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 Nemesi Edimmu (whoa hey she's done)

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PostSubject: Nemesi Edimmu (whoa hey she's done)   Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:44 pm

Full Name: Nemesi Edimmu

Gender: Female, but doesn't mind being referred to as he/she/them/etc

Physique (Height/Weight): 5”3, 123lb

Age: 6.5 sweeps


Nemesi is a young mind who should definitely try to appreciate life and focus on herself a little more. She’s a hemorebel, believing that the caste system is complete BULLSHIT. But the thing is, she’s a pretty violent hemorebel, an abnormally violent burgundy-blood. After witnessing the cruelty of highbloods throughout the course of her life, even being brutally attacked by one (she keeps an eye out for the highblood who attacked her, though she has moved out of the area where she was attacked since then), she’s determined to exterminate them. She absolutely refuses to forgive the high bloods for their actions and wants them to pay with their blood and their lives. Despite this she’s willing to spare a few if she’s convinced that those few are peaceful, have not committed any crimes against innocent lowbloods/midbloods, and are against the caste system. However, this would take quite a bit of talking and time. Despite greatly desiring rebellion, she isn’t keen on trying start one. She’d rather wait to find a rebellion with potential because she knows that she isn’t a charismatic person. Nemesi is also mistrustful and skeptical, finding it difficult to trust just about anyone. There are few people she fully trust, though she does rely on a few lowbloods/midbloods around the streets that she relies on for info about potential secret hemorebel groups or events. However, she often has to pay these informants for information. If the day she gets exiled from Alternia is a little too near, she’ll give her all to start a rebellion herself.

While Nemesi is loyal to her beliefs, even she knows that that rebellious ideals can get her culled. Therefore, she’s not open about her thoughts and hides her vengeful thoughts under the facade of an harmless, socially awkward bookworm. Truthfully, she doesn’t enjoy books at all. She find them boring and tedious to read. She prefers movies and TV over novels.  When talking to a highblood though she’ll jab at them whenever she sees the opportunity but will be sure to not provoke them to much to avoid a brawl (highbloods are naturally strong physically, after all). When interacting with other trolls in person (midbloods and lowbloods) she won’t talk as much as she would if she was messaging them online. She would need assistance to start a proper conversation, not having much social skills. She’ll briefly mention her interests (excluding her thoughts of rebellion) but if one were to prod at her enough, they could push her to delve a little more into her interests. She’s more talkative when messaging, adding her thoughts more often. But of course she remembers to keep her rebellious ideals secret, though an observant person may notice that she barely hints at it here and there.

Nemesi’s trust is difficult to gain, but if one does gain it, they receive her undying loyalty as well. There are few who she trusts with sharing her rebellious ideals, these people being, obviously, her quadmates. However, she won’t go in depth into the topic unless she feels could possibly recruit them for a rebellion (whether she starts one or someone else does) and if she believes said person/people can fend for themselves well. Her quest for revenge on the highbloods/anything or anyone else may lead to her to neglect important things, leaving her in dire need of a moirail to keep her in check. She has gone a little too long without a moirail up until now… A few, uh, highblood hives have been burned to the ground. She, of course, didn’t get away so easily. She was spotted by one of the hive-owners and was forced to STRIFE them. Miraculously, Nemesi won, or that could’ve been just an abnormally weak purple blood. Nemesi moved to another neighborhood after that.

When not focused on her hate for her highbloods, Nemesi actually has interests/activities she finds enjoyment in. While it may not look like it, she’s a fan of a few comic book series. She’s taken a liking to the superhero genre, though unfortunately there few superhero comic series that don’t glorify/star HIGHBLOODS. Nemesi makes neat little figurines of comic book/movie characters. It’s actually pretty well-known in her neighborhood that she makes impressive figurines and dolls, leading her to sometimes use the handmade trinkets as payment for favors (her co-workers ask for them the most often). Nemesi has also dabbled a bit in coding, finding an interest in AI capable of learning. Therefore, she started messing out with genetic algorithms and such. She has coded a few on her computer as fun little time-wasters. She created an AI on her husktop as well, for the sole purpose of having someone that she can talk with at any time. The aforementioned AI (named GENESIA) is childlike, immediately attempting to converse with Nemesi everytime she logs onto her husktop. They defend the husktop against viruses and help Nemesi to reach specific files within the husktop more quickly. During conversation, Nemisi is more open with them, she finds the AI's childlike curiosity amusing. But, of course, avoids the the topic of the caste system in the fear that the AI will repeat her opinions. The parroting of these opinions could lead her to getting culled. Other than this, GENESIA is unable do much else. Also they're not allowed to receive info from the internet.

