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 The Sovreign/ The Habinger

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PostSubject: The Sovreign/ The Habinger   Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:35 pm

Title: The Sovreign/ The Habinger
Full Name:?????? Razoro
Nickname(s): Lucifer, The bull/ sharp-tooth, The morning star.
Height & Weight:12 ft/7.1 ft - 135kg/90kg
Age: 2000 sweeps/15 sweeps
Physical appearance:Large horns that curve in a 's' formation with a bright fuschia blood colour streak runs down the center of his long black hair that is tied up into a bushy ponytail. large wide teeth appear due to an overbite. has long flat eyes as if they were straining themselves. has blood veins bulging down and up his left side from his neck to his heart and his left arm. tends to wear heavy metal plates in a patchwork over his body in the style of a gladiator. sometimes is seen in a heavy iron cast collar./ small horns that curve in a 's' formation with a bright burgundy blood colour streak that runs down the center of her short black spiky hair. long jagged teeth line her overbite. has wide dilated eyes with a permanent frowned expression. seen to wear a long black dress with thrills around the cuffs and neck. (both have three separate plates of metal armor and metal gauntlet permanently attached to their left arm.)
Personality:loyal, tends to follow stronger personalities (not saying that he has a weak personality.) rash when bothered or when he can't wrap his head around something and is always committed to anything he does./ traitorous, tends to control the weak of heart and mind, shows an uninterested attitude most of the time, the rest is a furious rage when something doesn't go her way, cares for those she holds close.

Typing Quirk/Color:replaces f,w,th with v/ none
Blood color: ff0099/ 330000
Symbol: Baidam(Shark constellation)

Strengths: high muscle density giving him large amounts of raw physical strength, skilled in close quarters combat, fast(even for his size)./ intelligent, manipulative, able to control others by simply working around their strengths and targeting their weakness.
Weaknesses: does not have any goals only wishing to find one that suits him, tends to attack first and talk later./ falls apart when a highly thought out plan fails, looses al reason when those closest to her are taken away from her.
Fears/Insecurities:fear of abandonment, not being useful/ failing, being controlled.
Dislikes:assholes(no debate)

God Tier Title: heir of soul
Derse or Prospit:Prospit/Derse
Strife Specibus:Two-handed-kind, gauntlet-kind, head-kind/ staff-kind, gauntlet-kind, scroll-kind.
Psionic Power:beserkers-rage(gains unnatural boosts in all areas besides intelligence, all reason is thrown out the window.)/Astrakinesis, Astronkinesis, Asterokinesis & Azura-rage( gains unnatural boost in energy and psionic power, all reason is thrown out the window.)
(Both have the ability to talk to their ancestors but it is impossible due to them being the first of their line but if one dies then the other can still communicate with them. through the afterlife)

History: both being born from the error of an Imperial Drone collecting the wrong genetic material from a burgundy and a fuschia caused a great outcry for the death of the peasant and the death of the grubs when they are born. sadly due to poor timing and that mob not lasting long, the two were picked up by some slavers. the grub that was one day to be called 'The Sovreign' was either A) going to be used as an expensive colour mixture or B) sent to the coliseum due to its physically strong appearance. the Grub that would be referred to as 'The Habinger' was to be sent off to become a maid to one of, the more upper-class houses. The Habinger lived a mundane life as a maid looking after the houses child as a plaything and a slave, to follow the child's every need. The Harbinger did not like this one bit but knew that she needed a foot in the door to make it past this gutter of a life. playing the cheerful dunce she edged her way into the high blood girl's heart. after a while the girl troll began to call The Habinger her friend and in turn the bitter feelings the habinger felt began to disappear. The Habinger began to be inserted as a part of the family in the high blood household and soon they were at an age where both decided to leave the house for a higher learning. This is where The harbinger began to learn her skills and build connection until one fateful day, a group of purple bloods that had just joined the new religious order of the Juggalo's and their merciful messiah began to cause trouble. one thing led to another and let's just say that the Habinger was the last one standing among those who were dragged into the slaughter.
thought to be the one to have caused this mess, she was ordered to duty to die on a distant planet as either a spy or a diplomat and that is where her story ends for now. The grub that was to become The Sovriegn was lucky enough to be brought in bulk by a curilian merchant wishing to enter the group of young grubs into the coliseum. thinking that at least one of them would get them their wealth. it took only 1 day for half the group to be slaughtered by the combatants of the coliseum and another day to only leave one Grub left. the merchant started to worry only now understanding the trade he had tried to enter. The Sovriegn's turn was up as he was to verse a casual of the arena referred to as Rusty, a mammoth of a troll who could crush a troll with one hand. With nothing but a rusted shield to protect himself, he was unsure how he could make.
Rusty charged at The Sovreign at full force as if a brick wall decided to grow legs and run, a quick tumble forwards allowed the young grub to dodge the incoming goliath making the troll trip over. seeing the opportunity at hand the sovereigns jumped onto the downed trolls back and began to bludgeon Rusty to death with the shield which after awhile shattered allowing it to cut into the trolls hide with its jagged edge. this was the first of many fights that the troll would see.


OC's,Denizens & Ancestors:

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PostSubject: Re: The Sovreign/ The Habinger   Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:36 pm

Would like someone's opinion on my work of so far.

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The Sovreign/ The Habinger
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