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 A Lot of Doom Leprechauns (TW: Death, I guess)

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PostSubject: A Lot of Doom Leprechauns (TW: Death, I guess)   Tue May 16, 2017 9:46 am

I saw that there weren't any leprechauns made so I made a bunch of leprechauns. I put it all in one post because I don't want to steal the whole latest topics list (and I got permission from ).

I personally head-canon that pool is the usual theme and I'm un-creative so yeah, pool. If I have to, I'll find a different theme eventually and re-post.

If not stated otherwise, all of these leprechauns have:
- a dark purple (#521552) exoskeleton
- dark purple (#521552) pinstripe shirts where the stripe is yellow (#F3F303)
- dark purple (#521552) fedoras


Name: Finny (1)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Finny knows HOW they're going to die i.e. being shot in the head.

Physical Description: Finny wears a visorless police helmet with a vertical yellow stripe and a 1 as well as a bulletproof vest.
Personality: Finny is rather skittish especially around loud sounds and/or popping sounds and around guns.


Name: Mori (2)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Stroke has a pocket-watch juju. The person holding the stop-watch can see how long they have left to live. Once it hits midnight, dems da brakes.

Physical Description: Stroke is dressed rather extravagantly. They wear a fur-coat and the blue stripe of their hat is a glittery blue and the rest of their hat is glittery silver.
Personality: Mori is rather brave. They just exactly when they're going to die so Mori takes a lot of risks knowing full well that they won't hurt them. Also due to this, Mori has a rather extravagant personality.


Name: Stinks (3)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Stinks knows where they're going to die which is inside of a bathtub. While not a power, Stinks is named after their rather powerful odor.

Physical Description: Stinky is rather filthy. Their tattered hat (with the number 3 barely visible) is a dirty gray and the of him is caked in dirt and grime. It is also not uncommon to see flies flying around him.
Personality: Stinky is rather crude.


Name: Stiff (4)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: How can you expect to outrun somebody when they're already dead?! That's Stiff's "power". They're already dead.

Physical Description: They're dressed in a purple suit and tie, has a hat with a purple stripe going down the middle of it lying on top of them, they're often in a horizontal position. Also, Stiff is a corpse.
Personality: Stiff doesn't really say much and also doesn't really do much. Stiff's a corpse. What did you expect?


Name: Laze (5)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Laze is fated to die over and over and over. Whenever Laze dies, they then resurrect 4 minutes later (with complete regeneration).

Physical Description: Laze just sort of wears orange khaki shorts and a fake-suit t-shirt covered with cheese puff dust. They also have a white baseball hat with an orange line drawn down the middle and a badly written 5.
Personality: Laze is rather lazy. After living for a long time and getting used to dying so many times, they just sort of got bored of living and just sort of feeds hedonistic laziness.


Name: Planch (6)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Planch has a wooden board and a nail which can be used to talk to the dead.

Physical Description: Planch wears a long green robe and a long pointy normal hat with a green stripe with a 6 on it.
Personality: Planch has a rather out-there personality. Planch tends to not talk to others who are living, preffering to talk to the dead. This in result causes Planch to be perceived as talking in non-sequitors when the living speak to them. However, with spirits, Planch is rather chummy with the dead often employing "bar banter" with them.


Name: Ways (7)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Ways always takes the best possible action for themselves and those around them.

Physical Description: Ways has a burgundy vest and burgundy hat and white gloves.
Personality: Ways is rather confident to a fault and because of this and their power is also quite team leader. Ways is also quite idiotic in their reasoning for doing things and their orders.


Name: Off (8)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Full knowledge of the extent of Off's power is unknown, but at its simplest level, Off breaks the foundation of the rules. This often manifests as the following:
- Only existing at one place and one time in one timeline.
- The ability to render the laws of cause and effect moot.
- Powers and Juju's as well as weapons are rendered useless on Off.

