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 Alolah Varytt ~TROLL OC WIP~

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What should I change should his blood colour to? [All mutant]
agate (brown)
 0% [ 0 ]
pale (yellow)
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viridian (olive-line)
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mint (jade-line)
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cyan (teal-line)
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sky (blue)
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azure (indigo-line)
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lavender (purple)
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lilac (violet-line)
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cerise (fuchsia-line)
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Alolah Varytt
Alolah Varytt

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PostSubject: Alolah Varytt ~TROLL OC WIP~   Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:18 pm

Full Name: Alolah Varytt
Gender: Male
Height: Less then seven feet
Age: 8 sweeps
Physical appearance: -Picture below)
Personality: Alolah is a sweetheart really, he feels like he wants to make up to Dmitri for when he bit her back when they first met. Alolah was a handful back when he was little.

Handle: undomesticatedPredator (doesnt follow the handle rules thing.)
Typing Quirk/Color: <>You tipe lyke this, because you ownly know how two spel a foo wer-ds as you wer-e r-aysed by your- lusus, Mama. The r-eeson you tipe your- r-'s lyke that is because that is how your matespr-it tipes it. <> [Alolah was raised by his lusus, and he can't spell well. He chose to type his rs with the quirk 'r-' is because thats how his Matesprit taught him. The reason why he types in cerulean is because Dmitri told him to hide his blood colour, and Alolah chose cerulean as the colour.)
Colour: #2956B2  Cerulean
Blood color: Mutant red (Possibly changing the colour, but keeping it mutant. It fits in with my story-line.)
Symbol: His symbol looks like four cat ears, conjoined together. It is all white, with a large black circle in the middle.
Lusus: Large white cat (9ft) who has for ears, three eyes and two tails. Her blood is (bizarrely) a neon green colour.

Strengths: Alolah can fight well, due to being raised in a forest. He can also climb, hunt and swim well too.
Weaknesses: He gets sad easily (If you insult him -even jokingly- he will probably cry.), Alolah can have violent bursts as he was never introduced to other trolls until he was 3-6 sweeps old. Much like Mituna, his mind doesn't work well; he has the troll form of Autism (kind of.)
Fears/Insecurities: He's insecure about his blood. His biggest fear is that one day Dmitri will turn around and hurt him and/or break up with him, saying that their matespritship was just a prank/joke.
Likes/Hobbies: Alolah enjoys baking and likes to help sew clothes with his matesprit, Dmitri. He can't be trusted baking though, one time Alolah almost burnt down the whole hive ^^;

God Tier Title: Maid of Blood (?)
Land: Land of Forests and Fear
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Bladekind
Psionic Power: Able to very weakly lift light objects.

Describe your character in three words: What a sweetheart

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: His matesprit and a phone.

Other: His lusus lost her temper lots, which she took out on Alolah, hence the scars on his chest and face. Alolah also has some scars on his back too. This hurts his confidence quite a bit, as they are pretty obvious as he can't hide the scars as they hurt to the touch still, but (luckily)Dmitri loves him no matter what.

                                ~W.I.P :)~

please give me tips on how to improve him please! <3
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Alolah Varytt ~TROLL OC WIP~
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