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 Vector Covete

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PostSubject: Vector Covete   Vector Covete EmptySun Sep 18, 2016 11:41 pm

Full Name: Vector Covete
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Age: 7.8 Sweeps old.
Physical appearance:
Vector Covete 33dgxva
His clothing consists of the nice black hoodie with his symbol not shown, however he wears a Dark Green colored scarf around his neck, tucked into the hoodie at all times. Even when hes not wearing the hoodie and just a shirt (symbol is on the middle of the front for his shirt as most shirts do) he keeps his scarf on. He wears normal Blue sneaker-like shoes and gray pants, and his hair is slightly past shoulder length. (His hair seems like the kinda hair you would have if you keep care of your hair without really cutting it much besides trimming the front a little and not letting it go "Rock-star" on you. His hair is Black.)
Personality: Vector is a Troll who has always been known as weak, never letting his true strength show. He tends to be quiet, reading books and not socializing much, but always gets carried away when others chat with him, losing track of time. He usually mumbles when he speaks because he's used to speaking softly as to not hurt his Lusus's ears. Spends a lot of his free time collecting food for his Lusus on the beach-side home they live in, his Lusus lives in the basement where the dark is its darkest. His Lusus goes to fly outside for about an hour each night around midnight, and it has killed quite the few trespassers on its travels.
He likes to take online quizzes, because they make him feel like "he knows himself better", though he questions the logistics of them when he gets results that are completely inaccurate. He spends a lot of his time talking to his friends, or more so listening as he types very little unless a subject he likes comes up, in which he does most the talking. Not many Trolls like him however as his whispering tendencies and bursts of random screeching are audible annoyances, and his Trollian friends don't seem too keen on chatting with him as much as he'd like, so he tends to travel outside and explore a lot. That and read a lot of books, in fact, whenever he wakes up he reads at least 5 pages before breakfast.
In terms of relationships he doesn't like the more darker quadrants much, preferring one of the reds. He would show his interest in someone most likely by asking them how they are doing and if he could do anything/get something for them a lot more than others. He doesn't only do favors for his interests though as he tends to put others before himself in a lot of situations, sometimes getting food for his Lusus without even getting anything for himself.

Handle: furtiveRevision
Typing Quirk/Color: Color: Beryl. Quirks: uses an additional "." (period) when he ends a sentence or uses Ellipses (. . ./...) and scrEECHES when he uses words that use two e's, capitalizing all his e's regardless. Example: "Man.... you arE such a crEEP today.. What is wrong with you? You'rE nEvEr likE this.."
-Note: He only uses capital e's when typing, however he still carries the double-e scrEECH and extra "." parts while talking.
Blood color: Beryl.
Symbol: Vector Covete 2w4ag49
Lusus: 8'0" tall Fruit Bat.

Strengths: Is very strong even though he might not act like it, Very aggressive when he is in a fit of rage(very hard for an enemy to kill during this time, and hard for allies to calm him down), doesn't underestimate anyone due to seeing everyone as equally dangerous, would be an excellent leader despite his cowardice at times(knows how to put his foot down when he knows it's no longer an option to run/back down), Has amazing hearing.
Weaknesses: Isn't quick enough to process information in short time frames(Is a slow thinker, thus makes him make decisions slower), Easily out numbered as he tends to stay alone unless others follow or cling to him, Gets emotionally unstable very easily and leaves chats with friends when he is(Even if it was important), being a runner rather than a fighter despite his strength, easily tricked due to his nature of being gullible.
Fears/Insecurities: Death, others viewing him as unintelligent or weak, small spaces(claustrophobia).
Likes/Hobbies: Reading books, being helpful to his Lusus/others, compliments, striking a pose when accomplishing a feat, carving wooden figures.
Dislikes: Bias, Sarcasm, Pity, Others who Boast often.

God Tier Title: Heir of Space
Land: Land of Shadow and Silence
Derse or Prospit: Prospit
Strife Specibus: Axekind
Psionic Power: When he screeches extremely loud he can manipulate the persons perception of real and fake, making them hallucinate for a minute or so. This Hallucination can cause slight memory loss in the weaker willed Trolls/Enemies. (Memory loss cannot exceed 5 minutes prior to the audible screech.) More powerful at close ranges, even hearing it in the distance may affect you, though it's noted that the sound isn't as effective to those who have been affected by the screech before. Usually only uses this when in a fit of rage.

Describe your character in three words: Reader, Quiet, Docile.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A Snickers and a Book. Hes not himself when hes hungry. ;P

Other: When he gets emotionally unstable he can go into massive fits of rage which is why he tries to run or distance himself before he does. He doesn't seem to be consolable during this time as approaching him only causes him to babble his incoherent nonsense louder. The only known method of calming him is his Lusus Wrapping its wings around him, comforting him as his yells lessen until he resumes crying or whatever it was he was doing before he had his little "moment". Lastly in terms of his Lusus it is a docile one during the Day, though during Night-Time it can get aggressive to those who eat fruit nearby to their home, often times killing them not because they're trespassing, but because it is hungry for the fruit they hold.


Vector Covete 21

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Vector Covete Ptolem10

Whatever you want to glow

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Vector Covete
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