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 SGRUB Theta [Closed]

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furry garbage
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furry garbage

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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptySat Dec 09, 2017 5:49 pm

==> Continue to express displeasure.

It seems that you've been forced back to CIRICE, who is hunched over her husktop in a rather miserable state. You would rather not mess around with someone that high on the spectrum.. An eligible heiress, no less. It also happened to be your very specific job to keep tabs on known fuchsia bloods, rebel groups, and other intergalactic empires that may pose a threat to your glorious EMPIRE..

A wave of shame would suddenly wash over you, and you'd quickly bury your head in your hands. How dare you even suggest that you ruled over such a vast and lavish conglomerate such as this. You'd drag your hands down your face, letting out a loud groan. It appears your fellow lowblood AH has responded to the memo.. Requesting that you pester him.

Perhaps you'd humor him for a little with her "reaction." You were quite drawn to Popiko anyways, despite how.. Outgoing he was.



You smile a little at the end. He'd probably freak out, but in a good way.. You definitely liked making your pals happy, even if it was temporary. Even if you had to break the rules a little to make it happen, though it would likely catch up to you eventually and cost you the job you valued so very much.

Such a noble cause.. You make yourself sick.

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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 10, 2017 1:27 pm


You are now-...wait, what was his name again? The...cobalt guy. You try to be him, but theres a change of plans. It seems he's been removed from the selection chart in exchange for this weird caped purple guy and some teal chick. What the hell happened? You could've sworn you had picked this guy once before and even introduced him properly!


-Well uh. As much as you'd love to be the cobalt guy, he seems to be doing something illegal! -Which is to say he's trying to break things and quite frankly, you cannot allow any of that business. Although you can't directly see him, he seems to be dropping something off at that highblood fish-girls place. -Y'know...that one? Whatever.




Alright-. No. We're taking a little break from that horrid business and troll romance. More importantly-, you need to prepare to get rid of this rogue element before he ruins what you've got set up here. While you can't exactly make people forget about him, you can at least make sure he doesn't enter the game somehow. -How? Well uh.


-In the future, but not too long into it to cause any confusion with the OTHER future. The chain for the legendary playthrough of a killer game has been set.
Client <== Server
Reiley <== Cirice <== Popiko<== Freyja <== Quiikn <== Atalis <== Astero <== Ekliat <== Kimoke

It's been not too long since eventually everyone entered. -That weird cobalt enigma seemed to ruin your chain by helping his moirail enter the game first! Whatever he did to shoehorn the lowblood into helping them is beyond you. -You could've sworn they hated anyone but their precious, now dead, boss. Didn't the violet blood despise the mustard? What the fuck.


You try to be someone else for the time being. Everyone has been taking the whole end of the world and the subsequent death of a person they can't remember differently. Their progresses in the game differ and each of them are finding ways to get through their own way. Whether it's by destruction or simply avoiding their problems.

-It's sort of set in stone how they 'win', but how they go about doing it is a different story.

Who's first?
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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 10, 2017 5:42 pm

==>Be the First Player: Ekliat.
You weren't the first player in, you know this for a fact- for it happened like... 5-10 minutes ago. You don't bother keeping track of time.

You're currently in the Land of Gems and Fabrics, in which it is quite easy to describe as it is what it says on the tin. But you'll do it anyway because you're that generous.

==>Examine surroundings.

This wouldn't have been the first time you've done this. But you've got to kill some imps anyway.

The ground around you is soft and fluffy- if you were to get knocked down or fell from a high place it probably would cushion your fall. Which is reassuring. The fabric is hugely patchwork and chequered, with a variety of different colours with no rhyme or reason to the pattern. It would make any, even minor, OCD-sufferer freak out. Probably. Whilst you hate this, the gem structures make up for it.

==>Marvel at gem structure.

A half-rock mostly-gem pillar is in front of your house. It's amazing and you love it. The cluster of multi-coloured gems quickly would make any person jealous that they didn't receive such a beautiful land. There were many of these pillars periodically placed around, and upon asking your sprite- you quickly found out that they were part of a quest. Something to do with the denizen and 'losing the shine'.


Oh. The sprite.

Yeah, you lost your hat.
And you're incredibly sad and sensitive about it.

There's just a floating hat talking to you constantly, its accent more posh than your own.


You cannonball another imp in frustration. Upon impact it sinks into the hat-wearing imp before exploding into an assortment of gems which disappear once you touch them.

