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 The Militant/His Regal Dictatorship ((wip))

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PostSubject: The Militant/His Regal Dictatorship ((wip))   Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:37 am

parts of this will be split into two because the troll this is based off of could be a violet or fuschiablood from the way i wrote him. the different parts will be color-coded.

Title: The Militant / His Regal Dictatorship ((The Dictator))
Full Name: Nevroa Sitkyn ((Pronunciation: nev-roy-uh sit-kine))
Nickname(s): Whatever you want to nickname him! If he doesn't like it, you're probably fucked, though.
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: 8'3", 8'7 at the top of his horns
Age: 193.85 sweeps ((that's 420 years. yes, i memed. i'm sticking with it.)) / 19416.46 sweeps ((42069. memed again, that's all i'm good for))


The Militant is a very calm, collected, and composed troll. He could be considered arrogant, as his ability is oftentimes spread and believed to be bragging. That is, until you face him. He rarely loses his cool, even in direct combat. He is most often straightforward and blunt to you, unless he needs to keep something a secret, in which case he will say "That's classified." He is a great commander, thanks to his time spent in the military, advancing in the ranks. The specific branch of the military is lost knowledge to all but himself, but most assume it as the Archeradicators.
He believes that he is superior to all bloods lower than he, but holds respect for those willing to fight for what they believe in. He'll still laugh if they fight against him or the Heir/Heiress, but he'll respect them for trying.

His Regal Dictatorship used to care about politics, making himself seem high-class, or making sure that the lower bloods had things alright, for about twenty sweeps into his rule. Nobody was ever really satisfied with what he did. The highbloods would always complain about being on equal footing as lowbloods, and as a result, there was a mass slaughter of lowbloods. He sanctioned a protection act on lowbloods for 5 sweeps before giving up. What was even the point? He returned it to it's former state and gave up caring. He became kind of detached, and a lot more casual. He's aggressive and ruthless to those that oppose him, but generous to those that are in his favor ((although if he knows you're just boot-licking to keep yourself alive, you're not gonna stay alive)). He's so bold that oftentimes, when a half-baked resistance is being taken down, he's on the frontline, although he makes sure he has people guarding him at all times.

Physical appearance:

The Militant is tall and muscular, although you can't see it underneath his clothing. His hair is short and well-maintained. He dresses like a 19th century soldier, each button each button emblazoned with his symbol, and the fancy trim being his blood color. His face is a bit rugged, and his symbol is branded on his left cheek.

His Regal Dictatorship, on the other hand, has a vastly different appearance. The right side of his head is shaved, and his hair falls to the left side, in a Skrillex fashion, reaching his mid-back. The tips are dyed fuschia. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt with his symbol on it, as well as one of those sleeveless hoodie-vest things, the vest part being dark grey and the hood being fuschia. He wears spiked bracelets, the spikes being fuschia, as well as fuschia pants and those knee-high Converse in, you guessed it, fuschia. He likes to flaunt his blood color. He also has a tattoo on the side of his neck: His symbol, which, like most things he wears, is fuschia.

Typing Quirk/Color: I implor≈ you, touch my sscept≈r onc≈ mor≈. Your sskull will decorat≈ th≈ top of it aft≈rwardss. / bitch you jusst want to to≈ the lin≈, don'tcha? i'll hav≈ your sskin tann≈d and made into a nic≈ jack≈t if you keep thiss sshit up. doubles his s's and replaces e with ≈
Blood color: SSeadwelling violet / Fusschia
Symbol: Hydrus
Lusus: Leviathan-like sea serpent

Shared: Natural seadweller strength & endurance, position on the hemospectrum, leading ability
Excellent marksman, cool and composed demeanor
Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, reckless*

Shared: Dries out easy in the heat, overconfident
Sometimes lacks situational awareness, only looks at the big picture
*Reckless to a fault

Fears/Insecurities: Dehydration.
Shared: Enjoy being in power.
Order and authority
Exercising his authority over others

Weapon of Choice: Sceptrekind or SnprRiflekind
Psionic Power: N/A



The Nerds

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if i say something stupid, attribute it to the fact that i am a FUCKING MORON

:^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^)

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Leo Posts : 500
Boondollars : 8101
Join date : 2015-03-10
Age : 18
Location : peepee,,,,,, poopoo

PostSubject: Re: The Militant/His Regal Dictatorship ((wip))   Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:43 am

i've been up all damn night working on both this and this guy's non-dancestor descendant
i'd just like to point that out
it's almost 6 in the morning, i started seiyya at like midnight.
i was fueled by caffeine and creative energy.
send help.

The Nerds

dumb quotes by dumbb man

if i say something stupid, attribute it to the fact that i am a FUCKING MORON

:^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^)
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The Militant/His Regal Dictatorship ((wip))
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