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 Gabe Parkans

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PostSubject: Gabe Parkans   Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:15 pm

Full Name: Gabe Parkans

Gender: Male

Physique (Height/Weight): 6’6” 200 lbs

Age: 18

Personality: Gabe is a very social person and often tries to make friends with almost every he meets. Of course this doesn't mean he’ll always succeed. In fact he actually has very few real friends despite his extremely social attitude. This is mainly because he often finds himself trying to be friends with all the wrong people. Even when problems start to appear in his relationships. He often blames himself thinking it’s somehow all his fault that those problems exist.

Gabe is also very kind and considerate. Sometimes becoming more concerned with other people’s problems then his own. He can also be a bit protective of his friends even when they take advantage of his kindness. Gabe can also be a bit of a romantic. Reading everything and anything to do with romance. He even finds himself imagining many different relationships combinations between the few friends he does have. Even giving them some not so subtle hints if he thinks the ship could sail. He himself dreams of falling for a noble knight (male or female) who comes to save him during his hour of need. Just like in about 50 of the romance novels/mangas/fanfics he has written/read.

Outside of having a hard time picking his own friends. Gabe often gets stressed and confused from time to time trying to understand his own emotions. Especially at times when he feels like he doesn't have anyone to share them with. Of course no one knows it because when he starts getting stressed. He often puts barriers up to keep people from seeing the unsure side of his personality. Acting like he’s happy all the time even if he’s not.

In the end. Gabe is a good friend to have but too trusting for his own good. He puts his emotions out there for everyone to see or abuse but doesn't always understand them himself. He’s also a bit dreamy spending a lot of time imagining the perfect romance.

Physical appearance: Gabe has short brown hair, light tan skin, and dark blue eyes. He’s pretty average looking and about average sized. He also likes wearing a black hoodie with a red rose on the front. With green camouflage pants and black tennis shoes.

Strengths: Friendly, Considerate, and Protective. Also Fast with about average physical strength.

Weaknesses: Extremely Dependent of others, lacks confidence, and insecure. Also extremely clumsy sometimes.

Fears/Insecurities: Afraid of being alone, of judgment, and, to some extent, his own emotions.

Likes and Hobbies: Romance Media. (Tv, Novels, Manga, Games,) Writes lots of unpublished fanfiction, and a less then casual love of Knights.

Dislikes: Being alone, Sad stories, criticizing him or the things he likes. Break ups.

Handle: gallivantRomantic f]GR ]

Typing Style: Uses <3 whenever he can. He’ll also use <3<, <>, and o8< if he is involved with people who know/feel the corresponding quadrants.
(He’ll also “subtly” suggest things in parenthesis.)

Eye color: Dark Blue

Symbol: Red Rose

Guardian: Uncle (Gaven Parkans)

God Tier Title: Mage of Heart

Land: Land of Lava and Shipping [LOLAS]

Derse or Prospit: Prospit

Strife Specibus: Chained-Ball-Kind (Think anything from a dodge balled tied to a string upto a wrecking ball from a crane.)

Fetch Modus: Matchmaker Modus (This modus has 10 slots each with a different symbol. He can only keep cards that match one of the symbol slots. Otherwise he can use the cards he has anytime.)

Other: He uses a Cruxite Cup to enter the medium. To activate it he needs to land his Chained-Ball perfectly into this small cup. (Think cup and ball toy.) Will most likely prototype Armor in an attempt to make a knight sprite.
#Human #Heart #Mage
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PostSubject: Re: Gabe Parkans   Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:24 pm

Sorry about the two day wait! My b, my b, dude.

I don't have anything stopping me from declining you though! Accepted!

If you want me to help you out with your character if you're hesitant, shoot me a dm on discord.
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Gabe Parkans
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