverse eh?
[05:29] PF: BY ThiS PoinT, I ImaginE IT'S ThE LusuS, CausE RakeyN'S BlooD IS ProbablY MorE AciD ThaN JadE NoW.
[05:30] PA: Hehehe
[05:30] PA: Anyway I'm gonna get some sleep. Don't wanna piss anyone off by being all sleepy and useless. If I don't get up in time can you message me when shit is all ready?
[05:32] PF: AlrighT, HeaD ON TO BeD TheN. I'LL CracK OpeN MY CodinG BookS AnD GeT SomE LasT MinutE ReadinG. JusT IN CasE. NeveR KnoW WhaT'LL HappeN WitH OuT GrouP AnD OuR ProjectS. I'LL BE SurE TO MessagE YoU AwakE TastoN, DoN'T YoU WorrY.
[05:32] PA: Thanks man, see ya when this starts.
[05:32] -- perpetuallyAdroit [PA] gave up trolling politeFerryman [PF] at 17:32 --

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Vriska's Matesprit
Kneehigh Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Fri May 01, 2015 10:19 am

[10:52] -- perpetuallyAdroit [PA] began trolling solarHelios [SH] at 22:52 --
[10:52] PA: Hey man, what's happening?
[10:53] SH: Going Smooth bro
[10:53] PA: Cool, you still working on the game over there Im guessing?
[10:54] SH: AlmoSt done. juSt need to burn them to diScS
[10:54] PA: Yeah uh, quick query that Char brought to my attention
[10:55] PA: How exactly are we getting the disks?
[10:56] SH: You juSt have to wait and See. I've been developing Something and once we're done with thiS game, I'm gonna' make a profit off it...
[10:58] PA: Oh... okay then. Ominous as shit I guess &ut that's fine.
[10:59] SH: How are thingS going on your half?
[11:01] PA: Oh fine, just waiting for what ever shitty thing is hidden &ehind all those creepy messages. Do we even know what this game is meant to &e like, I guess I should have inquired a &it more &ut eh.
[11:02] SH: Not much info I could gather except that the code SeemS to be that of a long reach hoSt-Server orientation Sunder a pneumonic circuit replicator
[11:02] SH: or baSically a game that needS a hoSt and a Server
[11:03] PA: Ech, I hate co ops. I hope it isn't TOO dependecy &ased. You have any idea who your gonna connect with
[11:04] SH: Anybody I gueSS aS long aS they're really cooperative. Probably Char or you.
[11:06] PA: Yeah, though seeing as your pro&a&ly gonna &e the first one playing I wouldn't put it pased Pak to connect with you. You know how impatient she can &e.
[11:06] PA: Rak*
[11:07] SH: Yeah, probably. Rakeyn iS very... exploSive to Say at the leaSt. Hey I think I forgot to tell you Something...
[11:07] PA: What is it?
[11:08] SH: Would you like to buy Some Sugary treatS?
[11:08] SH: Made them mySelf...
[11:09] PA: Eve if I did say yes, and that is a pretty fucking evident if, how would I even get them. You scam merchant.
[11:09] SH: Hey I don't do ScamS. Second, didn't I tell you I had Something made to bypaSS deliverieS?
[11:10] SH: C'mon, I got three different flavourS
[11:11] PA: Fine, for curiosity's sake I will &uy some. What flavours you got?
[11:12] SH: Faygo, Sopor Slime, and Some Random Seadweller FruitS Mix.
[11:13] SH: Pick any...
[11:14] PA: Ugh, what a variety. You have really out done yourself with how hard this decision will &e. Shit, stupid slime or potentially poionous sea food
[11:14] PA: Fine gimme the faygo
[11:14] PA: I need to stay up anyway
[11:16] SH: Alright it'll come to ya' in a few momentS. I need to burn the diScS now. JuSt place your payment on the tranSport machine and take your treat after, okay? See ya later TaS.
[11:16] -- solarHelios [SH] gave up trolling perpetuallyAdroit [PA] at 23:16 --

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Vriska's Matesprit
Kneehigh Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Fri May 01, 2015 9:24 pm

[09:53] -- solarHelios [SH] began trolling politeFerryman [PF] at 09:53 --
[09:53] SH: How'S it going bro?