Physical Description: Off often isn't seen and if you do see Off, you're most certainly screwed. When seen, Off's very appearance seems to break all known perception often resulting in a "glitched" appearance. However, what is presumed about Off is an amorphous black head with an 8 in the center and a full bodied black cloak with a purple outline.
Personality: Off has shown no empathy or attachment to anybody or anything and is willing to use cruelty to attain whatever they see which isn't as bad as it'd seem as an inordinate amount of apathy is present in Off.


Name: Check (9)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Check has a to-do list with all of the actions they will ever take until they die.

Physical Description: A white button up with a yellow tie and a pocket with yellow pencils, a yellow hat, and golden spectacles.
Personality: Unlike most who would purposefully rebel against such a list, Check is almost always as punctual as can be with the list and usually just ends up following everything the list says making the entire point a moot point. Besides Check's punctuality with action, they're also rather mannerable and civil with everybody.


Name: Yore (10)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Yore's power is that when they look at things, they can tell you whatever has happened in that area.  

Physical Description: Yore is dressed as an Ancient Greek scientist, such as Ptolemy, would. They have a blue pileus (basically a skullcap) and a blue robe with grey fabric draped over them. They walk with a limp and have a walking stick and also have a white beard and wrinkles.
Personality: Yore is a rather old-fashioned and conservative fellow. It's uncommon not to hear things like "Youngins these days..." and "Back in my day..." from Yore. Yore is also nostalgic of the past and rather happy to regale others with stories of the past. Yore also serves as a sort of grandparent-figure to those that they care about.


Name: Sap (11)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Sap's power is that when they look at things, they can tell you whatever is currently happening in that area.

Physical Description: Sap wears a red shirt and blue overalls and a Guy Fieri hair hat with the word "evlen" written on it.
Personality: Sap is REALLY into the here-and-now. They're easily entertained by literally anything that happens. They also don't have a good memory and no foresight to be spoken of. Sap however isn't just a sayer, they're doer.


Name: F-8 (12)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: F-8's power is that when they look at things, they can tell you whatever will in that area.

Physical Description: F-8 has a purple space helmet with an opaque screen that has LED lights on it which typically light up to show emoticons of their current emotion, however, they can really show whatever image they choose. F-8 also has a chest plate with buttons, switches, and speakers on it.
Personality: F-8 acts very much like a robot even though his helmet and chestplate are the only things robotic about them. F-8's emotions however are not robotic and seeing how all of their are going to die and how everything they know is going to end.


Name: Err (13)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Err always takes the worst possible action for themselves and those around them.

Physical Description: All of Err is covered with gauze except for their face which has a black eye and a couple of cuts and scars here and there. The gauze also has tears and burns throughout. The top of Err's hat is colored orange except for a circle with a 13 on it.
Personality: Err is rather intelligent, but clumsy in both action and speech. Despite failing over and over and over and over... and over, Err still continues to try and try.


Name: Bones (14)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Bones is named after the pair of bones they have. With these, Bones can control any corpse (including any ability they may have).

Physical Description: Bones of course is carrying their epitomous bones. On Bones's head is a green hat with a 14 and on their face is a green mask quite closely resembling a cherub's face.
Personality: Bones has a lot of care and gentility with everybody they know (dead or otherwise). However, Bones tends to treat others as if they're overly fragile which can often be read as treating them as if they're utter buffoons (in fairness, some of them are in fact utter buffoons). However, with those Bones doesn't know, they are rather reckless with them regardless of whether Bones has been negatively affected by them in any manner whatsoever.


Name: Dread (15)
Theme: Pool
Lord's Aspect: Doom
Power/Juju: Dread knows exactly when another member could die.

Physical Description: Dread wears a pair of burgundy goggles with green lenses and has a burgundy tinfoil hat with a black 15 written on it. Wrapped around Dread's shoulders is a towel (as one should never go out without one).
Personality: Dread is often dreading all of the terrible things that can happen to such an extent that Dread so fears that they're going to lose everything, that they don't enjoy anything.


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PostSubject: Re: A Lot of Doom Leprechauns (TW: Death, I guess)   Tue May 16, 2017 12:45 pm

All of these are approved.


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do you have like a tech problem

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A Lot of Doom Leprechauns (TW: Death, I guess)
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