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 News 5-17-17: Creation Center Overhaul

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PostSubject: News 5-17-17: Creation Center Overhaul   Wed May 17, 2017 3:28 pm

So, as the topc title says, we've completely reworked the entire submission and approval processes, as well as retooled the templates to better fit a ~complete canon, etcetera. With the recent rearrangements of the administration and off-topic sections, allow me to turn a new page in the HS.RP history book. Upcoming will also be changes to the Rp Areas subforum, and that will be the last thing we have to re-order. Things are looking a lot more accessable, ordered logically with ease-of-access at the forefront.

Hey, stop yammering, what did you guys change?

Besides the entire forum, we also changed the submission and approval processes to a more streamlinned system.
What's that mean?
Hashtags, basically. The forum now has hashtags. I won't bore you with the details, but instead of having a labyrinthine network of subforums and threads, we can simply store all the approved characters in one place, tagging them with the relevent information. Even better than it was before.
But what about the nearly 800 OCs we've made?
That's a bit of a hiccup. We don't want to have to go through and tag  every OC, especiallly when some of them don't even have  an active creator. Instead, they're all currently in an archive, located <<here>>. If you want them to be recategorized back with the rest of the approved characters, contact an admin or mod and they'll be able to help you out.

Thanks for reading,

t l o


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PostSubject: Re: News 5-17-17: Creation Center Overhaul   Thu May 18, 2017 2:55 am

But... but what if somebody's troll is put into the wrong blood-color tag?

Oh, me. You know that answer. Mods (such as DistantRed) and admins are often provided with a blood color that they have to make a judgement on and those mods (such as DistantRed) and admins can make a judgement that's wrong in such cases. If that happens, just sort of tell a mod (such as DistantRed) or admin and they'll correct the issue.

((I posted this here because there's already so many over-haul threads and stuff is starting to get buried in the latest topics section.))

Also, every previously approved character that wasn't moved to the approved section is now in an approved section (characters before April 13th, 2017 were archived). To re-iterate, if you want an archived character moved to the approved character section, tell a mod or admin.

Looove, DistantRed


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News 5-17-17: Creation Center Overhaul
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