[09:55] PF: NoT BaD, SyN. HoW AbouT YoU?
[09:55] SH: JuSt trying to burn the game into the diScS.
[09:57] PF: AH, InterestinG YoU SaY ThaT. I WaS TalkinG TO TaS EarlieR, AnD I BegaN TO WondeR HoW YoU'D DeliveR SaiD DiscS TO US. CausE I CertainlY DoN'T SeE YoU RunninG OveR AlterniA AnD BacK TO DeliveR TheM.
[09:58] SH: Yeah, he mentioned it when we Spoke. I developed Something and after playing, i think I'm gonna Sell it and make Some Sort of profit off it...
[09:59] PF: AH, AnD LemmE GuesS, YoU'RE GoinG TO PulL A BusinessmaN AnD SaY IT'S A SecreT TilL IT'S ON ThE MarkeT.
[10:00] PF: I UnderstanD YouR ThinkpaN, MY FrienD.
[10:00] SH: More like I'll reveal it when you actually See it... ominouS Shitt right there.
[10:03] PF: AH, I GuesS I UnderstanD YouR ThinkpaN LesS ThaN I BelieveD. OminouS IndeeD MY FrienD.
[10:03] SH: By the way, I've got Something to Sell for ya'...
[10:04] PF: YoU KnoW HoW StingY I CaN BE, SO YoU MusT ThinK YoU MighT BE AblE TO SelL ME ON IT.
[10:05] SH: It'S a freaking good bargain... two coinS a piece.
[10:05] PF: AH, PleasE, ContinuE TheN. I LikE GooD DealS.
[10:07] SH: May I intereSt you in Some Sugary treatS? Made them mySelf along with Lizard-Suncle. HaS three flavorS currently: Faygo, Sopor Slime, and Random Seadweller FruitS Mix. And if you buy one, you get one more for free!
[10:09] PF: HmmmmmmM, WelL, I DoN'T NormallY IndulgE IN SurgarY SweetS, BuT HeY,  WhaT ThE HelL, I'LL BitE. SigN ME UP FoR SomE FaygO AnD SeadwelleR FruiT. IF I DoN'T LikE ThE FruiT, TheN I'LL SeE IF VeekuS'LL EaT TheM.
[10:10] SH: Okay then. Writing that down. You know, I SSold TaS Some but I didn't give him the Buy One take One deal. I like Scamming people with alternating dealS...
[10:13] PF: ThaT'S ActuallY A GooD BusinesS PracticE, IT'LL KeeP PeoplE CominG AnD ON TheiR ToeS CausE TheY'LL NeveR BE AblE TO KnoW WhaT KinD OF DeaL TheY'LL GeT.
[10:14] SH: That'S how Sold SaleSman did it. Man, I wiSh I could be like him. Selling jSunk and ScamS outSide of Alternia...
[10:17] PF: DoN'T WorrY, YoU'LL GeT OuT TherE SomedaY. MeanwhilE, I'M A BiT ContenT TO StaY HerE ON AlterniA, BuT I LikE YouR EnthusiasM.
[10:18] SH: Well, I need to burn thoSe damnable diScS. Send it to ya' later along with thoSe treatS you ordered. See ya!
[10:19] PF: HmmmmM, I'M TempteD TO BoaT OuT TO VeekuS'S HivE TO MakE SurE HiS InterneT IsN'T GonnA StoP HiM FroM PlayinG ThE GamE. AnywayS, SeE YA TheN.
[10:19] -- solarHelios [SH] gave up trolling politeFerryman [PF] at 10:19 --

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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Fri May 08, 2015 9:53 pm

[12:28] -- politeFerryman [PF] began trolling devilishBladesmen [DB] at 12:28 --
[12:28] PF: HeY VeeK, HoW ArE ThingS ON YouR EnD? InterneT HavinG AnY ProblemS TodaY?
[12:29] DB: You betcha, ve dam ving gave out on me last night.
