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 The Nymphs

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PostSubject: The Nymphs   Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:13 am

Racial Name: Nymphs.
Nick Names: Leviathans.
Genders?: Binary.
Average Life span: 500-800 years unless death by unnatural causes.

General Appearance: Nymphs are massive sea dwelling creatures, ranging from dark reds, greens, and purples in color with slightly lighter accents on their chest and down their backs. The color depends on at what depth they were born. The accents are often accompanied by biolumenescent spots on their body that glow, commonly in the shapes of dots or stripes.

A Nymph's tail isn't quite a tail. It's more like they're wearing flippers with glowing spots and small claws on the ends of them. Their bodies are rather scaly, except for a spot on the back of their neck which is extremely vulnerable to attack. Luckily, this spot is covered by the creature's hair, male or female, and is guarded by two thick fins that tend to drift behind and cover any openings as they swim.

Nymph babies are about the size of a human adult when they're born and look like mermaids with their fins still together. They don't have their spots/stripes yet, and their neck spot is extremely sensitive. It takes about a year for their fins to separate and for them to grow to an age to leave their parent(s).

Their upper half is very humanoid, their eyes usually a bright glowing orange like their spots. Their arms are long, with large webbed hands consisting of 5 fingers. They're more human than you'd think, and their behaviour proves it.

Common Personality: A Nymph's personality depends just as much on where it was born as color does. Green Nymphs, born in the shallow waters of Deonia, is usually very aggressive due to the number of them in the area. Natives on Deonia normally watch the smaller variations of their kind fight from the shore, and often eat whatever is left of the loser after it washes up on the beach. Green Nymphs live in packs most of the time, fighting for dominance, mates, or just for the hell of it. Males are more aggressive than females.

Red Nymphs on the other hand are more on the relaxed side, living a little deeper and spread out from eachother than their green counterparts, although Red Nymph corpses washing up are not unheard of. They are more social than both Purple and Green Nymphs.

Purple Nymphs are practically legendary, living in the deepest depths of the ocean. They're the gentle giants of their race, and giant is an understatement. An adult Purple Nymph could indeed eat a Green Nymph whole if they were ever given a reason to. Purple Nymphs, if they ever came in contact with another race, would be extremely playful. They're basically big intimidating babies.

Society: Nymph society ALSO depends on where one lives.
Green Nymph society is kill or be killed, even in packs. That's mainly the reason why they're so vicious to others and to the natives. Red Nymphs usually travel alone until they find a mate, and the same goes for Purple Nymphs.
Home Planet: Deonia is a tropical planet littered with lush islands, and is the home of many tribes who worship Nymphs as gods.
Relationships: Even the relationships depend on where you live, holy diddly damn. Green Nymphs find a mate, reproduce, and then ditch. Red Nymphs on the other hand actually can develop friendships with eachother, same with Purple.
Reproduction Nymph reproduction is simple. A male Nymph latches onto a female, releases sperm into the water, and it finds its way into the female to fertilize the eggs. Nymphs carry their children for about a year, before giving birth to live young. Male Green Nymphs leave the mother to care for them herself, while Red and Purple Nymphs stay with their mate.
Guardians: Mother/Father, Uncle/Aunty, so on.
Symbol Rules: They don't quite have symbols.

Naming Conventions: Usually 5/6x9.
Racial powers: Due to their size, they're hella strong.
Attributes: The two more social kinds can easily communicate with others, while Green Nymphs basically hate everything with a passion, making them violent fighters.
Traits: Their appearances are all relatively the same, except for facial features, of course.
IM System: None, because most are too big for it. Not to mention, electronic stuff underwater.
Typing rules: None.

Other: Nymphs can sort of speak underwater, but would rather use their traditional grunts to communicate.

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PostSubject: Re: The Nymphs   Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:11 pm



Whatever you want to glow

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The Nymphs
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