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 Alie Elington

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PostSubject: Alie Elington   Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:58 pm

here is a character I have been tossing around in my head for a while. let me know what you think of her.

Name: Alie Elington
Physical appearance:

one thing to note, she keeps her hair over her right shoulder, as any on her left shoulder gets in the way of her trombone.
Firstly she is rather bubbly and naturally happy. She always has a smile and will strive to brighten your day. She is rather loud, rather talkative,(sometimes a bit too talkative) and while she enjoys making new friends, she doesn't try too hard to keep any one person as her friend.  

Secondly, she is a jazz trombonist. She loves her trombone and loves the music she plays with it. She, as is customary among the trombones at her school, has named her trombone Paul. Although naming the trombone is customary among the trombones, she takes it a bit further, and will talk to her trombone, and almost flirt with her trombone.

Another big thing which she sets her apart from others is that while she seems to have many friends, she doesn't really have a friend group. Instead, she kinda floats around from group to group and will talk to anyone who is willing to talk to her. She will make sure that she has a few friends in most groups so that she can just float around, and not have to be tied down to any one group.

She won't do anything just because it's popular. If a friend recommends a book, she will give it three chapters, if a friend recommends a movie, she will give it three episodes, but that's it. She doesn't watch something, just so she can talk to friends with it. She will not read a book, just because everyone else wants her to read it. If she doesn't like it, she will not read it. If people try to hard to get her to something, she will just walk away, and hang out with a group that isn't into that kind of stuff.

As she has many groups of people she hangs out with, she is in on many inside jokes, she has watched many types of movies, and she even knows a crap ton of bad puns. Along with that, she can be a troll in real life, knowing just what to say to get someone mad.

Typing Style: While she will use good grammar, she doesn't always use all the necessary punctuation, and has a tendency to use run-on sentences, and, because of this, she often finds herself talking for a very long period of time without even taking a breath, wich she can do, because she has been playing the trombone for very long, and because of that, she has a big lung capacity.
typing color:Bronze
Guardian: the Trombone Section Leader.

Strengths: she knows who she is, and won't back down from it. she is good at jazz, and especially the improvisation part.
Weaknesses: she is not too good of a listener, nor is she all that good at saying things in a way people actually understand.  She also has a bad habit of crossing lines, whether being in your personal bubble after being told not to or asking the one question she knows will send someone over the edge, because “just cause ;p”.
Fears/Insecurities: she fears that she may abuse her trombone beyond playability.
She fears that she might one day she may be forced to do the same thing day in, and day out. She would much rather have a life of adventure.
Likes and Hobbies: she plays jazz and listens to jazz. her favorite artist is JJ Johnston, and she also enjoys Miles Davis.
Beyond music, she enjoys adventure and specifically the freedom which comes from it. Along with that, she enjoys things like hiking,
Dislikes: doing stuff just because other people are doing it. if she does something it will be because she wants to.

God Tier Title:heir of breath
Land:Land of turbulence and shifts
Derse or Prospit:prospit
Strife Specibus:instrument kind
FetchModus: purse kind, she stores all the chaptalog cards in a hand bag[/color]

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PostSubject: Re: Alie Elington   Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:04 pm

Great character, I approve!
I laughed a lot reading through her, because I was in band from middle school and totally relate xD


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Alie Elington
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