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 Seth Onyx

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PostSubject: Seth Onyx   Seth Onyx EmptySat Sep 17, 2016 7:31 pm

Full Name: Seth Onyx
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0" With his hunched back. Without he is 6'5".
Age: 17
Physical appearance:
Seth Onyx 11h3rtd Seth Onyx 2i24j0x
He is a tall teenager who wears primarily Orange, Brown, and Black colored clothing, usually making his accessories consist of Green Blue and Red. His favorite color is Green, because it is the LUCKIEST color out there, which represents him well.
Personality: Seth Onyx is a 17 year old guy who likes to keep his true nature and the truth about himself mostly unknown, often acting happy when hes sad and often being calm when something is bothering him, even joking when its not the time and doing pretty much everything that would make him seem a tad on the weird side. He does this to be unpredictable, as "when someone is able to read you like a book, you've already lost". That being said, he enjoys analyzing and debunking every aspect of a person to know their true nature, capabilities, and the truth of who they are. He likes to know what kind of friends he's associating with. He's very good at figuring out when someone is lying, or is hiding their identity while others struggle to know what even his favorite type of animal is (unless he trusted them with that information of course) which lead some to believe he is some kind of psychic, which tends to make him laugh it off and say "I wish I was." He is often seen as a liar however, as when people exchange information about him they tend to find inconsistencies.
Ever since he was a child he has always had been alone, living in a home of two consisting of his Guardian and himself. He has always been big on online chat rooms, however the types with "Camera Capabilities" were the ones he found first, and man was the internet cruel to him. After a while of being bullied about his appearance and such he moved away and proceeding to use Pesterchum as a source of connecting with others. One could say this is why he reveals so little about himself, so he can't be bullied any more.
He is also very big gamer, even ignoring his Guardian unintentionally unless she needs him for something. Contrary to trying to stay by himself in almost all situations he isn't afraid to go out of his way to go out or do pretty much anything for those he cares about. You might think he keeps everything from his friends, though that isn't the case, as he tells them all they need to know and nothing more. Secretly, he wishes someone could figure him out without harassing him or using his identity to hurt him, however with how sly he is and how jokingly he takes serious situations sometimes the only handle people can get on him most times is his Pesterchum Username. He thoroughly enjoys RPGs and will always get his game face on when playing a multiplayer game with friends, especially when it matters the most.

Handle: vigilantTrouper
Typing Style: The only difference he has other than normally typing is using CAPS when he would otherwise be yelling or emphasizing words.
Example: "You don't understand.. I'M FINE, everything is FINE. Okay? Now drop it already."
He also uses emotes and hides negative emotions by typing as if nothings wrong.
Example: "Why would that bother me? I get death threats ALL the time, :P heh."
Frequently changes his color based on eye-contact color.
Eye color: ??? {Has eye color contacts, hides his eye color. He uses #0D5128, and #145082 commonly, mostly the blue.}
-Will reveal his true eye color to someone who he feels deserves to know the truth, or is close enough to him that hiding that information is useless. "There's no real need to know this info."
Symbol: A Four-Leaf Clover.
Guardian: Sister. Let's be honest, he hates her because she tends to be very needy..
Strengths: Very caring and loyal, can be told off several times before hes willing to let a good friendship go. Has unbelievable luck, not by getting lucky all the time, but by always seeming to avoid bad situations and outcomes unless they pursue him for extended periods of time, an example being if someone tried to throw a book at him from behind he might bend down to tie his shoes, though if you tried again to attack him from behind you'd most likely hit him, luck isn't indefinite. Enjoys Puzzle solving objects and people equally, making him a very strong detective. Has a high reaction speed from playing games all the time. Has good strength and endurance.
Weaknesses: Antisocial, tends to not make new friends easily but once he does he becomes good friends with them. Becomes very Rash when trying to protect people he likes, can do something very stupid such as taking a fatal blow for an ally to ensure their safety at the cost of his. Tends to be weaker when alone, usually clings to people a lot via chat system, or those who know his true nature (since at that point he has nothing to hide) face to face, uses Pesterchum a lot. Unable to hide his emotions face to face. Over-analytic, thinking about how things will go to the extent that he might know too much at times and anger others or ignore important on going events to more deeply understand events that happened in the past. Knows little to nothing about social media/famous people.
Fears/Insecurities: Being alone. Losing any of his loved ones. Becoming too reliant on other people(Which he kinda already has :P). Coming off as a jerk with his first impressions.
Likes and Hobbies: Games, online chatting, and being there when others need him, music(especially rock), and playing Hangman.
Dislikes: When other people avoid him, unnecessary conflict, social involvement without being able to hide his true emotions, being hated, cricket sounds, rap(especially the kind with massive amounts of profanity). He's also afraid of others finding out how depressed  he is and how he wishes he had someone to hold- "HEY, don't you even start telling them that!" Hmph, fine. "Thank you."
God Tier Title: Prince of Doom.
Land: Land of Intuition and Illusion.
Derse or Prospit: Derse/Prospit, is Derse unless the session requires another Prospit Player.
Strife Specibus: Shieldkind.

Describe your character in three words: Fast, Enigmatic, Lucky.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: Seth would bring a water filter(because he's smart) so he can drink and probably something to communicate via Pesterchum.

Other: His shield is a one handed shield that he uses to defend himself primarily, but can use it to bash the enemy upside the head or throw it with a boomerang arc for a last ditch ranged attack. His shield is White with Purple markings on it. He usually starts off the Journey using a Dartboard as a shield.. He's also very resistant to sleep, as he rarely sleeps in the first place due to his insomnia.


Seth Onyx 21

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PostSubject: Re: Seth Onyx   Seth Onyx EmptySun Sep 18, 2016 8:31 am

Approved. Excellent really.

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Seth Onyx
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