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 Derse or Prospit?

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Derse or Prospit? Empty
PostSubject: Derse or Prospit?   Derse or Prospit? EmptySat Oct 05, 2013 7:51 pm

Many people are confused on how to choose if their OC belongs to Derse or Prospit. This is a little guide to help you decide!

First, some facts. Prospit players gain information about the past, present, and future from when Prospit's moon passes into Skaia's clouds, and can see visions printed upon them. Derse players can gain info from the Horrorterrors when their moon is closest to the Furthest ring.

Second, it can be implied that your personality will fate where you sleep. More quiet and introverted people tend to sleep on Derse, while the more loud and extroverted players sleep on Prospit.

Lastly, people who take charge and action tend to be Dersian sleepers, while others who inform and stay defensive tend to be Prospitian.

Hope that helped!

*Note: Doom players are implied to have 2 dreamselves (see Sollux)

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Derse or Prospit?
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