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 Igniss Pyrite

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PostSubject: Igniss Pyrite   Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:10 pm

Full Name:Igniss Pyrite
Physique (Height/Weight):
Height: 5"5
Weight: 127 lbs

Age:6.46 sweeps (14 human years)

Personality:Igniss is the type of person to shoot first and ask questions later. This, along with his hero complex a mile long often leads him into fights that he has no business being a part of. Igniss also has a sharp tongue to go along with his hot head, using sarcasm and humor to deflect other who would point out his issues.

As a result of his more abrasive outer personality, Igniss is very lonely. He yearns to talk about all his adventures and discoveries with his friends, but is scared that he will scare off the few he has left. So, Igniss often waits for his friends to initiate conversations before dumping weeks worth of musings and anecdotes on others.

When not making problems for himself and others, Igniss is otherwise pretty laid back. He enjoys hanging out with friends and shooting the breeze with strangers.

Physical appearance:Igniss is a moderately sized troll, standing at about 5"6. However, while his size is moderate, he is still quite thin, making him look like a stif wind could knock him over. He has long horns that look like lightning bolts that stand straight up off the top of his head. His hair seems to have a mind of it's own as it likes to spike up in random direction and the ends have been partially singed off from his experiments with fire. He wears a T-shirt with the sleeves being the same color as his symbol. He also usually has a pair of goggles with red lenses either around his neck or on his head due to the fact he is nearly always playing with fire, literally and metaphorically.

Cool Psionics
Good in a fight

Insecure and often needs validation/attention
Cannot control psionic very well
Afraid of water(can't swim)

Afraid of water
Insecure about personality
Fears abandonment by friends

Flame experiments
Talking to friends
Listening to music
Fights (both playful and serious)

People too high and mighty about their status

Handle:falseAlchemizing. FA

Typing Quirk/Color:types in All lower cAse except for the letters A And U.

Blood color:Gold

Psionic Power:If Igniss concentrates he can cause the object of his focus to have an exothermic reaction. In other words he can cause it to spontaneously combust. However, he has little to no control over the resulting fire or even the blast radius of the explosion.


Lusus:A large 7 foot gecko-like lizard dubbed 'Lizardad' is Aundra's lusus. He is not very protective of her and will usually leave the hive for days on end to look for food. However, he seems always to know when the hive is on fire thanks to Aundra's powers and always arrives to help put out the flames. Can usually be seen absently licking his own eye.

God Tier Title:Rogue of Blood

Land:Land of Graves and Lightening LOGAL

Derse or Prospit:Prospit

Strife Specibus:Mostly uses psionic but also Watergunkind (filled with lighter fluid)

Fetch Modus:Balance
Must balance a chemical formula to get the item wanted

Other:Nope! This is my first post here so hope its correct.

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PostSubject: Re: Igniss Pyrite   Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:56 pm

Hey, first off, welcome to the forum! Nice to have you here!
It looks like you typed on the wrong side of the bbcode, but other than that everything looks good! Approved!


hey im your admin

my characters
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PostSubject: Re: Igniss Pyrite   Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:33 pm

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Igniss Pyrite   

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Igniss Pyrite
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