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 The Confined [done in 1] ((TW for stockholm syndrome and abuse))

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PostSubject: The Confined [done in 1] ((TW for stockholm syndrome and abuse))   Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:51 pm

Title: The Confined ((fun fact: i was trying to find a name that would fit for ages and i did the whole finger-counting trick and i realized that hands have five fingers on each of them, and i fucking miscounted so many times and then shook my head because it wasn't right. who knows how many would've been right.
Full Name: Haisen Ugasni
Nickname(s): N/A ((at least for now))
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: Five foot ten, 146 pounds.
Age: 12 sweeps, equivalent to 26 human years.

Personality: Ever seen a doormat? This character and that object are kind of similar. The Confined is a very submissive person by nature. She lets others tell her what to do, no matter what position they hold on the hemospectrum.

To some degree, she sees herself as a lesser being, incapable of really doing anything by herself. She feels that she needs someone to help her along because she is weak, and in a sort of placebo effect, it has made her incredibly reliant on others, and will often attach herself to people even if she's not wanted, but also doesn't object to being captured.

She's also obsessive over those that she feels would best protect her. Despite her thoughts that she can't do anything, if her protector was in any way threatened, she would go on the attack to whatever threatens them, similar to a yandere ((if i'm even still using that term correctly)).

Going along with said obsession, if she is separated from said person for awhile, she will be very upset. Think of a toddler who lost their teddy bear. She will seek out her protector for a short while before moving on and attaching herself to someone else if she can't find them.

Without being asked, she will go along with doing household tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, things along those lines. After all, she is a Maid of Blood.

Physical appearance: She dresses herself in what is essentially a maid's outfit, similar to a "French Maid's" outfit but not nearly as slutty. Rather than the white markings on the outfit, she opts for her blood color's blue. She forgoes the little head bonnet thingy. She ties ribbons around her shoulders, once more, in her blood color. She also wears a collar with a loop in the back for a leash, and this is for symbolism rather than kinkiness ((although yes, i do realize the potential with this. i'm trying to take this seriously tho so please, mind out of the gutter)).

She keeps her hair mostly straight, which it naturally is, yet she curls it slightly near the ends. Her face is soft and innocent looking, with wide eyes and the like.

Typing Quirk/Color: oh, god! i'm sorry for that spill, i'll ∞c|lean it up in just a moment! very similar to her descendant, Esecru Ugasni save for the lack of an "accent".
Blood color: Dark Blue
Symbol: Two chains linked diagonally.
Lusus: Large horned lizard.

Strengths: I guess her obsession counts? She really believes in her protectors, and puts ultimate faith in them, until they disappear and she finds a new one. Household chores too, I guess.
Weaknesses: I think most of her personality is her weakness. Naive, obsessive, insecure. What else needs to be said?
Fears/Insecurities: Probably could've seen this coming, but she fears being alone and is insecure about her own abilities.
Likes: She has an especial love for tailoring and sewing above all other things. She adores doing household chores, and her protector, whoever it is at the time.
Dislikes: Being separated from her protector ((even though it's not long until she reattaches herself.)), a dirty hive or clothes.

Weapon of Choice: A ball and chain. Yes, literally a ball and chain. Essentially a handle-less flail with no spikes.
Psionic Power: Nothing.


The basic one that I'm coming up with is the following, although it can be altered pertaining to other ancestors.

The Confined spent a good while hopping between protectors, going through a cycle of attach, obsess, lose protector somehow, short time of grief, repeat. This went on for a few sweeps before she was eventually picked up by a nameless purpleblood, who took advantage of her personality and weaknesses.

She exploited her obedience and love for household chores, having her do pretty much everything there. Not that The Confined really minded. This confused the purpleblood, who slapped an explosive collar to her neck, in case she ever wisened up and tried to escape the house, or leave her vicinity when they left.

The Confined was obedient and all, but she wasn't perfect. Every time she made a mistake, she would apologize and attempt to clean it up, often being met with verbal and/or physical abuse, further cementing her idea of being essentially worthless in her mind. She would continue on with this life until her eventual death, if applicable.

Other: Her god tier title would be Maid of Blood.
Also, I put a "wip" in the title because it was supposed to be a wip, but i just finished it before posting anyways.

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PostSubject: Re: The Confined [done in 1] ((TW for stockholm syndrome and abuse))   Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:52 am

Looks good,, approved!


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The Confined [done in 1] ((TW for stockholm syndrome and abuse))
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