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PostSubject: Waste [Class]   Waste [Class] EmptyMon Oct 06, 2014 1:28 pm

Name: Waste
Waste [Class] WasteTier_zps6eb7797b
Meaning: Devourer
Role: One who consumes aspect/One who is consumed with aspect and One who does not possess aspect

Main Power Type: Like a thief or rogue they take away their aspect, but unlike them they do not repurpose it, a Waste of Light can create situations where luck does not play a factor, a waste of time can make things happen much more quickly, a waste of space can clear areas, a waste of void can use make and use clutter in combat. A Waste of Hope can create an air of oppressive hopelessness. A Waste of Life can consume the life straight from their foes.

Story Role: The Waste will create an obstacle for their team with their role, but unknown to the team that obstacle removes a far greater threat. The Waste has a desire to be acknowledged as useful. And a great hole in their soul.

Challenge: The Waste must overcome their lonesome emptiness. They have to realize that they don't need acknowledgement.

Wastes tend to be gluttonous, lustful, or greedy, they try and fill that hole with whatever material sensations they can, to ignore the pain of emptiness. They have a hard time connecting with others, their life is always surrounded by what they lack.
Ironically this is not true for the Waste of Void. The Waste of Void will be more focused on filling the voids in others, and is a social butterfly, due to the double negative of their god tier.

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PostSubject: Re: Waste [Class]   Waste [Class] EmptyMon Oct 06, 2014 1:30 pm


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Waste [Class]
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