[12:30] PF: I FigureD SucH MighT HappeN, WitH OuR LucK IT WaS BounD TO HappeN ON GamE DaY.
[12:31] PF: SpeakinG OF WhicH, DiD YoU GeT YouR DisK YeT?
[12:31] DB: Yeah. but right nov i'm just svimming to ve sea-boy to see iv it is damaged and dam it's taking a vhile to get up vere.
[12:32] DB: any problems up on top-side?
[12:33] PF: NoT NeaR ME, UnlesS IF ThE AlienS ArE NeaR ME. ThE GovernmenT'S OrderinG A MasS CullinG OF IllegaL ImmigrantS, BuT OtheR ThaN ThaT, NoT MucH IS A ProbleM CurrentlY.
[12:33] PF: AlthougH, SynteS DiD SelL ME ON SomE SweetS, IF YoU ConsideR ThaT A ProbleM.
[12:33] DB: Vait, Alien???
[12:34] DB: in ve term ov immigrants or vrom out vere?
[12:35] PF: AlieN = IllegaL ImmigranT, SorrY, I UseD ThE TerM OuT OF ContexT.
[12:35] DB: Oh okay. Vhere did ve immigrants come vrom anyvay?
[12:36] PF: I'M.... NoT EntirelY SurE ON ThaT OnE. I MeaN, MaybE TheY ArE FroM OfF WorlD, CausE AlL OF AlterniA IS UniteD UndeR ThE SamE RulE, SO IT'D BE OutworlderS. MaybE TheY RaN OuT OF SpacE ON OnE OF ThE PlanetS ThE MilitarY ConquereD.
[12:38] DB: maybe... just vondering vhy vey vould bover to kill vem vhen vey could just dravt vem instead. more usvul to point veapons at someoneelse ven at a vaste like vat.
[12:39] PF: I NeveR SaiD ThE GovernmenT MadE ThE MosT LogicaL DecisionS. I'D BE SlightlY PerturbeD IF TheY DiD.
[12:40] PF: HecK, TheY CoulD EveN BE UseD FoR CheaP/SlavE LaboR ON ResourcE WorldS.
[12:40] DB: Oh vell, halvvay to ve topside so iv you vant ve could meet up at my sea-boy.
[12:41] PF: SoundS LikE A PlaN, VeekuS. IT'S BeeN A WhilE SincE I'VE SeeN YoU TopsidE,SO IT'LL BE A TreaT. IT'LL TakE A WhilE FoR ThE GamE TO InstalL AnywaY.
[12:42] DB: okay see you... oh shit, um i maybe a tad late but i'll see you ven
[12:42] DB: shit it's too close.
[12:42] PF: ProblemS IN WaterY ParadisE?
[12:42] PF: SeA MonsteR?
[12:43] -- devilishBladesmen [DB] disconnected at 12:43

OC's,Denizens & Ancestors:
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Vriska's Matesprit
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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Sat May 09, 2015 10:56 am

[23:34] -- solarHelios [SH] began trolling perpetuallyAdroit [PA] at 23:34 --
[23:34] SH: Hey there bro.
[23:34] PA: Hey man, what do ya need?
[23:34] SH: Nothing, juSt aSking if you got the packageS.
[23:35] SH: How are the SweetS?
[23:35] PA: Yep I did. As I predicted it tasted just as good as faygo usually does, so horri&le. You loading up these disks?
[23:36] SH: Yeah. Really weird loading Screen though. By the way, how are thingS in the civilized part of Alternia? I'm here in the hot deSert, not knowing anything.
[23:38] PA: I heard there is some new going on a&out culling and illegal immigrants and shit. We're &oth pretty isolated so it shouldn't concern us too much.
[23:39] SH: Huh. Where did they come from? Are they alSo trSollS or juSt Some random, Shitty race from Somewhere in the vaSt reacheS of Space?
[23:42] PA: No idea, wouldn't &e surprised either way. They could &e weird tentacle-y alien pieces of shit or just Adult trolls. They come here they are gonna get treated the same way.