It used to be satisfying but you're too disheartened about not wearing your ancestor's hat anymore.

Or at least, most likely ancestor's hat.

My OC's:

This is only my third-strongest form!
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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 10, 2017 11:11 pm

==> Be not the first player

You transition to the SPACE GAL, who is currently preparing to depart into THE UNKNOWN. What discoveries await this young troll, in this immensely FOGGY land?

==> Anyway, second-person please.

You are currently sitting on the platform of one of the many STRANGE MACHINES placed by your SERVER PLAYER. To be specific, you're perched on the ALCHEMITER with your legs gently swing over the edge. You're surrounded by several things you have ALCHEMIZED while experimenting with these STRANGE MACHINES. Your RESPITEBLOCK is even more of a mess than it was before. Glass shards sprinkle the ground after being shattered by your LUSUS' DEATH SCREECH. You visibly shiver at the memory, grief envelopes you for a moment.

==> A moment of silence, please.

You remain silent for a good minute, taking interest in the ground.


PSYCHE! Your LUSUS is right here! In sprite form. They're clicking and hissing at you with annoyance, urging to get to work. Get to work with what, you ask? YOU GOT SHIT TO DO! Why, of course TENDRILMOM! You clearly know what to do!

In all seriousness though, you are incredibly glad they didn't completely die. You give them a TOOTHY smile.

==> Observe your SPRITE

They have lost their IMPRESSIVE SIZE and LENGTH. Now, they're give off a gold-tinted light and are only slightly bigger than you. However, you REALLY DID hear their death screech. They had been struck by several METEORS mid-air and were sent falling down onto your HIVE's balcony. Fortunately, the balcony happened to be where your CRUXTRUDER was placed! And thus, they were PROTOTYPED. That death screech was indeed unnerving, but that's okay! They're here now!

Okay, let's move on.

==> Observe your creations

Your upgraded MACES lie next to you on the platform. FISH SHIT was generous enough to lend you two PORCUPINEFISH for you to combine with your MACES. They, of course, came in containers. Wouldn't want to be poisoned now, would you?


Two pairs of dead steel eyes stare back at you. The SPIKED SPHERES of your MACES have been replaced with TWO STEEL PORCUPINEFISH, creating the VENOMOUS PUFF PUFF KNEE BREAKERS. The varying shapes of your MACES' spikes are tipped with venom. The creatures' sacrifices have not been in vain.

==> Hop off and look at more of your creations.

You CAPTCHALOGUE your new MACES and hop off the ALCHEMITER. You take a gander at what else you have ALCHEMIZED.

You kick a few PERFECTLY GENERIC OBJECTS out of the way as you make your way to the ALIEN-SKINNED SWEATER lying on the floor. You alchemized a sweater with one of your ALIEN HORROR MOVIE POSTERS, featuring a certain ALIEN WITH A SPINY BACK AND A SHARP TAIL.

You pick it up by the sleeves, taking a better look at it. You had immediately TOSSED IT AWAY in DISGUST a few minutes earlier. Why? Because this piece of shit was bulky and uncomfortable as fuck. It might work as armor, but like hell were you going to trudge around in that heavy "sweater". You CAPTCHALOGUE it anyway though, never know when you might need it.


You also CAPTCHALOGUE "ASTRAL STROKE", a FILBERT PAINT BRUSH that was combined with one of your STAR CHARTS. No matter what, the paint brush will always paint a star chart. Always. It's impossible paint anything different with it.

Oh, and you CAPTCHALOGUE your COMPASS as well. You've already taken a glance out the window at your land. From what you have seen, you will DEFINITELY need your compass.

==> Look out the shattered window.

The sound of glass shards crunching under your shoes fill the air along with TENDRILSPRITE's constant clicking. You make take a second gander at the LAND OF FOG AND FEATHERS, TENDRILSPRITE referred to this land as that earlier. careful to not cut yourself on the remaining glass shards stuck to the window's frame.


You've gathered so far that your HIVE landed on a ROCKY PLATEAU. The surrounding area is draped in an ALARMING AMOUNT OF FOG. It's pretty high too, it reaches a yard below the window you currently looking through. There is a group TALL MOUNTAINS far, far away. A few dark figures can be briefly seen up in the sky, but they swiftly disappeared into the clouds. Like a phantom would into the night. Mysterious.

