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 Hope Chroane ((Wip))

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Downtown Upstart

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PostSubject: Hope Chroane ((Wip))   Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:25 pm

Full Name: Hope Chroane
Gender: Male
Physique (Height/Weight): Hope stands at 5'11" and weighing in at 220 pounds.
Age: 17


Hope is the kind of person that will do their best to break any rule imposed on them, so long as it doesn't harm themselves. He is an optimistic rebel who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Well, he's not entirely optimistic. He is optimistic for whatever he strives for, being some form of change, while he is pessimistic about whatever situation he is currently in. He will do his best to inspire whoever he can to join him, and if he can't, he'll just fly solo.

He has a big issue with any sort of authority. When a police officer tried to break up a fight between him and somebody else, he ripped the taser from the officer and used it on her, since they were trying to impose some form of rule on him. In fact, he's had quite a few run-ins with the law, and as such, his name is something people would rather not hear.

He has never been known to give up. He might slow down, but he has never stopped in all of his life. If you can't jump over the hurdle to get past it, you can still go under it, around it, or, his favorite, smash right through it.

He doesn't see the issue in some of the things he does and why they could be wrong, and will do pretty much whatever it takes to get to where he wants to go. He is ruthless, and will use whatever and whoever he needs to to get where he needs to be.
This isn't to say he's completely heartless, he won't use and throw away people unless he sees it necessary. He is a compassionate person, but he is always going.

If you've got a limitation but he sees a use for you, he will do his absolute best to destroy that limitation. Even if he forcibly makes you a martyr, and you have second thoughts. He will literally kick you off a building if it'll further his goal.

Even his own limitations mean nothing. If he needs to burn himself alive to get his message across, he will do it, with only a bit of hesitation.

In a way, he is the embodiment of both chaos and neutrality - He goes on a whatever he feels is right, without really thinking too much about it. He is rather unpredictable, and on a whim, could jump off the bridge he was just attempting to cross.

Hope is passionate to the point of violence. Above all, he believes in freedom, whatever the cost be. You could argue that he himself is entropy in a living, human form.

Physical appearance:

You might think that with his weight he appears bigger than most, but you'd be wrong. He's dense and spread out. He has a softer, more feminine face, but you can still tell that he is a he, even through the multiple piercings. The right half of his head is shaved and he maintains it, although the other end is just an inch from touching his shoulder. Said hair is also dyed the same green as his eyes.

In terms of clothing, he usually wears a black t-shirt with his symbol on it, and over that a flannel, and above that, a sleeveless denim vest. His pants consist of a ripped pair of jeans. He wears black, heavy-duty boots, and spiked bracelets around his wrist.

Strengths: Really no limits, jack-of-all-trades, able to inspire people.
Weaknesses: Disgusted by limits, master-of-none, not actually all that strong for his size.
Fears/Insecurities: Authority. He fears any sort of authority, for the power they hold and can abuse.
Likes and Hobbies:
Dislikes: How feminine his own name is, politics ((despite him being a sort of politician himself))

Handle: imperialEradication
Typing Style: IE: Smoldering flames and rubble are all that will remain.
Eye color: Seafoam #17d193
Guardian: Sister Mary

God Tier Title: Prince of Doom
Land: Land of Infernos and False Kings
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Pistolkind and Molotovkind
Fetch Modus: Name pending - A gasoline-coated package that has to be burnt away to reveal the item inside. He always keeps a bucket of water in it just in case it spreads


The Nerds

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i've got a pesterchum. i'm not on it often, but if you wanna chat, it's intravenousExtravaganza

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Downtown Upstart

Leo Posts : 462
Boondollars : 7156
Join date : 2015-03-10
Age : 18
Location : i'll give you my full address if you really want it

PostSubject: Re: Hope Chroane ((Wip))   Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:32 am

man i kinda forgot about this existing
well i've got time this week to revamp
might as well

The Nerds

dumb quotes by dumbb man

i've got a pesterchum. i'm not on it often, but if you wanna chat, it's intravenousExtravaganza
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Hope Chroane ((Wip))
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