[23:42] PA: As for why, no idea. This place is shitty at the &est of times.
[23:43] SH: Hey. you load your diScS yet? Loading Screen'S a real trip.
[23:44] PA: Yeah they're loading now.
[23:45] SH: Faygo treatS keeping you awake?
[23:46] PA: Yeah I should &e good, totally worth the shitty after taste.
[23:48] SH: You know, one of the ingridientS I added there waS Spiny deSert plant juice. Heard it waS good Source of vitaminS...and a naSty trip to Thinkpanland.
[23:48] SH: So, maybe in a hour or So, you might See Some thingS.
[23:49] PA: Huh, well now I'm gonna &e knuckle deep into this fucking creepy game shit and also gonna &e tripping &alls. Great. Do you know how this shit works &tw?
[23:50] SH: From the creepy writingS and poStS from the dead Site, I'd imagine it'S going to be Some Sort of Sim type game. AlSo, the juice iS going to make you See lizardS. JuSt a headS up.
[23:52] PA: I fucking hate lizards. I think this shit is finishing loading, finally.
[23:53] SH: Well then, I'll leave you to do Stuff then. Talk to ya' later bud!
[23:53] -- solarHelios [SH] gave up trolling perpetuallyAdroit [PA] at 23:53 --

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Sharkbait Sparkplug

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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Tue May 26, 2015 9:10 am

-- covenantRamblr [CR] began trolling perpetualSentience [PS] at 13:49 --
[01:49] CR: hey
[01:49] PS: hey
[01:49] CR: have you been watching the news recently?
[01:49] CR: wez getin bombarded by space shit.
[01:49] CR: its a fucking conspiracy
[01:49] PS: wow
[01:50] PS: ive only seen the whole immigrant thing to be honest
[01:50] CR: yeah pA told me about that
[01:50] CR: I dont get it
[01:50] CR: imigrants from where?
[01:50] CR: where can you even imigrate from on this plannet?
[01:50] PS: i dont even know but as a doctor ive seen a lot of em
[01:50] PS: none lived :(
[01:51] PS: im not a good doctor
[01:51] CR: like? are they flying ships down here from other planets or what?
[01:51] PS: i have no idea at all
[01:52] PS: all i know is they bleed and stuff just like us
[01:52] CR: maybe thats why the plantary defense grid is missing all the comets. its to busy shooting down the ships of all these lunkheads
[01:52] CR: what do we have here they would even want to come for?
[01:52] PS: not fair treatment
[01:52] CR: you been cutin em open?
[01:53] PS: a lot of them, but not that much
[01:53] PS: mainly to get stuff out
[01:53] CR: oooh, you can make a lot of money like that, selling organs and shit I hear the Subjugulators do stuff with them
[01:53] CR: not that there is any sort of shortage or anything
[01:53] PS: i dont deal with them
[01:54] CR: wait, are these Trolls or aliens we are talking about?
[01:54] PS: no trolls ive ever seen
[01:54] PS: my anatomy is fairly lacking
[01:54] PS: well knowledge of it
[01:54] CR: oh shit, wait are we geting invaded by aliens?!
[01:54] CR: holy shit dude
[01:55] CR: I thought you were talking about other trolls
[01:55] PS: well i dont really know if theyre aliens
[01:55] PS: just yesterday i found out there are "yellow" bloods
[01:55] CR: uh, wut? are they trolls or not?
[01:56] CR: they look exactly like us or something?
[01:56] CR: is that documented in aliens?
[01:56] PS: look im not exactly a trained doctor
[01:56] CR: well duh, i mean, no offense but you havent been pulled off planet yet
[01:57] CR: im not exactly a trained scout either
[01:57] PS: i dont know about stuff like species or "organs"
[01:58] CR: okay. I mean I guess in general thats true. We get most of the detailes filled in once we get afted up into space
[01:58] CR: are you going to try and become a Xenoripper or something?
[01:59] PS: No, I like staying low so that nobody tries to end my life in a coup or something
[01:59] CR: hahaha! good idea man!
[01:59] CR: im sorry, what blood color are you again?
