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PostSubject: Miriah Cletus (Wip)   Miriah Cletus (Wip) EmptyMon Jun 19, 2017 10:03 am

Full Name:Miriah Cletus
Gender: Female
Physique (Height/Weight):

Personality: She is big mouthed, who is not afraid to put you in your place. Though she lacks a filter sometimes and says what's on her mind. She is very sensitive when it comes to calming down, mentioning or offering faygo will just piss her right off, (not only is she rather allergic.) When not blowing her cap she is rather nice but a tuff leader, who has a goal in mind and wants to reach it. She hates being put down and ignored, she has a voice, you can't shut her up. She is not great with quadrants, flirting of any kind goes right over here head if it's not obvious as hell. So unless it's stated, she doesn't realize she is been in a quadrant at all. She is rather inverted, she has been on her own for so long why would she need others??

Physical appearance:[spoiler]

Strengths: She is very direct, an okay friend.
Weaknesses:She says what's on her mind, no matter how harsh it is. She's been on her own so long that it's hard to let others tell her what they should do.
Fears/Insecurities: Being Kulled, and kulling her family.. Becoming a monster that nature says she is. It's haunting to think a moment your enjoying time with your blood-kin and the next your tussling for life with them.

Typing Quirk/Color:
Blood color: Scarlet Coral
Psionic Power: N/A
Lusus:Larg Snapping Turtle

God Tier Title:Maid of Heart
Derse or Prospit:
Strife Specibus:
Fetch Modus:


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Miriah Cletus (Wip)
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