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 Huxley Kraguz

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PostSubject: Huxley Kraguz    Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:01 pm

Full Name: Huxley Kraguz

Gender: male

Physique (Height/Weight): 5’11”/150lbs

Age: 8.77 sweeps



If Hux is in discomfort he will voice it. Or if you're doing something disgusting, he'll narrate every single moment with a displeased tone. You'll often have to warn him he's talking a few octaves louder during a conversation, as he's certainly not tracking his vocal cords.


If working towards a goal, Hux is pretty much a work horse, a job cannot go undone without the proper attention. This can apply to any given task. Where his stubbornness shines through, people fail to spot how much he cares.


Hux has very strong feelings, which again, is the reason why he never tackles anything half hearted. He will often express himself in outbursts, or resign to silence and brood on the matter. Wether he shows such social techniques towards other trolls he feels for is uncertain, and will often seek out their company in the most unconventional ways. Hux isn't a class A student in troll etiquette, and cannot always direct that energy into something positive.


Hux will let go of resentment and anger to pardon someone who has wronged him, depending on how severe. If it affected others on a larger scale, you won't be given a second chance so lightly.

Physical appearance:

A set of pointy teeth with slightly enlarged canines, none are chipped. Face is smooth and cheeks bones sharp, wears a stern look where eyebrows are permanently furrowed. Wavy hair that is tied into a high ponytail, worn down, it reaches shoulder length. Moves stiffly when in motion and never slouches, for fear of it ruining posture. Horns spiral upwards three twists, see markor goat horns.Tends to put on gray simple shirts with long sleeves displaying his symbol, and black jeans. Shoes also remain just as colourless, or a navy blue. Hux's hair ties tend to vary any colour on the spectrum, as he misplaces and looses them a lot.


Sensitive taste buds: Can detect the subtlest flavours in food, which has inevitably led to Hux's picky eating habits. Fast food? Yuck. Oh yes, he’ll absolutely show his distress, and narrate every single salty chip you eat.

Rotary ears: Can rotate his ears 270 degrees independently. They are long, with a little point at the tips, curving in towards each other. An expert in ear language? You'll have no problem guessing his surface emotions.

Adept bowman: Hux can triangulate the direction of wind using his ears to fire arrows with precision. His practice stems from shooting a poor mantis lusus with plastic arrows tipped with suction cups.


Cannot swim: Is unable to float without assistance, and would likely sink like a stone.

Social interaction: A bit of a dunce when it comes to the finesse of interacting with others. It's easier with the mind set: respect higher castes: ignore lower ones:.

Dancing: Hux has two left feet, if you want to save yours and avoid crushed toes, don't risk trying to teach him the steps to Beyoncés single ladies.


Captivity, being cooped up or confined.

Drowning, an inability to swim, there's no chance Hux would approach the waters edge, it's pretty embarrassing to talk about.

Loosing control, loosing control of his hereditary aggression and harming a redrom.

Prudeness, is afraid of revealing skin.

Public displays of affection, prefers the sanctity of a hive.


Knitting. Did I mention knitting? Let me rummage through my sack, oh, look at all these yarn balls.

Downing a whole bottle of sauce and forcing tiny sachets to watch.

Ear scritches.


Being bossed about, fetch your own remote, I'm comfortable watching soaps all day.

Getting tickled, raspberries are not appreciated, so don't even try.

Greasy food, BARF.

Excitable/overbearing trolls, yikes.

Handle: cannedCaterpillar

Typing Quirk/Color: replaces blue with bloo. Doubles o's.

"Hoow are yoou tooday?"

Blood color: Indigo

Psionic Power: none

Symbol: orion hunter symbol, 3 circles joined by dashes

Lusus: a big mantis

Strife Specibus: bowkind
Fetch Modus: TBA


Can and will eat glitter
Favourite snack is mayonnaise
the good in me - Jon Bellion
my way - Chase Holfelder
sleep on the floor - The Lumineers

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PostSubject: Re: Huxley Kraguz    Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:06 pm

Nice, very descriptive! You're approved for roleplay, good job.


hey im your tech support

do you have like a tech problem

cause i mean like i probably have a tech solution

idk i might not i'm not amazing at this

my characters
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Huxley Kraguz
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