[01:59] CR: no disrespec
[01:59] PS: Id rather not say
[01:59] PS: What blood are you
[01:59] CR: kk, kk, thats just fine
[01:59] CR: rust
[02:00] CR: so see, you dont need to exactly hide it from me
[02:00] CR: the worst you could be in on my level
[02:00] CR: im gonna say.... midblood
[02:00] CR: Olive
[02:00] PS: well i dont want you to think that im going to endanger you or anything and you try to end me before I end you
[02:00] CR: your either an Olive or a Brown
[02:01] PS: Im not even going to confirm that
[02:01] CR: kk
[02:02] CR: okay dont burn me for this, and I mean its way more private i guess, but, are you... pychic?
[02:02] CR: you gots the invisible talents?
[02:02] PS: no
[02:02] PS: But I see shit sometimes
[02:02] CR: eh, thats fine.
[02:02] PS: Like Im pretty sure its more insanity than an ability
[02:03] CR: we all see shit dude. You've been sleeping outside of your sopper slime
[02:03] CR: what did you see?
[02:03] PS: I mean, I see this stuff all the time. I just see everybody I care about losing their life and a lot of other people losing their life
[02:04] CR: ah man, and here I thought it was going to be something facinating :P
[02:04] CR: thats a pretty comon nightmare to have dude
[02:04] CR: probably like, the most comon
[02:04] PS: Its when Im awake to
[02:05] CR: hmmm. Yeah you might have a bit of the touch
[02:05] PS: I have tried keeping my eyes open for hours but I still see it I take stuff for it though
[02:05] CR: dont wory, its pretty common, they wont cull you for it unless it gets really out of hand and prevents you from functioning
[02:06] PS: thank you for saying that
[02:06] CR: they say half of all highbloods are fulltime whacked out dont you know?
[02:06] CR: I mean, we are an empire thats run by the subjugulators
[02:07] PS: I would say that too
[02:07] CR: insnaity is pretty much a requirment half the time
[02:07] PS: But can I use this
[02:07] CR: use?
[02:07] PS: Like its useless
[02:08] PS: Like theres psiionics and psychic stuff and animal stuff but I dont have any of that
[02:09] PS: I wouldnt really live if somebody came at me with a stabby thing or shooty thing
[02:09] CR: yeah. well its fine. I mean its cool as fuck, but you also could get culled for that to
[02:09] CR: most of us function with the old hack and slash
[02:10] PS: Cool? Is seeing people dying cool? I see myself die to man
[02:10] PS: *too
[02:10] PS: *losing their life
[02:10] CR: yeah its pretty cool
[02:10] CR: are you trying to lure me into saying that I disaprove of culling or something?
[02:11] PS: No Its just I see so many stop living man
[02:11] CR: sorry if im a bit suspicious in entertainng this line of conversation with you, but no offense, you could be a highblood looking for an excuse to get me for sedition or some shit
[02:11] CR: no offense
[02:12] PS: True I could be Im kind of scared of you being one too
[02:12] CR: i am wise da tricks man
[02:13] CR: anyway. I think thats enough of that mr tricky blood
[02:13] CR: i have been having strange dreams as well
[02:13] CR: but i dont let them get to me
[02:14] CR: do you have a server player?
[02:14] PS: What kind of dreams?
[02:14] CR: just dreams
[02:17] PS: I dont think I do
[02:17] PS: Are we even talking about the same game
[02:18] CR: your in the same group as me. we havent been talking about it much personaly but im fairly sure our freinds have been going on about it for a good few weeks now
[02:18] PS: Yeah Im not really sure if I trust the game to be honest
[02:19] CR: hmm. an odd thing to mistrust
[02:19] PS: You would be amazed at how many things I dont trust
[02:20] CR: its a good philisophy
[02:20] CR: even if you might be takeing it a bit far. for me though, I wanna play this thing
[02:20] CR: i dont play many games, and this is my best chance
[02:21] PS: I hope I dont see you in the piles that the highbloods give me
[02:21] CR: hahahaha, so you do consort with highbloods
[02:22] CR: yup yous an olive blood
[02:22] CR: or else some othersuck midblood
[02:22] PS: Well they piled the bodies there before I moved here
[02:22] PS: Its pretty much just a common place to put bodies in various stages of non-living
[02:23] CR: well its likly enough that you will see me one day, presuming that we live anywhere near eachother on the planet
[02:23] CR: not exactly many volcanoes around where I live
[02:23] PS: Same
[02:23] PS: Who would live by a volcano?
