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 Arborr Woodie ((big fin?))

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Arborr Woodie ((big fin?)) Empty
PostSubject: Arborr Woodie ((big fin?))   Arborr Woodie ((big fin?)) EmptyThu May 03, 2018 9:49 am

Full Name: Arborr Woodie ((The irony is not lost on him.))
Gender: Male
Physique (Height/Weight): 6'7" 215 lbs
Age: 8 sweeps

Personality: It is, in some right, fair to call Arborr an asshole. He is very territorial, and doesn't enjoy people encroaching on his forested home. He will mercilessly chase you off, and if you remain, will find various uses for your corpse ((Unless you want to be a new pair of gloves, abscond from the premises.))

He also prefers living as naturally as possible, and owns very little actual technology. Well, kind of. Each piece of technology he owns serves multiple purposes, but most go unused. He thinks that dependence on technology makes one weak and lazy, and that it's mostly a useless luxury. As lazy as he finds most other trolls, he'll smash most of their tech just to make them live more natural lives, and strictly enforce it. He'll drop by at random times, and even if you're holding it in your hands, he'll rip it out of said phalanges and smash it ((even over your head, if this is a repeat offense)).

Or at least, he'll do that if he cares about you. If he doesn't care for you, he'll just leave you to sit and rot. He'll barely mind you whatsoever. He might still show up and trash your stuff, but he'll do it wordlessly. Just give you a glare as he hacks away at your television.

He actually hoards broken tech, just to make sure nobody can repair it and use it again.

In the same vein as tech hatred, he despises cyborgs, augmented living things, and robots, and will ruthlessly hunt them down. Save for, you know, imperial drones. He's not stupid enough to go after them.

And if you're wondering what counts as useful technology, anything for communication is definitely there, but as much as is useful. He himself has a computer, but only uses it to communicate and research. ((For any session, he probably has a lapse in judgement, or is sweet-talked into playing, or something.)) He also has a phone, but the only thing he has on it is Trollian, at least that's not there by default. Time-telling devices, as well. And he uses them as little as possible.

You could call him a hipster, but A: you'd be very wrong and B: if he hears you, he's adding you to his shitlist. That he literally keeps on a notepad in his pocket.

Physical appearance:

Arborr is a lumberjack, only using his trusty axe rather than some newfangled chainsaw or machinery. For this reason, and being a highblood, he stands at an impressive six foot seven, while being about as barrel chested as possible, without having a literal barrel for a chest. It's a surprise he can even fit into clothes, and leaves others to wonder if his clothes are specially tailored for him, or if he just gets his clothes that size without asking for it specifically.

Speaking of his clothes... Well, he's a lumberjack. He wears an indigo and black flannel, with the sleeves crudely cut or ripped off around the elbows. He wears black pants, and indigo shoes. It's not very impressive, but who needs to dress well when you're chopping down trees?

His hair isn't that specific or impressive, either. It's a bit lengthy for a guy, and he ties it back into a small ponytail. For some reason or another, he also has a beard, which, as you would expect, is bushy and lenghty. Whether it's a small mutation that the empire doesn't care about, or if beards are actually growable by trolls, doesn't matter. He has one.

His horns are short and come from the top of his head, and end in what seem to be axeheads. Some wonder if he was destined to be a lumberjack no matter what. He doesn't care, as long as he does what he loves.

Have you seen this guy? He's strong as fucking shit. He can, and has, ripped entire trees from the ground, while only breaking half a sweat.

He has a naturally gruff voice, which is useful for intimidation, something he frequently does ((Fun fact: He's actually a great singer.))

He knows many natural remedies and concoctions, for various things. You've got deathly venom in you? Here, eat this damn mushroom. EAT IT. You might puke, but at least you're not gonna die.

Arborr is insanely prideful, and will lash out at anyone that attacks or challenges his pride.

He is also rather impulsive, and does things based on whims rather than thinking about it.

He has resting bitch face, which compounds with his intimidating size/voice/nature, which makes him awful at trying to convince people of anything.

Fears/Insecurities: Technology run rampant will corrupt trollkind, a la Deus Ex.
Likes/Hobbies: Nature, mushroom-based foods, minimalist lifestyle
Dislikes: Well, if you couldn't tell, he hates technology and people's dependence on it. He also despises a comfy, luxurious lifestyle.

Handle: gutturalArborist [GA]
Typing Quirk/Color: GA: I'll ExpLaIn noThIng, you bumbLIng FooL. If you know whaT's good for you, you wood LIsTen to me. Wood/tree jokes and puns. every tall branched letter is capitalized, ike I, E, T, I, F, and L.
Blood color: Indigo
Psionic Power: Nothin'
Symbol: Arborr Woodie ((big fin?)) Nature10
Lusus: An ox

God Tier Title: Prince of Life
Land: Land of Decay and Overgrowth
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Axekind, Bowkind ((The latter used mostly for hunting))
Fetch Modus: Choppy a tree to get the desired item.

Other: This all started because of a stupid question.
"would a lumberjack be a prince of life"
Somewhere in the thought process, I realized that he's essentially Paul Bunyan. Which, fun fact, is a valid kid name.

my character list

the accursed one:

what's up gamers it's me, ya boy, fatjew349 here and i'm finna fill my lungs with rocks and eat an accordion and maybe perish of heat exhaustion

or die from my stomach ulcer but hey whaddyagonnado?
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Arborr Woodie ((big fin?)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arborr Woodie ((big fin?))   Arborr Woodie ((big fin?)) EmptyMon Jun 25, 2018 3:22 pm

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Arborr Woodie ((big fin?))
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