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 Thalia Peixes

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Prince of Fries
Prince of Fries

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PostSubject: Thalia Peixes   Thalia Peixes EmptyWed Mar 14, 2018 9:43 pm

Full Name: Thalia Peixes
Gender: Non-binary; they/them or she/her (if you're close friends).
Physique (Height/Weight): 5'8" (6'0" with horns) & 280lbs; yes, they're fat, but Thalia doesn't give a damn. Despite their chubbiness, they have vague muscle definition in their arms and legs. They're a heiress with great physical assets, as their admirers may put it.
Age: 8.5 sweeps

Physical appearance:

Thalia Peixes Tumblr_p5ib3xssnG1x6erm1o1_r1_250

Personality: For an heiress, Thalia doesn't really act like one. In fact, they've publicly stated that they dislike the idea of becoming empress, saying that the life just simply wasn't their style. Instead, they prefer their cushy, lavish life of being an heiress, where their only responsibility is living in a big, cushy castle and holding the most bitchin' of parties. It seems they like to live on the finer sides of life, rather than the grisly.

If you don't think Thalia could be anymore of a princess, think again. Thalia has a natural talent with animals. Nothing that would happen to put an animal communer to shame, but at least Thalia doesn't have to mind control a lusus to be tame. Their on-land castle is surrounded by lusii, some strays, others wild lusii that tend to hang around the abode. It's no surprise when regular visitors to the castle sees a bunch of dangerous predators follow the heiress at their heels, as calm as can be.

Thalia is a somewhat hyper and optimistic troll, but no one should ever consider them naive. Just because they can seem over-friendly at their parties or get-togethers, doesn't mean Thalia will ever just make friends with any troll who happens to be friendly back. They're actually very picky when they make good friends, and only has a select few of them. Thalia doesn't want to risk making friends with a threat that would use them for their good nature and influences to the masses. In fact, if Thalia ever suspects foul-play, they'll personally beat you up and toss you to the curb. No one is allowed to ruin their good time, or their good image. Not that Thalia is ever too focused on their self-image, but they'd rather be seen as something positive than some stupid drunk. Besides, their reckless behavior is usually done sober and off-camera.

Yes, Thalia can be quite reckless, almost to a fault. Because of their cushy spot on the hemocaste, they believe they're unrestricted in almost every way, only stopping the temptation of doing a thing if it's anything that may cross the Condesce, as they are still very fearful of the current empress. Thalia also has no problem saying no if something's just not their thing, or just rejecting anything they don't think is valid or useful to them. However, if someone is really good with words, and making situations seem not so bad, Thalia cannot possibly help themselves. If there is a camera or some recording device present, Thalia won't do anything too demeaning. This again goes back to their self-image, and if their reckless endeavors are ever posted online, Thalia will do everything they can to get that image taken down, and people's devices destroyed if they save it.


  • Thalia is an active person, and doesn't tire out so easily.
  • Thalia is stronger than they let on, being able to carry a tiger-sized lusus with easy.


  • Thalia's body can produce too much insulin, and they'll eventually crash, which can be unfortunate in some situations.
  • It's easy to appeal to their reckless nature by using the right words to convince them to do something.
  • Alternatively, it's easy to pin something on Thalia because of their 'above the rules' nature. Anyone could, and probably would, blame a reckless highblood for doing something stupid.

Fears/Insecurities: Besides the very real fear of the Condesce, Thalia has no other known fear or phobia. As for insecurities, Thalia actually more worried about their self-image as they let on, if the 'destroy people's devices' thing didn't make it obvious. The reason they freak out over it is because they think the Condesce would personally go out of her way to kill them if they brought any real shame to the tyrian caste.
Likes/Hobbies: Thalia is an active person, socially and physically. While you wont see the heiress pumping mad amounts of iron or doing any actual working out, but you will probably see them walking or swimming along the shoreline, or play-wrestling with the lusii. Thalia's likes are pretty obvious, such as the partying, drinking, and using the troll-equivalent to weed. They also like laying around and reading, and they also enjoy a good play once in a while.
Dislikes: Anyone who causes trouble at their parties, bad trips, badly mixed drinks, when someone attacks their animals unprovoked, and paparazzi.

Handle: everlastingEcstasy (EE)
Typing Quirk/Color: :) ur quirk is ab-(Out as carefree as u r, with ur use -(Of sh-(Orthand ):
Blood color: Tyrian Purple #991532
Psionic Power: n/a
Symbol: Thalia Peixes WZm49jK
Lusus: Gl'bgolyb

God Tier Title: Heir of Life Thalia Peixes 14?cb=20171109071837
Land: Land of Rods and Dials
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: tridentkind
Fetch Modus: n/a


  • Thalia's blood is more reddish-purple than normal tyrian purple.
  • They visit Gl'bgolyb once or twice a month, since she is their lusus.
  • The :) at the start and the ): at the end of their messages represent the comedy and drama masks of theater. They're actually supposed to be same on both ends (ex.: :) yah yah yah (:) depending on how they feel.
  • Thalia was inspired by both Aphrodite and Dionysus, however more of their traits come from Dionysus.
  • Similarly, their name comes from one of the three Graces (Dionysus' daughters), Thalia. She was the Grace of Good Cheer.
  • Thalia is actually aged down from their real age so I could use them on here. I didn't originally plan to use them here, but decided to post them anyway.


Thalia Peixes Tumblr_otj2uueHw41umhm4zo2_250

Shitheads Thalia Peixes Tumblr_inline_p3c6inwu5j1um2enj_500 St Valensprites

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Prince of Fries
Prince of Fries

Libra Posts : 20
Boondollars : 3335
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Age : 21
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PostSubject: Re: Thalia Peixes   Thalia Peixes EmptyFri Mar 23, 2018 1:42 am

*bangs pots and pans together* YO! IM DONE!


Thalia Peixes Tumblr_otj2uueHw41umhm4zo2_250

Shitheads Thalia Peixes Tumblr_inline_p3c6inwu5j1um2enj_500 St Valensprites

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Thalia Peixes
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