[02:24] CR: oh shit, sorry
[02:24] PS: Those things can just end your life so fast
[02:24] CR: I was just talking to pA and he was talking about Volcanoes
[02:24] PS: Ive seen volcanoes in my visions.
[02:24] CR: hmmm
[02:25] PS: Wait what blood color is your friend
[02:25] CR: same as me
[02:25] PS: Ive mainly seen rustbloods dying in lava
[02:25] CR: hahah, okay
[02:27] PS: Have you seen a body melt It screws with your mind
[02:28] CR: nope. ive seen bodies torn apart before though. you cant scare me with this bro.
[02:29] PS: I hope you never see a body do stuff like that
[02:29] PS: Like melting
[02:29] CR: they show it on tv all the time man
[02:30] CR: have you just happend to have never watched the publicly schedualed executuons before?
[02:30] PS: Well its worse for me You cant save a melted body
[02:30] PS: No I just cant watch them
[02:30] CR: thats required watching dude. I could report you for this :D
[02:30] PS: You dont even know who I am
[02:31] PS: I could just change my handle and everything
[02:31] CR: alright alright cool it
[02:31] CR: im not gona do anything though
[02:31] CR: just saying.. your weird
[02:31] PS: Well I have some odd beliefs
[02:32] CR: no shit? please tell me all about them
[02:32] PS: There is no such thing as destiny You can change everything that happens to you
[02:32] CR: okay???
[02:32] PS: You could even live forever if you dont do dumb things
[02:32] CR: hahaha. oh man
[02:32] CR: keep going
[02:33] PS: I mean if one is always prepared they will never die
[02:33] PS: So I tend to be quite prepared
[02:34] CR: just puting this out btw, IF i was a skilled hacker of any sort i could probably get some sense of your access from these messages and trace you back that way
[02:34] CR: its all good though man, i have some healthy respect for playing chicken with the law like this
[02:34] PS: This computer isnt even at my house
[02:34] PS: I planned for stuff like hackers
[02:35] CR: k good deal
[02:35] CR: see thats what i mean, your probably legit touched, but you havent lost your edge
[02:35] CR: the empire respets that. usualy
[02:36] PS: I wont deny that But Id rather have my edge than to have sharp edges in my house
[02:37] PS: Ive seen myself fall onto random stuff in my house and die in visions
[02:38] CR: k
[02:39] CR: well we will have to continue this crazy parade latter mr midblood
[02:39] PS: Ok
[02:39] CR: see you later, and we will see if you can bring some of your crazy to the game
[02:40] PS: Okay I have a feeling you guys need a doctor
[02:40] PS: See you
[02:40] CR: yeeeah, dont want a crazy man cutin on me exactly, but the thought is nice
[02:41] PS: Me neither to be honest
[02:41] PS: Never thought about it like that
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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   Tue May 26, 2015 9:12 am

-- solarHelios [SH] began trolling perpetualSentience [PS] at 08:35 --
[08:36:01] SH: Hey there dude
[08:36:08] PS: Hello
[08:36:24] SH: So you received the package?
[08:36:35] PS: Yes and the ball thing wont leave me
[08:36:57] SH: It requireS payment dude. I deSigned it that way.
[08:37:23] PS: Oh how much am I even supposed to pay it?
[08:37:51] SH: Any amoSunt, but maybe 2 coinS iS anough.
[08:38:13] PS: Ok Ill keep that in mind
[08:38:59] SH: So have you heard the newS?
[08:39:11] PS: Not really
[08:39:25] PS: But I have kind of witnissed the immigrant culling
[08:39:32] PS: *unlifing
[08:40:01] SH: Oh really? Well, you are a Sort-of healer.
