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 Edna Robinson

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PostSubject: Edna Robinson   Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:49 pm

Full Name: Edna Robinson
Gender: Female
Physique (Height/Weight): 5'5" and 269lbs. Edna is fat, but is unperturbed by the fact. She's got a little muscle in her arms, but her hams are almost godly.
Age: 17 years

Physical appearance:

Personality: Edna is an over-enthusiastic girl, whose energy just radiates in waves. She's pretty fun to be around if you're also someone who likes to do activities, and an even greater person you could go to for a pep talk when you lack the energy to do something. Though Edna's personality can be irritating to people who don't have that kind of tolerance for little balls of literal sunshine, and it's pretty easy to get her to dial it back. A nice way to do it is by simply asking her to, Another way to do it, if you're a jerk, is saying that you don't care about the conversation, or don't care to talk to her when she is like that, which she'll just straight up tell you to "f*ck right off" and continue talking anyway.

Edna is pretty expressive as far as one goes, and it's easy to read how she feels by looking at her. Even the way she types gives off a vibe of how she feels. However, most people can never tell when she ever feels sad or angry. Like, she may say that something makes her feel in a negative way, but it's always things that would make anyone feel sad (i.e. the ASPCA commercials) or mad (i.e. people talking during movies). It's never things that bother her personally, which enforces the idea that nothing will ever bother her, but that's not really true.

Edna is a prideful girl, almost to the point of being arrogant in her own abilities. Edna likes to show off on some things, though her favorite achievement she likes to brag on has to be the fact she is in a band that has been in a few gigs. Of course, people like to debunk her on the fact that she is only the drummer, and that the band she was a part of is just full of wannabe punks and school dropouts, just like her. Claims like this are normally met with a seething and teary glare, but otherwise no comebacks because Edna either can't find the words, or knows what she wants to say, but knows that she'll start crying just as she starts blowing up. If someone really wants to go at her pride, they keep jabbing at her and the band's music past her 'wet' anger, but be advised: happy-go-lucky Edna has been to jail once or twice for throwing fights with customers who were less than rude about their performance. She's not regretful, but will be embarrassed if it's brought up.

Her deadly pride stems from the lack of validation that her guardian provided her, and as such, she had to be her own yes-man and morale booster. This also seems to be where her enthusiasm comes from, though not so much.

○ Despite her size, Edna has parkour skills. She can maneuver around obstacles easily, and pulls off risky feats.
○ Edna is also a kick-boxer of moderate skill.
✗ Her pride is her biggest weakness, and constant jabbing at it will cause quite the riot.
✗ Edna is partially deaf from not using proper protection during band practices/performances.
Fears/Insecurities: Edna doesn't have many, though she fears that she will eventually go completely deaf.
Likes and Hobbies: Edna loves her fat sausage baby, her piebald ball python, Fat Lady. She also has a knack for video games, her favorite games being rhythm- and motion-based (like DDR). She also has collections of the Guitar Hero series. Edna likes to play her drums, and subconsciously tends to drum on objects with her fingers when she's not doing anything.
Her hobbies usually include her interests: drumming, gaming, and tending to Fat Lady. However, she does enjoy coloring in coloring books, and even has a secretive hobby in baking cakes and sweets, since making heart-shaped strawberry shortcakes isn't very punk.
Dislikes: She hates people who demonize her sweet Fat Lady, or people who just hate on people's pet snakes in general. Edna also hates sitting for very long, and she'll start fidgeting until she is able to eventually get up and leave.

Handle: crackingAllstar (CA)
Typing Style: you are pretty relaxed when you type, but you always mind your p's and q's. you can get pretty excitable sometimes, at which you like to SMASH that d*mn exclamation point!!!!! you also censor your curse words, because despite being punk, you're a polite punk. Color code #c91c26
Eye color: Red
Guardian: Uncle (MIA) / Fat Lady (first guardian if applicable)

God Tier Title: (Suggestions welcome)
Land: -
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: drumstickkind
Fetch Modus: The Shell Game modus is a fun game for people who like a good game of chance, or like games that are focus/concentration-based. When Baby wants to retrieve an item, it'll be placed under one of three shells, the other two having nothing underneath, and the shells will be shuffled. Choosing the right item will give you the item, but if you chose an empty shell, you win nothing. The difficulty goes up when important items are being retrieved, adding two more shells to the game.


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PostSubject: Re: Edna Robinson   Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:37 pm



hey im your admin

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Edna Robinson
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