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 Land of Storm and Towers [Awaiting approval]

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PostSubject: Land of Storm and Towers [Awaiting approval]   Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:11 pm

Kinara Garuda
Maid of Void

Land Name: Land of Storm and Towers
Player Handler: Kinara Garuda
Consorts: Basilisks
Denizen: Sterope
Gate Color: Indigo

The Land of Storm and Towers is recognizable by its permanent layer of dark storm clouds all across its atmosphere, resulting in neverending thunderstorms and/or rains all around the planet.
On the land is scattered plenty of tall towers, protecting the surface of the planet by attracting the lighnings to them.
Vegetation is rather sparse on these lands, and for the viewers it is mostly a blue-colored rocky landscape.

There is a major tower, far wide and taller than any other; there is a 1-kilometer radius around it that is deprived of any storm, being a perfectly clear, cloud-less sky. It is know as "The Eye of the Storm" to the consorts.

Main Quest: Just as much as the skies are covered in chaotic storms, the consorts themself seem to be rather mentally unstable, just as if the chaos of the sky was also inside their heads. The Maid of Void will have to find a way to "clear" the minds of her consorts. Many clues about the method being hidden inside the towers, guarded by hordes of hostile creatures. Afterward final goal of the Maid would be the clear the skies, this act would requiere to ascend the Eye of the Storms and meet with her denizen.
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PostSubject: Re: Land of Storm and Towers [Awaiting approval]   Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:41 am


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Land of Storm and Towers [Awaiting approval]
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