[08:40:34] PS: One would call it a "doctor" but the term is usually used for trained people
[08:41:32] SH: So how many have Screamed at you for cutting their limbS?
[08:41:49] PS: Well they dont get much chance to :/
[08:41:51] PS: and theres the fact that I have killed more trolls accidently than pretty much anybody has done purposely
[08:42:02] PS: *ended the life of
[08:42:57] SH: Well atleaSt that'S going for ya. It'S boring out here in the deSert.
[08:43:45] PS: Id rather have that than the bodies that are losing their lives
[08:43:51] PS: and have lost their life
[08:44:52] SH: Oh you don't want the deSet, truSt me. The prickly faSuna, the Scorching heat, and the blinding SSun. Glad I'm immSune to heat and my eyeS have adjuSted to the light.
[08:44:58] SH: *deSert
[08:45:27] PS: I guess we both have challenges
[08:46:38] SH: Yeah. Another thing I have gouing for me iS Sold Lizardbro here. Leading him up to feed iS hard work.
[08:46:43] SH: *going
[08:47:18] PS: Well imagine having a lusus that fakes not being alive
[08:47:59] SH: Ha, I forgot how much of pain Some of you guyS' luSii are. I really pity TaS with hiS little thing.
[08:48:19] PS: What does he have to deal with?
[08:48:42] SH: I'd rather have him tell you than me. He explainS it better and fSunnier.
[08:48:57] PS: Ok sounds like a plan
[08:49:26] SH: Have you ehard anything near the other urban areaS?
[08:49:31] SH: *heard
[08:49:50] PS: Not really What do you mean?
[08:50:52] SH: Heard of other thingS going on out there. Seen Some Stuff mySelf from here at night. StreakS of light are falling into farther placeS from where I am.
[08:51:34] PS: Hmm?
[08:53:33] SH: Then when they land, I hear Some booming and the Shockwave reacheS where my be PSoom. Which iS like, deep in the groSund
[08:53:49] SH: *reacheS my bepSoom
[08:54:06] PS: Wow Thats a real hazard man
[08:54:13] PS: If I were you I would just move
[08:54:52] SH: Yeah. I think it broke one of my SSolar equipment but I never checked it out. I will never leave here. It'S perfect for my luSuS to feed, and for me to uSe my powerS
[08:55:19] PS: Ooh powers Please go on
[08:55:49] SH: Well, I can get people'S mind to eSSentially ignore the light boSuncing off me So that I'm inviSible.
[08:56:13] SH: Pretty hard to maSter, but at leaSt I can be ignored for about 30 minuteS.
[08:56:43] PS: Sounds like a pretty good defense against those who are more prone to end lives
[08:56:58] SH: What about you though? You got powerS?
[08:57:31] PS: Nope but I do have some mental disorder or something that causes me to see friends and stuff...
[08:57:49] PS: well start to cease to live with some events beforehand
[08:57:54] SH: What kind of friendS?
[08:58:13] SH: Oh...
[08:58:24] PS: Like everybody I have ever cared for as well as new people
[08:59:16] SH: Oh... well, how're you coping with it?
[08:59:57] PS: I take stuff for it but Im thinking the medicine may be "pelasebo?"
[09:00:04] PS: "plasebo?"
[09:00:10] PS: "pesbo?"
[09:00:13] SH: placebo?
[09:00:17] PS: Yes
[09:00:20] PS: Thats it
[09:01:13] SH: How about Some pure Sopor? You tried Smelling Some it to contrSol Some of it?
[09:01:50] PS: Ive seen rather adverse effects to that I have reason to suspect it does more harm than good
[09:02:35] SH: What about Some powdered Faygo? Tried Smelling Some to completely block it all out?
[09:03:45] PS: Powdered faygo? What if I were to snort it and it blocked by breathing pipes?