You can't see much of anything else other than a few tall rocks poking through the fog-FUCK

==> Be trolled by THE WIND

A breeze enters your RESPITEBLOCK uninvited through your shattered windows. It proceeds to steal some of your LOOSE RESEARCH PAPERS, some of which you haven't made a digital BACKUP of yet, and carry them out the window.

==> Attempt to save your RESEARCH PAPERS

You stretch your hands out to attempt to retrieve your CURRENTLY-BEING-KIDNAPPED RESEARCH PAPERS. You manage to snatch two out of the wind's grip, they wrinkle in your tight grip. Unfortunately, 7 RESEARCH PAPERS are whisked away by the breeze. You watch with a blank expression as they flutter over the horizon. Wow, they're gaining quite some distance. You see one or two drop down into the fog, most go farther.

==> Pursue your RESEARCH, literally.

You leap over your FALLEN BOOKSHELF, landing ungracefully with a stumble. TENDRILSPRITE clicks at you with irritation, alerting you that you had apparently RAN OUT in the middle of the QUEST EXPLANATION. ....You have a quest? Why didn't they say that earlier? ....You can listen to that as you run.

==> WAIT!

Oh shit! You're not prepared to go out yet!

==> Retrieve JAR OF PAINT BRUSHES and a jar of RED PAINT

You leap back over the fallen bookshelf, once again. You dash to your desk and CAPTCHALOGUE said items. It might come in handy to paint on landmarks so you can find your way back to your HIVE.

...You notice that you're nearing your inventory limit.

==> Continue your pursuit.

You just levitate the fallen bookshelf upright this time. No need to leap over it for the THIRD time. You don't bother with putting back the scattered books.

With the obstacle defeated, you exit your RESPITEBLOCK. You sprint down the stairs, through your living room, and out through the front door. TENDRILSPRITE follows close behind, clicking away. You make a mental note as you leave to check on your MOIRAIL, FISH SHIT, and YOUR CLIENT PLAYER. You also remind yourself that mental notes have no effect on you. Fuck you, you respond.

...You're too occupied and fail to notice the clamor and clicking originating from your MEAL BLOCK as you leave.
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Sir Realism
Sir Realism

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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 17, 2017 1:52 pm

==> ...

... What the fuck just happened my dude. Wait SHIT FUCK DAMN SHIT YOU DID IT AGAIN?! Like the lowblood goat you are you entered a incapacitated state as a self defense mechanism from the outside world... You really just freaked and fainted to be honest. God you hope everyones not dead, its spooky as hell when people from beyond the grave come to haunt you. Wait shit now you remember, Thopez basically denied you to have an epic sacrafice moment and stole your swag by taking your place.


If you had a boonbuck for every time someone bulgeblocked your team sacrifice... well you wouldn't be very rich considering the boonbuck inflation thing. Anyways your pissed as hell but also kinda relieved that your own fear saved your life. But now what?!

==> Look outside.

You breifly look outside, then immediately scream. Everything is on fire, everything. Yeah this is what you should expect when you're in the land of OIL and FLINT. Chances are some pebble fell off a mountain and sparked all this. You have no idea how to put shit shit out but at least it isn't burning your hive down. It's burning everything around it though.

==> Remember you actually have psychic powers.

Oh yeah, you're a pyropath and somehow completely immune to fire. You discovered this not too long ago when a bunch of fanatical highbloods tried to burn you on a cross. You would have probably died from suffocation to be honest if it weren't for... EKILAT. Gog, she's geat. Anways what do you do?

==> What?!

Do something...

==> Uh?!

You panic and stare straight at the screen, you'd think stage fright wouldn't be an issue for you.
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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 17, 2017 3:51 pm

= => Be the chemist alien

Like you’ve said, you’re not really a chemist, Loupin is. Also you aren’t really dressed up as Loupin right now. You are a bit too freaked out by where you are at the moment.

You are at the Land of Bones and Decay and this place fills your smell receptors with the smells of stale air and mold. You’ve seen what it’s like outside and you HATE it. You hate the giant dead skeletons of creatures laying around everywear and the dead trees and logs filled with mushrooms and moss accompanying them. Everything is ugly, everything smells bad, everything sucks. You don’t like it and want to stop playing. You lay on the ground looking up at the ceiling of your hive, feeling sorry for yourself/waiting for death.

= =>

You see a teal glowing vest float it’s way over to you, as if it were bouncing its way to you. You remember throwing it into the kernel sprite but not quite what happened to it between then and now.

