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PostSubject: Kieson   Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:22 pm

Full Name: Gastry ‘Slugger’ Kieson- Everybody calls him Kieson.
Gender: Male
Physique (Height/Weight): Pretty short for his age (and almost freakishly short for his blood), but still relatively toned in musculature
Age: Seven and a half sweeps

Personality: Kieson lies somewhere between no nonsense and good natured, kind enough to most people while still keeping up a charming facade. He doesn’t like to talk about himself a lot to people he hasn’t opened up to. It’s not that he’s especially distrusting, because he’s pretty nice as a person and likes to think the best of everyone; it’s more that he has a bit of social anxiety and fears their judgement. He’s independent and hard working, but sometimes doesn’t know when to stop and relax. He’s a bit of a workaholic, really.
Kieson sees most conversations as an opportunity for embarrassment, making it hard for him to open up or interact properly. Because of this, he oftentimes comes across as a little reserved or uncomfortable. In spite of these shortcomings, he’s still usually seen as a pretty cool dude. He’s kind when it counts and knows how to put a smile on and act naturally.
He dislikes his social ineptitude, blaming himself too much for how much he cares until it boils over in a stress-induced bout of anger. Generally gentle and quiet, he can hurting people or breaking things if he lets it build up. He’ll usually work through things like stress and anxiety by calming himself down with some batting or talking it out with a friend. He either takes adversity in stride or simply crumples from the weight of it, beating himself up about it later either way.
He’s not quite a jock as one might put it, sports and activities only making up part of his interests. He likes the simpler things in life, content with a nice lawnring and a good book. He’s read most of the classics and has moved on to the works of people like Troll Tolkien or Troll Sir Terry Pratchett, preferring fiction and fantasy.

Physical appearance: Kieson isn’t as intimidating as you’d expect of an indigo blood, much shorter than average at about 5’4. He’s still got some body mass, but nothing like it could be. He doesn’t have any sort of workout regimen, anyhow, so what muscle he has is from his sports. His hair is usually short, sort of unkempt, as black as any other troll’s and usually covered up by an equally dark baseball cap with his symbol on it. He usually wears something similar to an old-timey baseball uniform, with grey socks up to his knees and loose pants cinched above them, a baggy tee with his symbol on it and indigo racing stripes all about. He usually gives off an air of ‘coolness,’ his body language almost always calm and relaxed. He doesn’t tend to tense up at all, just get [i]more still[i]. His horns are about five inches long and curve upwards from further up on his had

Strengths: Pretty fucking STRONG, independant, fast on his feet
Weaknesses: Over thinks some of the simplest things, social anxiety, works best without others, doesn’t know how to handle complex interpersonal relationships
Fears/Insecurities: Failure, judgement
Likes/Hobbies: Kieson enjoys reading and listening to music in his spare time, sometimes prone to indulge in an action flick if they had good reviews. One would see that he is interested in troll baseball as well, although he’s less a fan than a player. He doesn’t waste time reading up on Troll Babe Ruth or drooling over batting averages like some people. He just wants to become a professional diamond trotter when he grows up, practicing batting by himself most of the time since trolls don’t really do social interaction very well. He’s never actually played a whole game of baseball, but that’s a secret. The whole ‘sports’ thing started as a sort of facade so he didn’t seem like a wuss, really.
He’s also sort of into things you might not expect him to be, like origami, feng shui and whittling. He tries to keep his more ‘sensitive’ interests as something of a secret.
Dislikes: He tends to blame himself for most of  the problems other people have, so he doesn’t make many judgements about people. Surprises, sudden loud noises or a lack of privacy can all make him uncomfortable. He knows he’s morally averse to hemotyping because of how cruel it is, but isn’t very vocal about his opinions. He really hates the thought that other people are judging him. He’s also a lot more opposed to violence than one might guess from his strength and choice of weapon.

Handle: gastropedalSlugger
Typing Quirk/Color: he tends to slip a lot of snail/tortoise puns and sometimes randomly add in ‘snail’ or ‘tortoise’ in strange places. his emoticons are all along the lines of ,@,’/’ to represent his lusus. ,@,*/* ,@,^^ ,@,% .@:’ it’s pretty hard to interpret them. he claims he would use a snail or tortoise noise instead of just saying ‘snail’ and ‘tortoise’ randomly, but snails and tortoises don’t make noises.
Blood color: Indigo
Psionic Power: None
Symbol: An X with a circle cut out of it- like an aerial shot of a turtle or two baseball bats crossed with a comically large ball over them.
Lusus: Snailpops (Pulmonatortoise) - A massive, slimy tortoise with a head and flesh more similar to a snail. Its shell is about ten feet in diameter. It has a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, but relies on its charge to feed it due to its almost grody lack of mobility. They share a more or less symbiotic relationship, Kieson beating stray lusus to death every so often to feed its slow metabolism while the tortoise provides him with virtually useless protection and company. He still loves him though, he’d suppose.

God Tier Title: Page of Heart
Land: Land of Greens and Sun
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: Batkind - He took the time one day to captchalogue a massive pile of wooden baseball bats. This is for good reason, since anything that puts up too much resistance to a strike from his bat will end up breaking the bat. The specibus often switches to ½ Batkind after such an event, but he’s figured out how to fix that by requesting a custom made ‘retractable bat’ online. After his specibus is crippled by a broken weapon, he equips the retracted bat and then extends it, changing the specibus back to a simple Batkind.
Fetch Modus: Snail’s Pace Modus - When an item is captchalogued, it can’t be ejected or used for a period of time dependant on the mass of the item. While there aren’t any size restrictions, bigger or heavier items will take a long time. A little Pulmonatortoise makes its way across a loading line as you wait impatiently. Until the loading bar is fully up, the item stays outside the deck and a ghost version of the item is captchalogued. When the timer fills up after that, the item will be captchalogued no matter where the user is in relation to it.
More than one item can be set for captchaloguing at the same time, but the timers only go up one at a time from the first item queued. For example, if you tried to captchalogue a baseball bat, then a baseball cap, and then first base, you would have to wait for the bat before it even starts on the cap, then after the cap it would start on the base. Items can still be ejected while another item is queued for being captchalogued, and an item queued to be catalogued can be canceled at any time.

Other: yeah i know not all indigo bloods are strong, but I figured since ruffiannihilators presumably recruit STRONG people i'd go with it


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PostSubject: Re: Kieson   Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:52 pm

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