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 Viva Chenche ((Fin, per haps?) [obiligatory edge warning]

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PostSubject: Viva Chenche ((Fin, per haps?) [obiligatory edge warning]   Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:45 pm

((i felt like making a kid who had a drug cartel leader as a guardian. this is the result.
prolly not gonna use him, just felt like making him.))

Full Name: Viva Chenche
Gender: Male
Physique (Height/Weight): 6'2 & 220 lbs ((1.9 meters and 99.7 kilograms for my metric friendos))
Age: 17


Viva is used to cut-throat tactics, quite literally. He's not afraid to use his status, power, size, or strength to put others below him in any way, shape, or form. He will find a use for you that helps him. He is a bully.

If you can prove yourself better than he to him in any way, he will give you leadership, but will do his best to regain leadership. He has something of a pack-with-a-leader mentality: He thinks himself better than anyone else, but if given reason enough to back down, he will, only to lash back out at any point.

To prevent this, he will place restrictions on what people can do, and the punishment for breaking said rules is physical. Expect at the very least to be punched, at the worst... Let's leave that up to the imagination ((cartels are known to be vicious, and he learned it from them.))
He tries to set himself up to very dictatorial leaderships, and because others usually can't knock him off his throne, he is very used to having power.

This isn't to say he's an asshole just because, he does have the best interests of others at heart, he just has his own way of doing things, a very violent and dictatorial way of doing things.

Physical appearance:

Viva certainly isn't small in stature. I'm hesitant to say that he's ripped, but dude's pretty damn muscular, combined with his height and his RBF, he's doesn't look like the kind of person you don't want to fuck with.

His eyes are a cold steel grey , he's got a crooked nose, forehead burn, and a long cheek scar from various infights, among other things. His hair is dark and pulled back into a small ponytail with a green hairband.

He opts to not wear shirts to show his rock-hard abs ((He's very proud of how he looks)) and rather simply wears a black, unbuttoned vest ((symbol pinned to the left breast)), jeans, and black combat boots


Stronk boy
Follows rules to the letter
Intimidating/not easily shaken


Is an obedient dog when rules are placed
Constantly vying for power
Overly aggressive


He's not very insecure, but he fears other people having power over him, because he feels that they could abuse it very, VERY easily.

Likes and Hobbies:

Holding power over others
Swiss cheese
Learning about dictatorial regimes & tactics
Working out


People having power over him
People trying to upstage him
Vegetals, save for broccoli ((him a good boy, him eat his greens))

Handle: garishCráneo
Typing Style: ??: You come to me, at this point,
looking for help? I believe you've crossed far past the point of no return,
Cold and calculating when calm. ??: You think you can beat me? I think not, you little fucker!" Abrasive and harsh when angry. Sometimes speaks in slightly broken English, or will use Spanish ((google translated 'cuz i don't know spanish))
Eye color: Steel grey
Symbol: A cartoony upper skull
Guardian: Cartel Leader Carl.

God Tier Title: Prince of Life
Land: Land of Marsh and Death
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Machetekind
Fetch Modus: Execution - Each card has a "head" that must be cut off, and the item flies out of the card.

Somewhat inspired by Rais from Dying Light, as well as The Son from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

my character list

the accursed one:

what's up gamers it's me, ya boy, fatjew349 here and i'm finna fill my lungs with rocks and eat an accordion and maybe perish of heat exhaustion

or die from my stomach ulcer but hey whaddyagonnado?
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PostSubject: Re: Viva Chenche ((Fin, per haps?) [obiligatory edge warning]   Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:09 pm


I've already discussed the potential problems around this guy with you in private, yeet.
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Viva Chenche ((Fin, per haps?) [obiligatory edge warning]
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