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 Getting Started

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PostSubject: Getting Started   Getting Started EmptySat Jan 04, 2014 2:56 pm

Hello new user.

We welcome you to this new [but quite old] founded forum you happened to come across within using google or hearing about this forum from your friends pass-a-by rumors.

This part of the 'sub-forum' is widely known for those that are beginning to try out in getting a true feel for those with their new characters for what this site has to offer. This guide will mention tricks, helpings and basic knowledge on where most things should go where. As well the right of understanding upon doing creations on this forum. Consider this a rule book if you may. But this is still gonna be a guiding post on how to get started.


Original Characters

An OC is something that is only yours and made solemnly by you on this forum, sticking along the rules of being homestuck style. Once your OC have been looked through and accepted upon this forum, you can begin to use them anywhere you like. If the mods see it isn't quite up to par, they'll tell you exactly what you need to fix. Please don't be angry or guilty about it. The mods and admins are there to solemnly help you out in certain things :>

Canon Characters

Canons are premade characters that are already there, being yet in the web comic called Homestuck,. You can only use a Canon character in an AU thread, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please stick close to their actual personality, unless you are playing, like, narcissist!Karkat.

Making an OC

So your willing to make an OC? Alright!

This is where you might think I'm going to splutter out everything so complex that you would not even understand... But you are wrong... Its simple really! Sometimes characters are made from sudden ideas, themes or people that are willing to test out something anew. Sometimes people will make characters, forget about them for a long time and place them up for adoption. Judging if they would want too or not.

The first thing you'll need to start in is to go [here]

NPCs are non functional characters that are owned by you, just to approve some information on a character you've once made as an OC. Anyways. Getting back on track. You go into OC and select any one of the following post shown at your screen. Human, Troll, Cherub, etcetera. Once you have selected what species your gonna apply for. [Being that you are looking at the post.] Copy the whole template located in the Code box and follow the instructions that is around it. Please, do not edit the BBCode! It's the suff in brackets, like and stuff.

Once you have the template copied. Go [here] and begin a new post entitled your characters name. Fill out the said requirements and click send.

Then all you have to do is wait for it to be approved. If anything seems to gone wrong. Then fear you not! There is always an edit button at the top of your begun post. Don't start a new topic altogether.


Make it look Neat

For those to be able in understanding on what they are reading upon your applications, please use your best grammar and punctuation. We don't mind, though, if English is not your first language! Do your best, but don't worry, you aren't alone :>

Another way to make certain pictures URL's appear on your posts that are on your applications. Is a simple button at the top looks like a photograph, with a '+' green icon within it. Or there is another way. But I'll get to it.

To make your applications not look too big from over sized pictures you've made. Is to place them within a spoiler. Spoilers can have titles at your own desires. But if you leave the box blank upon clicking the Notepad looking icon at the top of a new post, with a yellow triangle sign within. Will only work if you have already highlighted the text or pictures your willing to hide away.


The codes that this forum uses is called 'bbcode'. They are there to preform certain actions within the engine of Forumotion. The most thing you should keep in mind is those that are: Hex Color Codes, Spoilers and Link Insertings. If you look at the box bellow, it will show you how the common codes are typed.

[spoiler]Highlight text and codes. Or type them in[/spoiler]
[spoiler="insert heading name second"]Though keep in mind to have the work highlighted first. Or type in the code.[/spoiler]
[color=#Insert Hex code here containing of a series of four letters and numbers]Highlight text. Or type in the code.[/color]
[url=Insert website URL's in here.]Picture URL's with their codes still attached can be placed in here, or just words and numbers.[/url]
[img]Insert picture URL's here. Gifs are also welcomed.[/img]

Last edited by tlo on Mon May 15, 2017 9:48 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : New skin means white text in a spoiler is invisible.)
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Getting Started
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