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 Jaivyn Deksea (EDIT)

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PostSubject: Jaivyn Deksea (EDIT)   Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:58 pm

Full Name: Jaivyn "Jaiv" Deksea.
Gender: Female.
Physique (Height/Weight): 8'4 / 420lbs. A very big, powerful seadweller.
Age:19 sweeps.

Jaivyn has grown from a bubbly, carefree kid to a seadweller too focused on her status and duties to do much else other than work. She is a stern, hard-assed leader who seldom shows her soft side publicly, but that's to be expected of an heiress. She wants her throne, and she'll do anything to get it.

This doesn't always apply, though. She still enjoys going to the bar and having a good time, though only on occasion. Jaivyn can be a very fun troll, but this is rare nowadays with her newfound responsiblities. She still enjoys regularly playing with her lusus, letting the massive leviathan slither after her on the beach.

Physical appearance:
Big Fish Lady:


  • Jaivyn is incredibly intimidating as a tyrian, and just by the way she looks.
  • She could honestly crush someone's skull with her hands alone if she really wanted to put in the effort.
  • Loyal to quadmates, would give anything for them.
  • Can be ruthless from time to time.


  • Holds grudges.
  • Relatively short fused.
  • Can be violent where it isn't needed.
  • Devoted to quads, even if they're toxic.


  • Losing the power she worked so hard to gain.
  • Being culled, especially by another heiress.
  • Being used.
  • Herself, to be fully honest.


  • Hanging out with her lusus.
  • Doodling.
  • Singing. She always wanted to be a popstar or.. Something like that. Dream big, kiddo.
  • Practicing speeches in the mirror.
  • Exploring the open ocean around her hive.
  • Loud classic rock.


  • Being talked down to, though who would be stupid enough to do that?
  • Large amounts of light.
  • Rebellious lowbloods. She's just trying to help.
  • Classical music.

Handle: sereneImperial [SI]
Typing Quirk/Color:Perfect grammar and syntax, no quirk. It's already childish enough that she has one still.
Blood color: Fuchsia, #99004D.
Psionic Power: N/A.

Lusus: Leviathanmom, a massive leviathan just bigger than her underwater castle hive.

Strife Specibus:2x3dentKind, a massive custom made golden trident.
Fetch Modus: TBA.


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PostSubject: Re: Jaivyn Deksea (EDIT)   Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:53 am

Everything looks good to me! You're approved, sorry I didn't get to this last night.


hey im your admin

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Jaivyn Deksea (EDIT)
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