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 The Kitsune

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PostSubject: The Kitsune   Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:37 pm

OC Template:

Racial Name: Kitsune
Nicknames: Youkai, Spirit Foxes, Inari
Genders: Standard Male and Female
Average Life span:

General Appearance: The Kitsune have a variety of amounts to their floof(fur), however one thing is consistent: They appear as Foxes with a mysterious aura to them, as if they're not fully just an average living being. Kitsune have different amounts of tails(from 1 to 9) and a different height depending on their ability to use magical prowess, whether it be self-taught or gifted via inheritance. 1-Tails are your average foxes appearance wise, usually the most physically strong, and 9-Tails are the rarest kind usually being both physically fit(Not a common trait for higher tails) and have a very keen affinity with magic.
Common Personality: Kitsune are commonly mischievous creatures that like to play pranks on others, just to get a good laugh. When a Kitsune is familiar with another however, they tend to be more nice and family-like with those who treat them well, or become a form of maid/butler for the other depending on the intimacy of the feelings they share. When the others treat poorly however, they are heavy grudge holders and will act in mean and menacing ways out of spite.

Society: Their society works on a Hierarchy System that determines what position of power you’re in based on the number of tails your posses. 1-Tails being your commoners, 2 being your soldiers, etc. The 8-Tails tend to be the oldest, and wise assistants to the Elder, who is the 9-Tailed Fox. They are BORN with the amount of tails they have, and no genetic mutation or illusionary-additions affect your positioning in the system unless the Elder themselves gives you an exception specifically.  
Home Planet: Kitsune integrate with Troll and/or Human Society most of the time, so they share the Planet they would belong to. If not, feel free to come up with a planet of its own kind, just keep in mind how their society works.
Relationships: A lot of Relationships tend to be more familial than anything, treating others as brothers and sisters unless other, more intense feeling were to arise.
Reproduction Hm, I wonder how animals breed.
Guardians: [None unless necessary for the session they are a part of.]
Symbol Rules: Kitsune Symbols don’t have any rules, but they tend to be unfamiliar characters, such as letters of a non-existent alphabet. Try not to base it on something that exists, and please use a picture when describing it!

Naming Conventions: 5 Letters, 7 Letters, 5 Letters (A loose reference to Haiku, a popular form of poetry.)
Racial powers: Illusionary abilities, being able to make things exist that do not(such as blowing someone away with gusts of wind even if the air was still prior) as long as they can maintain the magic necessary to keep it in “existence”, and the ability to Shape-shift. Kitsune proficient in magic may also use Fox-Fire as an attack, which is basically blue fire that can hurt you, but never kill you or burn you. Fox-Fire is used by their people as a way of "marking" you as a threat, like a skunk would do by gassing you albeit with the smell only detectable to other Kitsune. Sometimes, Higher Tailed Kitsune take great pleasure in using their powers to try mimicing the actions of others.
Attributes: All Kitsune have the ability to Shape-shift, however most cannot maintain their forms for long periods of time. When naked, or not in their other forms, they have claws that work rather effectively as a weapon to fight, Low Tails love to compare physical skill in mock-battles.
Traits: Kitsune have narrowed eyes similar to that of a canine, and the same with the teeth. In fact, as they are literally fox like in terms of design and structure, one can assume they are literally the same, except with illusionary magic. They are a lot more smarter than their real world counterparts however, as they have the same level of intelligence as humans and trolls.
IM System: Pesterchum/Trollian (they mimic what the most popular one is) or if they do not exist, Illusavy is the one they use as a standard.
Typing rules: Standard rules can apply in both troll and human typing/speech patterns, however Higher Tails tend to speak more regal, and ALL Higher Tails refer to creatures by last name. (ie: John Egbert would be called Egbert at all times unless requested to do otherwise). Lower Tails have a habit to nickname creatures with non-5-letter names something with 5 letters that sounds similar to the source. (ie: John Egbert being referred to by the name Johan, or Nepeta being called Nepet).

Clarification on Kitsune Strength:
What IS an Elder?:
Tail Rarity and use:

For any other questions, please ask me in pms.


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PostSubject: Re: The Kitsune   Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:16 pm

Approved hun.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kitsune   Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Kitsune   

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The Kitsune
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