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 Josh Anderson

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PostSubject: Josh Anderson   Josh Anderson EmptySun Oct 16, 2016 3:08 am

Full Name: Josh Anderson.
Gender: Male.
Height: 5'8"
Age: 16
Physical appearance: Josh Anderson M8d3qs
He wears a fantastic Dark Red Hoodie with a classic White Shirt underneath at all times unless hes going to sleep, in which why would he not change into his pajamas? With this Hoodie/Shirt combo he wears sick Faded Dark Blue Jeans and a pair of awesome Yellow/Gold Shoes. He tends to have an "I'm the best" look on his face, like he knows everything and is the "good shit man". His hair is nice and long because the ladies love long hair that flows in the wind, and he has Dark Green eyes that can be tender yet intimidating. (Yeah about half of the "amazingness" of this character is mostly what HE thinks of himself, the colors and types of clothing are spot on however.) His Symbol is on the back of his Hoodie and the middle-front of his Shirt.
Josh is a teenager who thinks hes the best at the stuff he does and nobody's word is better than his, well, unless you show him proof of course. He likes to play video games with his bros and uses the computer for PC gaming when he feels like a break from his console is needed or he wants to make some videos, the videos mostly consisting of montages and random AMVs/YTPs. When hes not involved with his ton of tech he likes to take it down a notch and go to his balcony and draw the scenery, or if he has something in mind he'll try that. When all else fails the soothing tunes of his violin are his last resort, and y'know, he's actually not half bad at the instrument, but don't tell him I said that.
Josh tends to treat others lesser than him, but deep down he has a vast amount of respect for all his friends, he's just really bad at showing it. He usually gets kinda bummed out when others treat him like he isn't good at much and tries really hard as his skills just aren't as good as he would like them to be. He's also notorious for wanting friends to give him advice and to tell him how to improve, yet giving anyone who does so a lot of flack so they don't see how hard he's trying. He might not seem like the best guy, but no one will try harder to do something even if they suck at it than this guy, just root for him along the way, yeah?

Handle: passionatePerfectionist
Typing Style: He types normally until you realize he does not end his sentences properly all of the time and tends to not capitalize Key Words to show their significance properly either. He also tends to type a little too much when he talks about himself.
"Yo, who even cares about that shia labeouf meme anyways, we got Me here
come on man you can't be serious.
If you need me to I'll give you all the motivation you need alright
lol you see? We got Me here"

Eye color: Forest Green.
Symbol: PS. Josh Anderson 292pqie
Guardian: Mother.

+Very passionate on everything he does, seeing it to its completion.
+Perceptive, able to take criticism and learn from it almost imediately.
+A very good team-mate that will fill all the roles that aren't taken so he can brag about how much he did for the team.
+Extremely hard to distract.
-Sometimes does not do as great of a job as he thinks, often telling others off for criticizing him.
-When learning something he tends to only really improve when you make him realize how bad hes doing, making him want to improve as fast and as much as he can to show you "what he's really made of".
-Won't notice an enemy approaching him if hes too focused on his task(s).
Fears/Insecurities: Not being good at anything, being worthless, heights, being underwater for too long.
Likes and Hobbies: Drawing by hand(he hates on-computer art because his mouse is "complete garbage"), using computer audio and editing software, and playing the violin.
Dislikes: Persistent noises(Like a siren or having low health in some video games), bugs, birds, making someone feel worthless.

God Tier Title: Thief of Hope
Land: Land of Devotion and Fellowship
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Batkind

Describe your character in three words: That "good shit".

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?:
"Can a Console work on an island? ... Hello? ... Yo an answer would be nice my man".


Josh Anderson 21

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Anderson   Josh Anderson EmptySun Oct 16, 2016 4:21 pm

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Josh Anderson
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