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 Inysig Tuomit (Mage of Mind)

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PostSubject: Inysig Tuomit (Mage of Mind)   Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:21 pm

Full Name: Inysig Tuomit
Gender: Female
Physique (Height/Weight): 5’7” 110 lb
Age: 7 Sweeps

Personality: The most easily noticeable qualities when dealing with Inysig are: aloofness, a sense of superiority or even narcissism and a touchy air. She is a Type 5 with a 6 wing on the enneagram scale, and an INTP. She is naturally introverted but can overcome this when talking one-to-one, even to new people. Like a Knight (though she’s a Mage), she often hides behind her lofty status, but this prevents her from connecting with people, so she remains distant and watches, like a social outcast. Ironic. She’s formal and polite enough in person; her demeanour can be almost pleasant. She mostly has a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude surrounding her though, but she’s cunning enough to mask it in her words. She deals with everyone in the same basic pragmatic way, but lets her distaste for social interaction show when speaking with lower blooded ones. She thinks before she speaks, so her words are often true, but she has a tendency to exaggerate for sarcastic effect. If she allows herself to get upset or angry, she takes a short break from anyone who set her off but can’t resist returning for more after a short while, whether she’s prepared to deal with them or not. She forgives quickly, but dredges up offenses easily too, so her pardons might not always be true.

In a personal relationship, regardless of quadrants, Inysig is likely to take more than she gives. Sometimes she feels a twinge of guilt about this, but not often. If someone does call her out on it, she’ll adjust her behaviour for that person, and only for as long as they notice. She feels isolated even from her closest friends as she thinks that she might scare them away with her intense thoughts. As she only wants real friends, she doesn’t bother putting on a mask of emotion of pretending to feel something for other people. This has led to a few enemies and left her with a healthy suspicion of others. Unfortunately, it gets out of hand sometimes and she can become a bit paranoid about others’ intentions. When speaking with a closer friend, she mostly lets the other person do the talking, (she is drawn to charismatic and talkative people), interjecting at a reasonable moment to offer her viewpoint or tell her own related story. She’d rather let an opportunity to discuss a topic pass rather than interrupt. All in all she can be described as a classic bookworm or introvert, with a bit of the behaviour belonging to a member of the one percent.

Physical appearance:

Strengths: Inysig is extremely intelligent and learns quickly when she puts her mind to it. She is strong willed and driven. She retains her rationality in almost any situation and is a good leader. She is fiercely loyal when she becomes attached to someone, however unlikely. She is physically adept and agile, and a good sport who knows when she’s beaten in a fight. She won’t surrender, but she’ll admit a loss in a friendly/safe fight.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately, as a highblood who tends to bottle up her feelings, Inysig might easily fly into a terrible rage at the slightest thing, though it’s rare. She is also very blunt and tends to see matters in black and white. On top of that, she is a devout classist and very selfish. Last but not least, she finds it hard to make friends as her narcissism makes it difficult for people to get to know her.
Fears/Insecurities: Inysig has a few big time fears and a smattering of little childhood frights. Her greatest fear is losing the sway or control she has over individuals she’s close to. Her second greatest fear is appearing weak, as her Knight-like shield of confidence is actually an elaborate facade. She won’t tolerate seeming fragile. Her last large fear is people. She can only handle one person at a time; set her in a crowd and she’ll lash out, afraid to be seen as uncomfortable or intimidated. She’s also uncomfortable with fire (up to even candles), sunlight (of course), and she never lets things get dusty or wet for fear of conditions damaging her belongings. (That may not be a fear though ,just common sense. She’s afraid of being without the nicer things in life, perhaps)
Likes/Hobbies: When she’s not feeding her lusus, Inysig’s usual method to occupy herself is puzzles, particularly of the problem solving kind. She enjoys sudoku, picross, and variations of that sort. She enjoys reading, her favourite genre of book being fantasy, mystery and psychological fiction. Card games are also a favourite. She likes to bluff, from goldfish to poker, she’s always got an ace up her sleeve (sometimes literally). She’s not particularly interested in any specific form of art but she does doodle strange little cartoons or surreal illustrations. (Cough cough surreal memes.) When in public, and not engaged in conversation, (topics usually include recommended books or movies and the rare discussion on quadrants), she likes to glean insight into other trolls’ personal lives through either a quick talk or glance, guessing their hive situation, lusus, and pastimes. Basically a psychoanalysis on the go. Finally, she does enjoy the odd midnight snooze in the recoupracoon, if at all possible.
Dislikes: Inysig hates people not giving her their full attention, even about something trivial. She resents too many questions asked in a short period of time, especially when she doesn’t receive answers to her own friendly queries. She won’t stand for anyone slacking off or not giving their all. She hates deliberate withholding of information. Her pet peeves, that she usually gets annoyed about in private and won’t bother going about correcting are: improper grammar, unorganized bookshelves, messy desktops (both physical and computerised), and hungry lusii.

Handle: hostileSangfroid
Typing Quirk/Color: Types in her normal blood colour. (6A006A) Sentences are usually short and always grammatically correct excluding the rest of the quirk (Unless I myself make a mistake). Says ‘heck’ instead of cursing. Replaces ‘t’ ‘f’ and ‘e’ with ‘~’ ‘≈’ ‘≋’ respectively.
Blood color: Violet
Psionic Power: N/A
Symbol: Hydra Constellation
Lusus: Sea Serpent

God Tier Title: Mage of Mind
Land: Land of Casinos and Neurones
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Chainkind
Fetch Modus: Poker Modus- Each deck (inventory) is filled with exactly fifty-two cards before a new one is started. When captchalogued, items in their cards are shuffled and assigned a suit and number (or letter, J, Q, or K). When taking out a number, the user is dealt a hand of five cards. Items can be taken out from a pair, full house, flush, royal flush, or any other point earning set in poker, if it shows up. If the first deck is not complete, items are shifted down so the last deck isn’t complete. Decks are shuffled all at once before any items are taken out.

Other: Was brought up privileged, of course, but developed Antisocial Personality Disorder during her early sweeps. (And don’t worry, I’ve done my research on this.) A chaotic life filled with bloodthirsty tendencies, as is her lot, combined with articulated care and reassurance from her lusus, she eventually became desensitised to the needs of others and grew up manipulative and a narcissistic. That’s not to say she can’t have friends. A sociopath is able to form bonds, it’s just unlikely they’ll have many. (See Sherlock, BBC.)

If I missed anything, please let me know! I hope I've fleshed her out enough, and if so I'm looking forward to roleplaying using her.
(Edit) Changed her aspect and land.

Last edited by Thrillho on Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:36 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added the tags.)
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PostSubject: Re: Inysig Tuomit (Mage of Mind)   Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:43 pm


Sorry for the wait!

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PostSubject: Re: Inysig Tuomit (Mage of Mind)   Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:24 am

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't mind waiting, what with it being New Years and all.

I was wary with APD, as some negativity cast on OCs is often well based (so many insane characters). I don't like making any one trait an axis for the whole character to revolve around so I hope I can keep it toned down.

I had a lot of trouble with the classpect and it's likely I might even change the aspect- but I've settled on Mage for sure. She could be a Mage of Mind? That's the most likely, I think. And finally thanks for the last bit! I don't mind generous highbloods but too many of them kind of defeats the purpose.

Thanks for the review and advice!
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PostSubject: Re: Inysig Tuomit (Mage of Mind)   

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Inysig Tuomit (Mage of Mind)
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