= => Take the vests advice.

You load up some molotov cocktails into your strife seccubus. Then load up some of the chemicals you’ve bought a while back into your Elixir syllidex, along with some extra bottles, and your portable husk top.

Then you put Loupin’s coat and ascot on over your normal clothes before you head outside to face this new world.
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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptyMon Dec 18, 2017 8:20 pm

==> Be the military wannabe.

Wannabe? But you have the cape and everything! And the fancy hat! THE FANCY HAT! (Unbeknownst to you, the number of fancy hats in the game has dropped down to one. Otherwise, you would probably rub it into Ekliat's face.)

After completing the highly elaborate and (in your opinion) needlessly complex entry sequence just minutes ago, you look out the window to see a black sky lit up by thousands of glowing glass lanterns, dangling from ropes suspended between tall, spiraling glass structures. Every color of the rainbow seems accounted for, though blue, turquoise and green dominate the high glass ledge on which your hive is currently precariously perched.

==> Step outside

Stepping outside brings the cool touch of wind, brushing away your hair and cape like an action hero. The thought brings you a sense of excitement.

==> Freak out.

Hm? Why? Your brow furrows in confusion, wondering what could possibly lead you to panic.

Oh yeah. Your mom's a weird ghost thing now. Before you can ponder how to delicately broach the subject, you feel your grubpad buzzing in your sylladex.

==> Whip that sucker out.

SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Roulette_gif_final_by_ogrespi-dbx4li0

You open your ROULETTE FETCH MODUS, generously given to you by your mom many sweeps ago to teach you the value of money. However, it's mostly taught you how to dodge.

The wheel slooooooooowly slides to a stop, inching ever so closely! It appears you're rather lucky today, and your grubpad is soon GENTLY placed within your grasp. To your surprise, vivid purple text has appeared in a new pesterlog.



==> Enough of that.

Part of you wants to ask more about that Quest your mom mentioned, but she goes off on a tangent to explain more about your land and the game you and your friends are playing. Since you can always look though it later, you decide to check on your client player!


While you wait for him to respond, you decide you'll do a little alchemizing before going to explore the rest of your land.
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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptySat Dec 23, 2017 3:28 pm


A sea of concrete is all the eye can see with absolutely no natural light in sight. It seems like the entire construct is...underground? Maybe. Underlings hide in crevices and crannies of the concrete jungle. A few valves have been turned as far as they could go and the ever so light sound of whistling wind echoes inside. In the middle of what looks like a large elevator area is someones Hive! -Well. It's YOUR hive to be exact.


You are now KIMOKE and man you hate this place already. Your poor LUSUS was essentially crushed by the sudden addition of concrete to it's cave and now he seems to be floating around like shithiving maggot...ghost-thing. To be completely honest you don't really know what he turned into, but it's better if you let him settle things out himself.

Scorch marks and ash cover has settled in your abode, your crops long gone to the hellish fire that you were left with when everyone entered first. The weird shades fella seemingly offered his life to help the Emperess enter, which without her you'd be dead! In a way, you owe your life to that fella for what he did for you. Although you'll probably never see him again...


For whatever reason, you've been tasked with trusting your life and protecting the life of royals. The aforementioned fish-lady is your server player and the little military brat is your client. What a time to be alive. You don't hate either of them, but dealing with them has been...naturally difficult. They're both different sides on the same coin in retrospect with one of them being a pretty weak highblood thats too passive to talk to and...well...the tough rocker chick who is too intimidating to talk to.

Hopefully they settle their problems before it makes you go mad. You've been avoiding real conversation with them because of that.


Speaking of avoiding your problems, you've been basically shutting yourself out for a few minutes now. You're sure that someone has tried messaging you...maybe...but man you need a moment to process what to do.

You exit your Hive, your feet leading you to unknown pastures to beat the shit out of everything. -That's what your Lusus told you to do, so surely this can only end well. He gave you a few warnings about what not to do, but considering how easy it was to kill these lil' guys, you don't think that you'll have to worry too much.


Just like that you're now...lost. Great. -How long has it even been? You decide to follow the lights to maybe find your way back to your place. Hopefully you can get back to your husktop in time to signal you're alive. Maybe...not talking to someone was a bad idea on your part.

It's pretty chilly in this cement hell you've found yourself in. A bit agoraphobic in all honesty...It may have all this space to it, but you still feel trapped. Hopefully you find a way to like...the surface or something to see the sky. From your hive you could only see like two stupid spirograph things going straight up. Naturally those could lead to the sky, but you can't fly.

