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 Prince Hegala

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Prince of Fries

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PostSubject: Prince Hegala   Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:06 am

Full Name: Prince Hegala
Gender: Genderfluid (He/She/They)
Physique (Height/Weight): 5'6" and 302lbs. Prince's build is more on the broader side, and are slightly muscular around the arms. They are particularly hefty.
Age: 9 sweeps

Physical appearance:

Personality: Prince has a well-rounded personality, and as such they tend to blend well with people in other social circles. They are a generally nice troll, albeit kind of stand-offish, and can come across as uncaring to others who might not know them personally. It may just be the fact their usual facial expression - their 'resting bitch face' - makes them seem like they dislike being there, even though it is often not the case. It's actually pretty easy to get Prince to actually show emotion, as they can be a big smiley goof when with friends or good company, of if you tell them a good joke or pun.

For someone of the indigo caste, Prince does not really act like like someone high society, mostly because they don't care. They are usually apathetic to anything that isn't an interest or a concern to them, and trying to act like a regal highblood is something that is neither nor. They can be really crude, as they have a tendency to cuss, act up, and make ghastly bodily noises when it's appropriate. Everyone tends to joke about the irony that they're named 'Prince' despite not acting like one, and they often make the joke as well. However, they are formal when they need to be, and might even chastise others because they haven't stopped acting up.

Prince is also a slob, though they are a clean one. They're a hoarder, and they organize their hoards in systems. When they system is messed up, Prince gets agitated because things are not where they are supposed to be. It doesn't matter if whoever touched their piles did it to be nice or not, Prince will be pissed at the suspect(s) who have moved/cleaned up their place. However, Prince will not put anything back to where it was before, and instead just begins anew. They won't admit being grateful, because sometimes their hoards can be unsightly clutter that they don't like, and they do throw in a 'thank you' eventually.

It's also a thing to note that Prince is very impulsive, as they can act on something without thinking it through. There have been times where they have gone and ruined something of theirs in a breakdown because people wouldn't leave them or their stuff alone. Prince even cut their hair super short in the past because a bunch of people touched it without asking. They'll act out if they think it's necessary, and start spouting nonsense if it means it'll get everyone to stop talking to them and leave them alone. Prince's panic attacks in social situations, unlike most people, are very loud, and can even get violent.

○ Physical strength (a default to most indigo bloods).
○ Because of their nature, they can make many allies.
✗ Their impulsiveness makes it hard to make good decisions.
✗ Prince tends to have 'tunnel-vision' when something makes them angry, and as such will chase that one target until it is gone, leaving them open to other enemies who will take advantage of it.
Fears/Insecurities: Prince has self-image issues, actually, though they hide it well enough that it appears non-existent.
Likes/Hobbies: Prince likes to draw whenever they feel like it, and drawing tends to consume their schedule mostly. Besides that, they like listening to music, singing, playing video games, and finding nifty little objects and such to add to their hoards. Prince also appears to like things with soft textures, such as stuffed animals and blankets, which there are a lot of piles of in their house.
Dislikes: Having their system messed up is a pretty big one. Prince also hates people getting touchy with them/their person without asking, and being in a place that gets crowded to the point Prince is shoulder-to-shoulder with a stranger would be a literal hell for them.

Handle: selfdestructiveAmusement (SA)
Typing Quirk/Color: ur quirk i§ nothin to write home abt. it'§ ju§t §ome improper grammar, §horthand, and §ome other third thing that §how§ how much effort u don't put into ur typing. Color code #25098e
Blood color: Iolite #25098e
Psionic Power:
Lusus: 'Pennykettle' - A dragon

God Tier Title: Knight of Breath
Land: Land of Cyclone and Chimes
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: bowkind, secondary strife is knifekind
Fetch Modus: The Etch A Sketch modus a fairly easy modus to use, and even easier to get the item out of it, as long as you can draw the general shapes and some details of the item. Prince doesn't really use it, as they find their pockets, or a bag, can carry objects just as well as a pricey fetch modus could.


  • Prince is a DFAB troll, and their facial hair is caused by an imbalance of hormones.
  • Their skill in archery is decent at best. It would improve if they would actually wear their glasses, but they won't.
  • Prince has a tattoo of a mertroll on their right upper arm. It appears that the mertroll bears a strong resemblance to )(IC, and when asked, Prince will neither confirm or deny it.

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The Inksmith


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PostSubject: Re: Prince Hegala   Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:21 pm

hey, looking good! Everything is fine, so you are approved!
and hey, since this is your first character on the forums, here's a neat area where you can keep track of all of them.


hey im your admin

my characters
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Prince Hegala
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