Physical appearance:

  • Dragon Millipede mutation: Burgundy-tinted spines similar to that of a dragon millipede cover Nemisi’s spine, the back of the neck, the back of the arms, and the back of the legs. Nemesis wears loose long sleeved tops and long pants to hide them. These spines grew over time and were not present immediately after Nemisi pupated.
  • Right eye has been taken out after SUBJUGGLATOR attack
  • Middle finger missing due to the same attack above.


  • Skilled ambush attacker
  • Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and coding
  • Lots of determination
  • Combat experience through FLARPing
  • Not so easily deceived
  • Loyal to long-time quadmates (moirails, matespirits, etc)
  • Powerful pyrokinesis
  • Able to bribe comic book/movie fans with handmade figurines/dolls
  • Surprisingly good aim


  • Focuses on the beginning of a battle rather than the end of one, leading her to spending her energy too quickly.
  • Too judgemental of highbloods and takes time for her to trust them
  • Skeptical
  • Vengeful
  • Can easily lose control of her pyrokinesis abilities
  • Can lose their temper a little too quickly if taunted.
  • Takes some time and effort (at the very least 5 seconds) to create fire
  • Use of pyrokinesis can lead to Nemisi's body temperature to rise to dangerous levels.
  • Doesn’t have much control of/experience their mutation. They haven’t used it much in order to avoid having their mutation discovered.
  • Unable to use toxin for ranged combat. Toxin can only be passed to target via physical contact.
  • Vision hindered, missing right eye.
  • Actually pretty awful at coding. GENESIA is pretty buggy and may sometimes spout nonsense. Occasionally GENESIA will delete a random file, but has yet to delete any files vital to the husktop. (The genetic algorithms Nemesi has made are mostly made based on tutorials she finds online. Is slowly improving with coding more unique genetic algorithms though.)
  • Prone to verbally lashing out at those outside her quadrants.\.


  • Not living to see the death of the caste system
  • Dying in vain.
  • Being unable to avenge someone close to them.
  • Somewhat insecure about their missing eye.


  • Sculpting figures based on movies and comics
  • Making dolls
  • FLARPing
  • Movies (Horror and fantasy)
  • Chatting with the AI she created
  • Messing around with genetic algorithms
  • Making decorative dolls/figurines (she finds it stress-relieving)
  • Overwhelming moirail/matespirit with tons of hand-made figurines/dolls
  • Making their moirail/matespirit smile
  • Rock music


  • Most high bloods
  • Other low bloods who blatantly submit to the caste system
  • Unfinished business
  • Ungrateful brats
  • FISH
  • Being labeled as "worthless" or "useless"

Handle: piacularAvenger

Typing Quirk/Color: (i is replaced with an upside down exclamation point, o is replaced with an infinity symbol) “Th∞se h∞nk¡ng bastards...”

Blood color: Burgundy

Psionic Power:

  • Pyrokinesis (powerful but loses control easily)
  • Average telekinesis (Able to telekinetically pick up heavy boxes, chairs, and such.)



God Tier Title: Witch of Hope (Doom as an alternative)

Land: Land of Forestfires and Relentlessness

Derse or Prospit: Derse

Strife Specibus: throwingknife/dartkind

Fetch Modus: Bullseye

  • In order to retrieve items from the SYLLADEX, the user is presented with a dart board, the points in different sections representing different items. Each item is worth a different number of points based on their weight (heaviest item=most points. Heaviest item will be placed in the middle). To get the item they want, they must throw a dart/knife at the number of points said item is worth. If succeed, they will be given the item. The user has to estimate how many points each item is worth, for there are no symbols/pictures to represent the items on the dart board.


  • Works at a cheap bar for a living.
  • May burn small items (including their own handmade figurines/dolls) to relieve stress.
  • GENESIA was created when Nemesi was 6 sweeps old.
  • Doesn't actually need glasses. Only wears them to add to the bookworm look and to hide their missing eye.

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PostSubject: Re: Nemesi Edimmu (whoa hey she's done)   Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:18 pm

Ayyy finally had the time to finish this.
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PostSubject: Re: Nemesi Edimmu (whoa hey she's done)   Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:48 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Nemesi Edimmu (whoa hey she's done)   Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:32 pm

Added a few edits to add to psychological weaknesses (still trying to think of more) and added the "awful coding" weakness you suggested. And thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Nemesi Edimmu (whoa hey she's done)   

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Nemesi Edimmu (whoa hey she's done)
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