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 Corday Kallai

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PostSubject: Corday Kallai   Corday Kallai EmptyWed Oct 12, 2016 11:32 pm

Full Name: Corday Kallai
Gender: Female.
Height: 6'6"
Age: 11 Sweeps old. (Almost 24 human-years old.)
Physical appearance: Horns: Corday Kallai 168iqs6
She wears just her normal black shirt with some gray jeans and some red running shoes. She has average hair (not short or long) that looks like your normal tomboy kind of deal, and she has a scar or her left arm that looks like something cut her in a curved line a long time ago, she will not speak about what caused it however.
Personality: Being one of the best private mentors you can have in the way of combat, she wanders around offering to spar with people to see what they're made of and to give them tips on what they're doing wrong, usually ending the fight when either side has gotten hit with a hard blow or been wounded with something sharp. She does not take disrespect well and will hit you a lot harder than normal if you say something smart during the fight. It's also important to note; even though she is a sea dweller she just likes to be on land more, one of her favorite things being the summer breeze.
Other than fighting though, shes rather normal and bland, and tends to walk around a lot to meet many new faces, though of course she has her favorite people to hang with. She likes to goof on people who deal with technology or do nerdy stuff like FLARP or play games, but never takes it further than the mere "If only you were as strong as your character. ;)". When she likes you more than just a mere friend she'll be a lot more direct than you think, almost trying to spell it out for you with the way she decides to treat you, sometimes going to the extremes until you take the hint. With all her friends however she usually sneaks up on a person and says hello from behind when they least expect it just to mess with them and she tends to want her circle to be strong, getting on their case if they're not improving. Even though she likes to chat with her circle, she sucks at responding to messages when shes doing something, which is often.

Handle: stalwartMentor.
Typing Quirk/Color: She tends to type with exaggerated exclamation, and she types with vowels capitalized(She doesn't speak in that quirk, but she does still exaggerate exclamations without trying to do so).
Example: "I'm gOIng tO kIck yOUr Ass If yOU kEEp pUshIng mE!!! LMAO, jUst kIddIng dUdE."
Blood color: Amethyst.
Symbol: Corday Kallai 2wgwrog
Lusus: A Crocodile with 3 tails, only slightly larger than normal.

+Excellent Warrior, has all the qualities of a top fighter including strength, endurance, stamina, and speed.
+Reliable guardian in times of protecting allies and great as a front line fighter.
+Hard to deceive.
-Rash, tends to give no enemy the benefit of the doubt and never runs from a fight.
-Afraid to kill, even though she can easily do so.
-When she feels overpowered she tends to flail about rather than attacking in a calm demeanor.
-Can get very depressive when she fails at helping someone and will refuse to help anyone for a while due to being afraid of failing again.
-Seems to only fight at her true strength when shes protecting someone.
Fears/Insecurities: Failure, Helplessness, Death, Fear itself.
Likes/Hobbies: Sparring, teaching others how to fight, protecting those who can't fight, chilling with low-bloods and seeing them for who they really are.
Dislikes: Disrespect, a friend feeling sad, clingy people.

God Tier Title: Knight of Breath.
Land: Land of Retaliation and Warfare.
Derse or Prospit: Prospit.
Strife Specibus: Bladekind. (Does not use her sword when she is sparring/fighting a friend.)
Psionic Power: Can passively ignore some effects of enemies powers/abilities. (Example: If someone tried to hold her in place with telekinesis she would be unaffected/able to break free within seconds rather than being stuck for a minute or so.)

Describe your character in three words: What A Tomboy.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: Some band aids and perhaps a smoothy of some kind since she'll probably be swimming towards home very shortly.

Other: She tends to begin a Sgrub session with her favorite Fencing sword as her weapon, but quickly learns to alchemize herself something better. Prioritizes getting through her gates as fast as possible in order to assist the others. Usually does not get God Tier unless someone takes her to a quest bed/tells her about and gets killed on it, and she rarely will die unless she sacrifices herself.


Corday Kallai 21

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PostSubject: Re: Corday Kallai   Corday Kallai EmptyWed Oct 12, 2016 11:40 pm


Corday Kallai Ptolem10

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Corday Kallai
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