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 Groups and their Usage

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Groups and their Usage Empty
PostSubject: Groups and their Usage   Groups and their Usage EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 12:05 pm

The Groups

Upon joining this forum. You should notice this little red colored tab at the top of the forum called 'Usergroups'. The usergroups are the spine of the forum that monitors the the right and wrongs of the forum at given will. The ordinary basic groups levels you'll have upon starting a new forum would always be Administrators and Moderators. Without this. The forum would be non functional.

The groups bellow showing would be placed in a ladder level as they'll be within their respectful mannered placement in order.





New Users


Group Powers

[Administrators] - Admins have the right of judgement within any situations anyone is in. Only if asked or if flagged by any of the moderators. They have the will to end it right there and then, as well things regarding the forum itself. They can move Posts / Sub-forums / Categories under certain Sub-forums or new categories. They can also delete sub-forums / posts, edit and create sub-forums. They can also make events on the calendar, polls and new posts within a normal / sticky / announcement / global announcement status. They can also make hidden sub-forums for certain groups eyes only as well change the permissions on the sub-forums. For people that can just only view the sub-forums or not view sub-forums and allow postings, or not to post with. They can lock, merge and split posts. At given will, they can change the theme of the forum as well the text color itself and any images shown on this forum. All of this is in the Administration Panel mostly located in red at the bottom of the forum itself for administrators eyes only.

[Moderators] - As like the administrators powers. They can detect anything on the forum itself. As well inform the admins if something has gone wrong. They also can do most stuff within the sub-forums and its posts, where the administrators decide when ever or not applying the permission on the said sub-forums to be edited freely by them. However... They cannot move, lock, merge and split posts within certain moderated sub-forums. But they can delete and edit posts though. Within given permission granting. They can do much more if allowed too by the administrators. Is... To make events, stickies, announcements and global announcements.

[Members] - They are the ones that have been on the forum for a good fair deal of time as well the newly joined ones that have asked to join the members usergroup to unlock much more than being a new user.

[New Users] - The only down side of the new users is that they can't post links or images within any of their posts until a certain amount of days have lifted that will allow them too. The picture and link blockage is there to block out any spammers on the forum that would try to spoil the forum in general with their over sized and inappropriate pictures. As well as false advertisement to cons. Inappropriate pictures for public viewing and false advertisement goes against the forumotion terms and conditions as well their terms of services. This forums rules upon this site still applies for all.
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Groups and their Usage
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