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 Cross Session Two[Closed]

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PostSubject: Re: Cross Session Two[Closed]   Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:54 am


You have been trolled by Analyticalroady:


As the group walked along, they began to pass the fallen bodies of strange creatures. They had hard exoskeletons, wore odd clothings, and seemed to be seperate into two groups: One colored white, and the other colored black.

The field was growing denser and denser with these bodies as they grew close to what they were sent to find. The sounds of shouts and laughter were heard up ahead, along with gunshots and the sound of earth shattering.
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PostSubject: Re: Cross Session Two[Closed]   Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:33 pm

"Ah, right, sorry." After listening to and seeing Daya's reaction, he realized that writing this experience down wouldn't be the best of ideas. They had priorities to attend to after all. Especially the priorities like the ones lying down, presumed dead, in front of them.

Despite this being a video game, they looked extremely life-like. Or, dead-like if you will. They just looked so real that it almost scared him. He was happy that the apparent other versions of himself decided to go for a weapon upgrade- as whoever had killed these creatures was probably bad news.

The laughter didn't do much good for his sanity, a shiver crawling down his spine as he moved alongside the group towards what he was slowly beginning to consider being certain death. Then again, Mister Mani had said that they'd recommended going in this direction- and he at least seemed somewhat trustworthy. And again, sending them all this way to get killed straight off the bat? Illogical.

This, at least, put his mind at ease. ""Anyone... Not spooked by this?"

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PostSubject: Re: Cross Session Two[Closed]   Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:51 pm

"... What?" he said, rather dense to that response initially, until he realized what she probably meant and started babbling to defend himself. "Ah um, oh are those are sensitive or something?? I'm sorry I thought fin-thingies wouldn't be like that!" He was decently embarrassed, those aside from his stuttering he didn't show much of it. He was putting up a decent act in order to handle his lack of a grasp on this situation. His bit nearing an end he tried to do his best and change the subject. "... Whats a 'Quadrant'?"

Seth kinda raised his hand at the question of not being spooked. "I mean.. this situation seems kind of ominous and dangerous, but honestly? It kinda just feels like a team death-match mode, only there's actual death on the line." he said with a shrug, obviously not bothered much by this. He started sorting through his inventory, he did indeed have a lot more things than he had prior, a few things standing out. Things to make note of later for sure, but first he needed to calm Karin down. "Karin, these are our new friends. Please try and treat them the way you would me." He said hoping that would settle her a bit. After this he took out what seemed to be a high-tech laptop and started using it.

Karin was still staring daggers at the two new faces, trying her best to stop freaking out, and after a few moments she succeeded. When Seth spoke to her she looked over at him, as if asking something. It took him a moment but he seemed to respond with a shrug and she approached them, as if testing the waters.


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PostSubject: Re: Cross Session Two[Closed]   Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:34 pm

Her fins relaxed and twitched slightly, looking at him flabbergasted. She looked around and realized if he didn't understand...would any of them understand?? "A quadrant is... our romances. Romance is divided into halves, and halved again, producing four quadrants: the FLUSHED QUADRANT, the CALIGINOUS QUADRANT, the PALE QUADRANT, and the ASHEN QUADRANT. Duh."

Azuria huffed, crossing her arms, her cheeks still flush with plum color. She looked back to the group, flipping her Clam SHELL-phone open once more.

You have been trolled by Analyticalroady:


Daya nodded hearing the others talk, side eyeing the little..chiiillldd fooox??
She was really unsure.

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PostSubject: Re: Cross Session Two[Closed]   

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Cross Session Two[Closed]
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