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 Tarorians/Tarorans (WIP)

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Tarorians/Tarorans (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Tarorians/Tarorans (WIP)   Tarorians/Tarorans (WIP) EmptySat Aug 05, 2017 6:25 pm

Racial Name: Tarorans/Tarorians. The former is more correct, however both are considered acceptable.

Nick Names: Catmonkeys, Spidermonkeys, Catspiders, etc. Tends to follow the general theme of those three Earth species. References to Slendermen and Elves may also be popular amongst those crowds.

Genders?: Physically speaking all Tarorans are hermaphrodites- however all Human gender identities are represented in some form or another.

Average Life span: varies. see spoiler below.

General Appearance: Tarorans have a wide variety of appearances, but are generally tailed humanoids of 5 to 8 feet in height with very thin yet muscular flexible builds. their height tends to correlate directly with the number of pairs of arms they have, the number of pairs of arms and shape of their tailtip(s) determining their place in society.

tailtip is more important, determining general caste- major (ruling, indicated by a pentacle), coins (mercantile, indicated by a plain circle), wands (scholarly, indicated by a tapering line/triangle), swords (warriors, indicated by a sword or dagger), and cups (hunter-gatherers, indicated by a cup or glass).

Rank within their own caste is determined by the number of pairs of arms they have, with more being better- up until a certain point. Those with too many extra arms automatically have their tails cut off to join the ranks of the casteless, and (barring unusual cirumstance) those extra arms cut off to the point of the elbow joint.

If they lose their own tailtip (voluntarily or otherwise), or otherwise cannot produce pigmentation, the tarorian instantly becomes casteless- which is basically the equivalent of being homeless in most societies- unless someone takes them in.

colors wise any primary color is acceptable, though the secondary color must be within 24 hex code places of each other- as in no one digit or number can be further than 24 different, no 2 more than 12 different, etc. primary color determines the color of their irises, and tail pigmentation. secondary color determines the color of their blood, shade of their sclera, and color of the bioluminescent patterns on their otherwise black fur.

the bioluminescent patterns on each tarorian are unique to that individual, much as fingerprints or a snowflake. said patterns depend upon a wide mix of genetic and environmental factors. fur length and thickness generally varies depending upon climate/environs, and is partially controlled by genetics as well as the person's preferences due to environment.

an albino tarorian would be entirely monochromatic, whilst someone who is melanistic would have oversaturated colors. this particular kind of mutation is rare and thus may get some looks, but is acceptable within the caste system.

Common Personality: Tarorans are generally diplomatic and mercantile first, seeking to find things in common with their neighbors and find a plan of action that benefits everyone possible. They are also highly scientifically minded, extremely curious by nature- and go to great lengths to record their findings in life whilst including every detail possible.

though they do not like combat, they are pragmatic about it- ready to defend themselves if things turn sour, and generally eager to learn their opponent's weak points so that the combat does not have to last longer than it has to. and yet, they are also reluctant to kill- generally preferring to incapacitate with as little permanent harm as possible.

Society: society is divided into 5 castes with 14 ranks, each caste doing something specific for society and each rank commanding those below them.

Home Planet: ???

Relationships: ???

Reproduction ???

Guardians: young tarorans are generally raised by the whole community except in the instance of casteless and exceptionally high ranking individuals, of which casteless children and adults must generally fend for themselves whilst high ranking (11 or more) members of any caste get tutored by another of the same caste and rank.

Symbol Rules: their symbol is not unique to them, instead being an indication of their caste and place within that caste. it is, however, generally colored in with their primary color, secondary color, or a combination of the two. the general system is their caste symbol (they will be listed below) and the same number of individual dots, circles, or lines as their number of pairs of arms.

furthermore, said symbol must be symmetrical in at least one direction. whilst it doesn't have to be on the front of their shirt, they must display it somewhere clearly visible. other than that, a taroran is free to customize the appearance and placement of their symbol to their personal liking, so long as it remains recognizable within the above guidelines.

now then. symbols by caste.

Naming Conventions: their names tend to follow either a four-five-four or five-four-five naming pattern, though it isn't hardset required. phonologically speaking the name must sound feasibly as if it could come from the languages welsh, french, italian, and/or romanian.

Racial powers: all tarorans have inhuman levels of dexterity, agility, and speed due to their aboreal lifestyle as nomadic hunter-gatherers. they could potentially keep pace with the average chuunin or jonin ninja from naruto, or some of the slower speedsters from superhero settings in general.

Attributes: ???

Traits: ???

IM System: LeafListen.

Typing rules: general human typing rules. must be legible by human standards. they do, however, tend to refer to themselves in third person due to their world's standard grammar rules and sentence structure.

Other: ???
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Tarorians/Tarorans (WIP)
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