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 Tips on Writing Longer Posts.

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Tips on Writing Longer Posts. Empty
PostSubject: Tips on Writing Longer Posts.   Tips on Writing Longer Posts. EmptyTue Feb 19, 2013 6:00 pm

((Below are a few suggestions I have on writing longer RP posts. This is generally how I do it and it had worked for me for a few years now. Recently I have prided myself in writing posts that are /consistently/ 250 words /per character. Hopefully it will help you too.))

--For Starters--
((That was a pun. Because I'm hilarious!))

Some of you might say: "Wow Dani! Your starters are so long! Like wowzers it's like a novel all on it's own! I am so blown away and will never be worthy to RP with your glorious patootie."((Or at least I like to think some of you do ;3))


But right now, I am here to share my wisdom with you. Here is the reason my opening posts are so long and how I get them that way:
  • Backstory. Why is your character doing what they are doing? What led up to the meeting of your character and the character you are RPing with? What is a significant anecdote in your characters life that relates to the topic of the REST of the RP? What is your characters life like at home? Fill it up with backstory, I know I do. It, sometimes, adds a wee bit more depth to the character and the story.
  • Character Interaction. Is totally not necessary in an opening post. But you should be setting it up for a run in. You could come right out in your opening and be all like 'Sup? Wanna be my BFFL?' Or maybe you are sick of writing/want the other character to begin the interaction. It's like a game of chess. You put your piece exactly where you want it to pull your opponent into your dastardly trap.
  • Location. Location. Location. With the first post you are in charge of deciding where the characters will meet, or approximately where they will. So why not let your partner know exactly where they are by bringing this place to life. Is it big or small? Crowded or low traffic? Strange or mundane? Dark or light? OR EVEN: Night or day? Let your partner know where they are so their ideas don't conflict with your own and you can both have the same map of the area in your head.
  • Plot. 'Gee Dani, that sure is an important point you got there. Why isn't it first?' Because, as important as plot is it doesn't have to consume the entire RP. Not everything is about moving the plot forward you can kick back and relax and sometimes that is just as important. Introduce the plot or a couple possible plot points in your first post but you don't have to lay it on thick. Just get your characters together and take it nice and slow.

--And In Response--
((See.Hilarious.I.Am. Ohgod... there are so many words ;w;))

When it comes to a reply... there are 3 main parts. If you have all three I guarantee you can get at least two paragraphs into every post you ever make. And they are as follows:
  • Observations. What does your character see from where they are? What do they think in that moment AND in the moments leading up to it. For EX:
    Let's say... Dave and Bro are strifing. Bro is, in one moment, standing in front of Dave, the next he has flash stepped behind him. What did Dave observe. Well he observed that Bro was standing right there and then BAM he ninja'd out of their and for a moment is no where to be seen. Dave is thinking about how he hates it when Bro does that. In the next moment he notices that Bro is behind him, perhaps there was a sound, or maybe he saw a shadow so he turned around. This is what Dave observed.

  • Reaction/Response. What does your character do? How does your character respond? This can be through dialouge, through action. But it is just what your character does in that moment. It could be as simple as a glare and taking a step backwards. Lets go back to the Dave and Bro example:
    So Dave has turned to look at Bro. He is well aware that Bro could try that kind of thing again. What does he do? Perhaps he takes out his swords and holds it at the ready. He keeps a keen eye on Bro and watches for any sort of movements. In his mind he is thinking of all the different possibilities on how he can attack and how Bro could evade every single one of the attacks he has planned.
  • Continue. Alright so now that you've got all that down. It's sort of boring. Your RP partner seems to be the only person moving things forward. You aren't taking any of your own actions. You have to change that. Make your character do something that your partner can respond to just like you have. Make your character ask a question or spark a conversation. (You can answer a question and continue a conversation in one post. ) Maybe you can introduce a conflict? Maybe you can enter a new area? Introduce a new character? Pull your own moves in a fight? Or just continue on continuing on. For example:
    Dave has decided what he wants to do now. How he wants to go about going at Bro. So he does just that. Maybe he lunges at him. Maybe he tries to get behind him just like Bro did to him. Maybe he does something really unexpected and jumps off the top of the building to catch Bro off guard. He will do something that will make Bro react. Even if it is just to beat his sorry ass into next Tuesday.

And there you go. You just created a response. And a pretty decent one at that. Taking my example for example: it was three paragraphs long (one for each step) and a total of a very shocking 260 words. That is hella decent. That's pretty much top quality right there. If I RP with someone who always has posts that long I nod to them in a very silent, very praising way. Like, 'congratulations bro. Respect = EARNED' It's a badge you won't know exists but you'll feel it in your heart when you look at the tiny scroll bar at the side of your browser.

The only thing that could make it better is the last step, which is not included above because it's totally optional. And that is Description you can flush out everything you do with it. Add more thoughts, add more detail about your characters appearance, about little mannerisms your character has, about little things going on in the area around them. It doesn't have to be much but anything can add to the story you are creating so just have fun with it and throw in what you think will be relevant or fun.

And now I am finished. There is nothing more I want to say right now. This was a spur of the moment little thing I started writing about half an hour ago. I didn't expect it to be very long but it somehow ended up being a mini novel full of my wonderful expertise. ((I am by no means an expert, ignore that)) and I hope that anyone who does take the time to read this can appreciate what I've said and, maybe, take what I've said to heart and try it.

It's worked for me. So maybe it can work for you.

-concernedApathy (Dani)
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Tips on Writing Longer Posts.
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