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 Lili (cw: death mention)

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Lili (cw: death mention) Empty
PostSubject: Lili (cw: death mention)   Lili (cw: death mention) EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 3:35 pm

Full Name: Lili
Gender: Genderqueer (she/her or they/them)
Height: 5'7
Age: Appears to be 16, real age is [REDACTED]

Physical appearance:

Lili (cw: death mention) M6WRmio Lili (cw: death mention) WeqQ3TV

Personality: Lili is a stone-faced spirit of very few words. They appear to be very uninterested most of the time, and can be quite unnerving, especially when they are looking at you with eyes like a dead fish. Lili is pragmatic, and does tasks rather efficiently.

Despite being - in a sense - dead, Lili is capable of showing some emotion, though it's rare. They are capable of showing some muted happiness and excitement, sadness and misery, and even allowing themselves to be silly, although briefly. Hell, if you put them in a room full of young children, they will behave almost bizarrely nice, and will play with the children. They are still relatively young for a demon, so it is to be expected that they are still in touch with some part of their human self. However, their hatred and rage is not a force to be trifled with. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty - or gory - one they've been push past the brink.

Lili keeps an arm's distance from anyone and everyone, not building up any bonds past 'friends'. However, if someone requests some kind of comforting from them, they will not decline. They are low-key known to be a great comforter.

Handle: maidenLili (ML)
Typing Style: You type well enough, though you lack much emotion in your sentences
Eye color: Rusty red #a10000
Symbol: n/a
Guardian: Father (Alive, though has moved on)

- Lili is capable of teleporting anywhere and everywhere without the use of a device or omnipotent animals
- Inhumanly strong
- Self-efficient
Weaknesses: As a demon, they do not have any real physical weakness that will harm them. However, if summoned by someone, their abilities and freedom are limited by the summoner if they decide to keep them around.
Fears/Insecurities: They have no real fear or insecurities. If any worry or stress arises, it's suppressed.
Likes and Hobbies: Lili has a fondness for small children and babies, and also likes to dress up. As for hobbies, they do a little bit of everything, though they do like to collect Pokemon cards.
Dislikes: Not being able to go free-lancing when they are summoned. They don't like being cooped up, or generally not being able to do anything.

God Tier Title: Holder of Place
Land: Land of Decay and Pools
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: n/a

Describe your character in three words: They're dead, guys.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A sun hat and bathing suit.


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Lili (cw: death mention) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lili (cw: death mention)   Lili (cw: death mention) EmptySat Oct 15, 2016 7:41 pm

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Lili (cw: death mention)
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