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PostSubject: the Lycanthrope WIP   the Lycanthrope WIP EmptyTue Jun 20, 2017 12:27 pm

Racial Name: Lycanthrope, or 'Lycans' for short.
Nick Names: Were folk, Werewolves, Hounds
Genders?: Typically the two binary genders - female and male. However, there are those who can either identify in- or outside of their biological gender.
Average Life span: The range of their life span typically span to 10-13 lunar cycles, or 40-52 human years. Some may live up to being 17 lunar cycles, if they're lucky.

General Appearance: All Lycans appear to be anthropomorphic canines, though they appear more vaguely humanoid in build than typical werewolves, as they can walk up-right without trouble, but can also go to walking on all-four if they feel the need to. All Lycans come in different shapes, sizes, and fur lengths/patterns, usually reminiscent of a dog or wolf that are from earth. It all depends on a Lycan's lineage.

On the nights when the Moons are both full, and are aligned just right, the Lycan's shift into a much scarier physique. On this night, a Lycanthrope will seemingly gain more feral characteristics, and lose their ability to stand and walk as their bones have rearranged to fit a more wolf-like appearance. They do grow in size, but only by a small margin.

Common Personality: A Lycan may act in certain ways, depending on where they hail from, and how they were raised to treat others. Lycans will typically act cold to one another, unless they are from the same community or a community that they are allies with.

Younger Lycans - Whelps - will typically be just a little more friendly towards other figures, while remaining somewhat cautious. They might quickly trust other whelps from different packs a lot easier, unless raised to not do so.

Society: The Lycanthrope have aspects of both a primitive and an advanced race.

Their 'communities' are treated similar to a large pack. Their are multiple officials in a community, with the Alpha being one of the important role, all to keep such a big pack under control. Communities are bigger than a villager, but smaller than a regular town. There are multiple communities on the planet, though not all of them get along. There have been wars raged, and alliances formed. There have even been times where a victor has taken Lycans from the community they've defeated and taken them into their own community as trophies. How the 'trophies' are treated is solely dependent on the Alpha.

The Lycans seemingly have a singular language, it is not universal. Lycans from different areas have certain dialects and words, special to their own region on the planet. On Northside, you might ask a Northern Lycanthrope, "How are you doing today?" However, if you were to ask a Lycanthrope from anywhere else, you would either be speaking gibberish, speaking in a choppy sentence, or insulting their mother.

Their technology is advanced to the same level of human technology, if more so, as they have reached a break-through in achieving hyperspace-travel.

Home Planet:
Symbol Rules:

Naming Conventions:
Racial powers:
IM System: There are two that are all the rage between the whelps these days; Paw Pals and Howler.
Typing rules:

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the Lycanthrope WIP
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