[09:05:01] SH: No man, powdered Faygo iS like, completely Slimy yet coarSe. I've tried making Some to create SweetS I'm trying to Sell
[09:05:42] PS: Thats an interesting recipe
[09:06:20] SH: Got 3 flavorS currently. Sopor, Faygo, and SeaDweller FruitS Mix
[09:06:32] SH: or SDFM for Short
[09:06:44] PS: Id ask for some but thats not really my thing
[09:07:11] SH: I already SSold TaS and Charon Some.
[09:07:34] PS: Yes the others are quite uncareful
[09:07:59] SH: Got 10 coinS for it, I think. I need to check my vault Sometime to See how much con-caSh I Saved up
[09:08:50] PS: "con-caSh" Its almost as if you knew what you were doing is morally wrong
[09:09:56] PS: Oh and I just thought about something
[09:10:16] SH: Naw man. It'S all good. A few trSollS might get their Stomach pumped or eyeS bleeding for Some of my SchemeS, but they all turn out okay. I mean, a few Sweeps back I SSold a girl Some red ShadeS along with a coSplay outfit of the famous legisacerator
[09:11:03] PS: Stomach pumps are dangerous man (experience)
[09:11:25] SH: Yeah, what're you thinking about?
[09:11:41] PS: The random thought?
[09:11:51] SH: Yeah
[09:12:09] PS: Please dont think Im weird when I say this but...
[09:12:37] PS: Our chat looks like a bee
[09:12:52] SH: What?
[09:13:08] PS: Its like yellow and black alternating
[09:14:05] SH: Care to elaborate?
[09:14:27] PS: Like your color is yellow or yellowiSh while Im typing in black
[09:14:54] SH: Oh wow. What a random thought. Ever tried to be a PhiloSopoiSoner?
[09:15:37] PS: No they get unlifed VERY commonly
[09:16:50] SH: LSol. Well, being a BuSineSSneerer haS itS perkS, yet my anceStor haS been known to be outlawed and executed in every planet he haS ever SSold Something.
[09:17:18] PS: Well my ancestor is quite unlike me
[09:18:42] PS: He was a pretty dangerous dude up until he stopped living
[09:18:57] SH: WaS he a doc like you?
[09:19:49] PS: Not exactly He did however pretty much write the book on Troll anatomy
[09:20:50] SH: Well he'S a boon to the UniverSitieS then. Mine waS famouS for patenting the firSt rain Shield...which never actually protected you from rain.
[09:22:02] PS: Thats kind of wow I mean my ancestor also did accidently cause people people to start trying to cure stuff
[09:22:53] SH: Straying away from the topic: Your game loaded?
[09:23:26] PS: Ooh yes It says that the client is running
[09:25:41] SH: You know how to operate it?
[09:26:12] PS: All I know is I need a server person
[09:26:44] SH: If you need further info, juSt join Rakeyn'S memo. I got the proceSSeS all figured out.
[09:27:13] PS: I have my own memo though :(
[09:27:59] SH: Oh wow. Well I'll juSt tell you that you need to PSag the perSon'S name from TrSollian to the reSpective window.
[09:28:16] SH: But we need pure coop with thiS one
[09:28:27] PS: Do you have a client?
[09:28:57] PS: Im all about coop
[09:29:42] SH: Yeah got one, but I'm waiting for TaS to reply to See if he will connect to either me or Rakeyn
[09:30:11] PS: Well I meant a client player
[09:30:17] PS: My bad if that was misconstrued
[09:30:35] SH: Oh, well there'S my anSwer then.
[09:30:42] SH: Waiting for TaS
[09:31:13] PS: Do you have a server player? I could just put the other disk in
[09:32:09] SH: Well it'S my turn to be miSconStructed becauSe I meant for TaS to be my Server. I don't have a client player yet.
[09:32:39] PS: Ok then want me to be yours?
[09:33:40] SH: Sure, but I vSolSunteered to be the firSt client So it might take a little while before I can play with you. Well I'm going to leave you for thinking. Stay Safe dude and heal/kill more trSollS
-- solarHelios [SH] gave up trolling perpetualSentience [PS] at 09:33 --


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PostSubject: Re: [Spacestuck] Chat logs   

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[Spacestuck] Chat logs
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