Not yet anyways. You'll find a way.


You stop in your tracks and facepalm. This is exactly what your pops warned you about. -He told you to follow the wind, whatever that means. He explained in more detail but for the life of you, you just can't remember it! The sound of the wind whistling through the concrete kinda ruins your train of thought though...

-Oh. That sound.
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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 EmptyThu Jan 04, 2018 10:32 pm


That, rude and ignorant disembodied consciousness, is Reiley. Heiress to the Alternian empire. Highest of all high bloods. Dread of the ocean waves. Rockstar extraordinar.


Oh you had always been there… yeah...huh

⇒ So…

So anyways, you stand over effectively the drained out hive that had never once been dry since you built the damn place. There’s no way any of your cool shit will survive the night.


Well to fucking bad. Now shut up. Anyways, you look out over the new landscape that this game had made to greet you. And to be honest, you couldn’t really find much wrong with it. The “Land of Mosh and Dosh” had everything a young troll could need. Raving and dancing little snip snap beasts with cool duds. Rivers of boondollars and mountains of gold. Hell, there was even a kick ass light show every other pitt. To be honest there was only one real issue.


You flail on the ground and scream as your vision becomes nothing but a pattern of flashing lights and pain, one of the literal fuck tons of lasers having hit your eye. This was becoming a regular occurrence.

You shouted out a string of curses and insults, calling the music shit and the mosh pits tea party bitch-get-togethers. Either no one hears you or the snip snap creatures forgive your shouting as they party rock in their houses tonight. You are thankful for that. After awhile, you decide enough is enough and jump up to start crafting the means to traverse this strange new world.


After another round of “hope no one gets mad at you for cursing everything they do”, you managed to blindly wander over to your crafting shit, and put a old hoodie over your head to provide some protection from the lasers.

You crack your knuckles, and get to crafting, taking only the second best swag you have left cause the best shit you wanted to do something special with.

First, you take an old pair of Sun glasses you stole from some stupid shit smelling high blood and a a set of eye goggles you used whenever pyrotechnics were supposed to get insane in your shows.

Created Welder shades


Next, though you’re sure you taught them a good enough lesson, you didn’t expect those Imps and whatever those big bouncer guys were called to stay away for long. You'd need protection, also a way to stop breaking your Guitars cause you sort of broke all but one of them.

It was some shitty electric guitar you got from Pop, that no talent rival of yours that you did not have pitch feelings for. In fact, you treated the guitar like it needed to be quarantined, placing in a well lit glass case with its own little pillow. You cleaned and tuned it to perfection everyday, cause it was a total piece of shit and needed it. You’ve been hesitant to play it, cause you doubt you could play it as shitty as it was used to with pop, but desperate times called for desperate measures.



No, apparently someone wasn’t listening. This was not your most prized possession. It was your shittiest possession and you were not broken up in the slightest at the idea of having to sacrifice it in all its shitty glory.

Your hands were not shaking as you tossed the card onto the table and fused it with a battle axe you jacked from yellow blood asshole who tried to stage jump you during one of your concerts.

Created the Battle Axe Axe

You look at the creation before you, and shed a tear as you marvel at the improvement. It was definitely cooler looking, and was probably a way better weapon now. Strumming it, the sound was completely different from how it used to. Somehow it sounded worse, as impossible as that was. It was still way better than the shitty old guitar though!

Moving on so you could forget the shitty guitar as soon as possible, you decided you needed a means of traversing the world. After some thinking, you decide to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Tossing a surfboard you yanked from some purple blood who got a little too close to the water, and then your biggest speaker, you made possibly the greatest means of travel ever conceived.

Created the Amp Board

Standing atop the board, you plugged your new guitar into it and, preparing for the worst, you began to play at max volume.


What? What was that? You can’t really hear much, and you’re pretty sure everything glass just shattered. This was going to require something else to work with it.


Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Might as well fuse it with your glasses and phone, so you can chat while blasting around.

With it all said and done, your new head set looked kind of dumb, but it was functional as fuck and perfect for the journey ahead.

As you begin to play a sick riff, hovering into the sky, you opened a meme and began to type, blasting off from your destroyed home.

Damage report memo:
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SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SGRUB Theta [Closed]   SGRUB Theta [Closed] - Page 2 Empty

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SGRUB Theta [Closed]
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