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 Mortimer Masons

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PostSubject: Mortimer Masons   Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:43 am

Full Name: Mortimer ‘Mort’ Masons
Gender: Male
Physique (Height/Weight): Average height, but a little bit chubby and not at all fit- just more to love!
Age: 15

Personality: Mort immediately comes off as a warm person, comfortably gentle and easy to talk to. Not too much of an extrovert, he still appreciates the odd conversation or two with people he cares about. He tries to be encouraging to all his friends, taking joy in helping people with their problems. Sensible and realistic, he deals with problems in the ways he knows will work, in general basing his actions on realism and a practical outlook.
Knowing his interests, most people would probably describe him as ‘emo,’ and he doesn’t exactly shun the label--although he doesn’t like labels that much. While his interests divert into the gothic and macabre, he’s still a generally cheery kid. Progressive but passive to a fault, he doesn’t try to force his opinions on others, content to make his own judgements and respect those of others. Generally an independent thinker when it comes to things like norms and fashion, he likes to march to the beat of a different drum. He’s also pretty openly gay.

Physical appearance:
Mort isn’t exactly impressive in stature, average height and a little bit chubby. He generally wears a cheery expression on his rounded features, a smile hiding wide hazel eyes. He has a round nose and rounder ears. His hair is somewhere between wavy and curly, a beautiful blonde shaved short on the right side so it all rides over the left.
His sense of fashion is either absolutely dreadful or refreshingly unique; He enjoys woolen socks and cargo shorts with baggy tees usually featuring fun patterns in pastels and rainbows. He doesn’t really care how he looks as long as he has the end decision on the matter.

Strengths: Rational and competent, relatively friendly and quick to react in stressful situations
Weaknesses: Not particularly physically fit, has a hard time making choices that don’t have an obviously better option, tends to overthink things, seems not to care about people’s opinions but is actually pretty sensitive
Fears/Insecurities: He’s uncomfortable with being judged or commented on, even if it’s constructive or plain nice.
Likes and Hobbies: Practicing and performing the flute, music theory and music in general, amature demonology, cooking baked goods and pastries, the macabre, boys
Dislikes: Judgmental or pushy people, but he tries not to judge- He’s a pretty passive guy.

Handle: faustianJeoparder
Typing Style: He types with proper capitalization and mostly-correct punctuation. He’ll add a period to the end and capitalize it even when it isn’t a sentence. He doesn’t shy away from exclamation points and thingam though!
Eye color: Hazel
Symbol: A simple black design of a bat
Guardian: Mom

God Tier Title: Mage of Life
Land: tbd
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Edgekind: Generally holds items that possess a single keen edge but aren’t big enough to be a machete or something of the like. Something along the lines of a scalpel, a razor, or just box cutter blades.
Fetch Modus: Operation modus: Adding an item is simple, it goes into a list and any item can be retrieved at any time. However, in order to retrieve an item you must pluck a miniaturized version of it from an Operation dummy with tweezers. If you fail and hear the buzzer, uh-oh! Your entire sylladex is dumped unceremoniously to the ground. If too many items are in the sylladex and you try to add another, you won’t be able to. In general, not very risky, just nerve-wracking.



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PostSubject: Re: Mortimer Masons   Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:03 pm


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Mortimer Masons
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