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 Zadere Areven

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PostSubject: Zadere Areven   Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:06 pm

Full Name: Zadere Areven
Gender: Male
Physique (Height/Weight): Average build, but relatively tall compared to the average troll. He has a good amount of muscle mass, but low definition.
Age: 7 Sweeps

Personality: Introverted and submissive, he seems to be the perfect low-blood servant. However, he has a great sense for adventure, and constantly gets sidetracked in his imaginative escapades. He hoards objects which remind him of ancient artifacts, anything old and worn out that he thinks looks cool. He puts on a facade of optimism and happiness, always smiling even when hurt. In his mind this makes sure that his friends aren’t affected by his sadness or pain, and are happier with the illusion of his own happiness. He’s very careful and plans everything in advance, always taking his time to think things through before acting, sometimes to the detriment of not acting fast enough. He thinks very highly of others, especially those in higher castes, and constantly strives to please them, constantly worrying about his actions, which further delays his planning process and slows his response time.

(I'll probably expand on this as I roleplay him and get his personality down better)

Physical appearance:

Drawing (Warning, I can't figure out how to shrink the image, it's huge):

Slightly Inaccurate Sprite:

Zadere is tall and averagely muscled, due to his constant adventuring and also his job serving higher blood castes. He wears a white button-up shirt with his symbol stitched onto the upper right of his chest. He also wears cargo pants, and either sandals or work boots, depending on where his latest adventure takes him. His black hair flows down to his waist, always tangled in knots and ruffled about due to him never taking care of it properly. When in a cold climate or just trying to look fancy, we wears a scarf which matches the tannish-brown color of his pants. He wears a pair of square glasses which he needs to see far away. He removes them for viewing things up close, which his eyes are extremely adept at. His horns are small and curve slightly downward, resembling his symbol, which appears to be a similar shape to a pickaxe.

Strengths: Creative, Observant, Careful
Weaknesses: Paranoid, Submissive, Helps Others to His Own Detriment
Fears/Insecurities: He fears above all else that people won’t like him, and strives to please everyone he can.
Likes/Hobbies: Dumpster Diving/Treasure Hunting, Cooking, Art
Dislikes: Cleaning, Violence, Swimming

Handle: optimisticArchaeologist
Typing Quirk/Color: Calls old worn-out things “treasures”, overuses exclamation points, and adds extra punctuation when excited.

Blood color: Bronze
Psionic Power: He can summon, and speak to, the spirits of the deceased while close to their remains.
Symbol: (See Appearance Section Image)
Lusus: Pigeon-kitten (I’ll draw this later)- A small white kitten with wings and a spot on its face above its nose similar to that of a pigeon.

God Tier Title: Knight of Space
Land: Land of Frogs and Ziggurats
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: bladekind
Fetch Modus: (Do people actually use these in roleplaying?)

If anything needs improving or you think anything could be better (even if it meets the requirements) let me know! I always like constructive criticism.

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PostSubject: Re: Zadere Areven   Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:12 pm

Nice, looks good to me! You're approved!
And, yeah, for fetch moduses it all depends on the style of writing. Some people use them, other people don't.


hey im your tech support

do you have like a tech problem

cause i mean like i probably have a tech solution

idk i might not i'm not amazing at this

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Zadere Areven
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