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 Pluvus Hdifix

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PostSubject: Pluvus Hdifix   Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:02 pm

Full Name: Pluvus Hdifix
Gender: Male
Physique (Height/Weight): 5”4’
Age: Seven sweeps

Personality: Pluvus is a sweet, awkward young boy who’s gone his whole life without using his powers even once - well, that he’s willing to admit - out of fear for becoming a menace like many of his caste. While quite well-meaning, Pluvus’s fear has led to him becoming a meek and painfully nervous troll. His friends expectations are as important to him as the friends themselves, whether or not he really knows what they are, and his imagination fills in the gaps with paranoia and nervousness. Nobody can claim to have seen him actually lose his temper, so he’s been treated as something of a pushover.

However, on rare occasions, he’s completely blown up in anger and freaked out on someone, displaying some of that cold-blooded determination and cut-throat attitude when someone pushes him too far. He just wants to be left alone by all those scary things out there, and they’d better play along. Pluvus could be mean if he truly wished to, as he’s easily sharp enough to be a manipulative jerk if he tried. It’s really for the best that it takes a lot to break him out of his shell; the motivation’s just not there.

Of course, instead of facing conflict, now and again, he sort of just hides and cowers beneath his lusus’s wings. What coaxes him out is the allure of metal, rocket fuel, and circuits. He loves nothing more than building, and especially repairing old machines, with a fixation on spacecraft, to the point of obsession. Definitely a nostalgia fan, possibly with a fixation on space travel and hardened detectives. He quickly flicks to those he admires and occasionally suppresses his own interests to emulate others’.

Physical appearance:

His pupils are asterisk shaped.

-Cautious and detail oriented for safety’s sake
-Unintentionally great at sucking up
-Impervious to insults because he’s used to them
-Not really one for revenge or grudges, or so it seems (he’s very experienced at hiding his true feelings)
-Gets very passionate and defensive about the things he likes, but not for long
-Will quickly defend a friend
-Oddly, not that shaken by dead things and dying

-Weak to peer pressure
-Tries too hard to please others
-Will put himself in danger to do unwarranted favors of his own volition to make up for mistakes
-Is terrible at picking friends and doesn't call out toxic behavior
-Gets way too focused on his projects, especially when avoiding something that upsets him
-Becomes rather clumsy when he’s anxious
-Only expresses confidence and assertiveness in short, unreliable bursts.

-Extremely fearful of using his powers, asserting himself, coming off aggressive, and becoming what he sees as a bad person, i.e. most highbloods.
-Afraid of disappointing others
-Despite his online presence he’s afraid of basically everybody in person
-Lowkey super frazzled all the time due to years of living in a poorly-light hive with creepy corners and distant dripping

-Rocket Science
-Building Space Ships
-Stockpiling for a hypothetical planetary escape
-Getting elbow deep in some circuit boards
-Butterfly Gardens
-Outdated forms of communication
-Supernatural Adventure Novellas about Aliens
-Black and white silent films
-Vintage memorabilia
-Moth mom makes him study proper embalming and zombie/Daywalker slaying procedure

-Having secrets kept from him, big or small
-Getting pulled away from his projects
-Reaching a dead end in his research
-Getting dropped off in dangerous areas by his lusus for ‘survival practice’
-Being stuck with strangers for extended amounts of time
-Talking face to face with other trolls
-Danger, real actual ‘you could die’ danger

Handle: stutterCircuit
Typing Quirk/Color: yoO...u have been toO...ld the rise and fall oO...f yoO...ur dictioO...n is rather annoO...ying.
Blood color: Cerulean, #00297A
Psionic Power: Induced Sleep Walking: As much as Pluvus hates hates hates his powers, he can’t deny that he has them. Pluvus can pilot another troll’s body for a few minutes before his poor brain tires out. However, he can only control someone when they’re asleep. The closer they are to REM sleep, the less likely they are to wake up, but the harder they are to control. Some massive sleep flailing is par for the course. He has to fight for control if they wake up, and he always loses.

Lusus: A matronly skeleton moth - well, more of a centipede with wings - bearing a wingspan of fifteen feet, and a skeleton-like insectoid chassis with an affectionate tilt to their horrifying curves. Pluvus has to go to great pains to ensure Momma Bone Moth doesn’t leave the hive during the day, so he hardly gets any sleep.

God Tier Title: Heir of Mind
Land: Land of Vents and Snow
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Shovelkind. Wishes he was skilled/cool enough to use chainsawkind.
Fetch Modus: Space Invaders. Traditional retro space shooter arcade game.

Other: Pluvus lives in the shelled out remains of a small abandoned battleship once used by the Alternian army. Through sweeps of hard work, it allows for functional living beyond the occasional plumbing leak or power outage every once or thrice a week, but Pluvus intends to raise it to full capacity as a spaceship. Daywalkers are a bit of an issue, due to the battleship being in the middle of a past battleground, so he has even less incentive to go outside. There’s only a few zombies walking around the area these days, but one can never be too careful.

Last edited by Plumscreech on Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:26 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Pluvus Hdifix   Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:43 pm


I'd normally have more to say, but given that I have finals in a bit here I'll summarize what I have to say here:

- Cool Hive design!
- I suggest giving him some sort of arrogance/personality trait that would help him survive a bit more in Alternia. Besides being a highblood and all. Don't need to!
- I like the power! It's something to limit the strength in mind control, It's nice.
- C-Could you explain daywalkers a bit more? I'm not sure if you mean something else or the "zombies" plaguing Alternia.
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Taurus Posts : 17
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PostSubject: Re: Pluvus Hdifix   Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:29 pm

Thanks for the feedback! Decided to take your advice to heart and do some changes, mainly editing personality and making it just a bit more obvious what Daywalkers are. Hopefully that addresses your suggestions, and no need to rush. I appreciate the critique and would love to hear all your thoughts if you have ‘em..
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PostSubject: Re: Pluvus Hdifix   

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Pluvus Hdifix
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