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 The Fae

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PostSubject: The Fae   Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:34 am

Racial Name: Fae (sing. is Fae)
Nick Names: The Fair Folk, the Travelers

Genders?: They have a wide range of genders, though the normal gender binary (female and male) are majorly present.

Average Life span: The Fae are notorious for living long life spans that go more than a couple of centuries! Unfortunately, due to their current state of living, their life span has dropped severely because of outside forces, and still declining.

General Appearance:

(more example images + a base tba)

The Fae appear to be a humanoid race with slight insect-like features, such as small mandibles and antennae. They do not have protruding noses, and they have two pairs of nostrils; a smaller set about a bigger set. Unlike regular insects, they do not have a protective carapace, and instead have insanely durable flesh. Their two toes are actually little claws.

Their skin colors range from greens to blues, and their hair is always very darkly colored, to the point that they either seem or are black headed. Their eyes are wide and are almost ninety percent pupil, with the whites only showing up if they look really far to the sides.

Due to being space-bound, the Fae are now wearing body suits as a mean to keep their body temperatures up. The symbols and colors they bare are signs of who belongs on what ship. Some do wear some pieces of clothing, such as a jacket or other accessories, to spice up their appearance, as well as personalizing their body suits.

High class Fae usually don clothes made of finer materials, such as silk, and sheer fabrics.

Common Personality: Before becoming space-bound, the Fair Folk were a simply pleasant people, and were generally hospitable to any planetary travelers who came across their planet.

Presently, they are an agitated and fearful race, although they do retain their pleasant nature for the sake of their peers. ‘Stay hopeful,’ as the Master of the Ring would say.

Society: The Fae were a race that earned the title of ‘Most Nicest People in the Galaxy’. Their society was almost up to utopia standards, and was well balanced when it came to what they excelled in, although they were well-flourished in the arts. They are well known for throwing plenty of festivities year-round, whether big or small. They were a lot more advanced than people give them credit for, as they have succeeded in space travel and living in space for long periods of time. They also perfected a planetary force field around their planet (although it is quite sluggish once activated and takes a bit for it to surround the planet completely) and smaller ones that’s on planet to protect their larger cities.

Their government is run by a council, called the Ring, which has a total of five members, all of whom have varying lengths of antennae. A Fae’s antennae shows their status in their society, and the longer the antennae, the higher the status, excluding the members in the Ring who do have short antennae, who are treated with the utmost respect.
Past members of the Ring are also shown respect, and still carry their titles.

While the Ring was trying to be fair then, they would still be partially biased.

Presently, the Fair Folk are struggling to keep what remains of their culture alive in their state of stress and concern, as everything right now is basically against them. They have limited food, limited time, limited space, and they're packed into ships, hunted by trolls, and constantly having to throw away morality to survive.

Home Planet: Spirabellus was a beautiful planet, with colorful flora and fauna. The planet was not damaged too much by the Fair Folk, as they built their cities into places like mountain sides, or connected caves to preserve most of their home’s natural beauty. The planet was rich in fine materials, such as jewels and valuable minerals. They even built magnificent spires carved from marble! Their homeworld also had particularly warm climates, which ranged from the mid 80s to hotter than 110s. You’ll notice that none of them live anywhere where it snows on their planet.

Relationships: Their relationships aren’t really that complicated compared human relationships, though there is no taboo towards polyamorous relationships. Actually, it is considered quite a spectacle to see only two Fae together, but that is no one’s business but theirs.
There has be cases of arranged relationships/marriages, however.
Reproduction Fair Folk produce much like humans. Once a female Fae has been impregnated, she basically ‘cocoons’ herself, and is not seen by anyone except her mate(s) and very close and trusted friends. She’ll then lay about five or six eggs to a clutch. It’s rare for more than two to hatch from her batch.
Due to their nature, the Fae take to aristocratic breeding, and most of the long-antennaed Fae will only mate with other long-antennaed Fae.
Guardians: Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, great grandpas... they’re literally endless.

Symbol Rules: As of now, symbols are limited to the symbol of the ship they are currently on, and the current options are:

The Council of the Ring: The symbol is worn by those who are going to become a member of the Ring, are a member of the Ring, or were a member of the Ring. Only a handful bear this symbol, and there is no new members of this faction to date.

The Miltary (icon made by vis): Self-explanatory. This faction has more ships that are scattered outside and in the fleet. The amount of military space ships outnumber most - if not all - of the other faction ships.

Medical: The ships where the sick and injured are transported for medical care. Their best supplies are saved for the more critical cases.

The Terrarium: The ships that contain what plants and crops have been preserved from their home planet. The Fae from other ships can visit, but it is prohibited to take any of the plants.

The Animal Caretakers: The ships that have taken in the animals from their home planet. Again, people can visit, but it is prohibited to take any of the animals. Also due to endangerment of most of the species, no one can see most of the animals.
If you happened to have brought a pet on-board, however, you are free to keep it with you.

The Followers: Fae who are holding onto the religious part of their culture.

The Civilians (icon made by vis): The civilians are Fae who have no specific role, but this is where you see more of those who try to save their culture.

Naming Conventions: 5x6/7

Racial powers: n/a
- They have miniscule hairs on the palms of their hands and feet, making it easy for them to climb otherwise ungraspable surfaces, though they cannot grip slick surfaces.
- A Fae’s antennae, if functional, are capable of detecting enemies, finding food, and picking up pheromones (to the embarrassment of those that are going into or are in heat).
- The top pair of nostrils are capable of making a whistling sound, and each sound is unique to an individual. The sound is used for many reasons, such as locating a Fae that has strayed from the group, or trying to soothe someone (notably children).
- They have excellent night vision due to the amount of light that their eyes absorb.
- The Fae cannot live in temperatures that go lower in the 70s. They are very weak to the cold, and will die a lot faster from it than a human would.
IM System: ChitterCritters ( XY began chittering at YZ)
Typing rules: They don’t use any wild quirks or the like. They type quite normally, although the way they do it is different from one young Fae to another.


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PostSubject: Re: The Fae   Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:55 am

Not here to grade it but I have to say you did an amazing job here.

OC's,Denizens & Ancestors:
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PostSubject: Re: The Fae   Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:07 am

thank u. it's definitely far better than my older fanraces. XD
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PostSubject: Re: The Fae   Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:00 am



Whatever you want to glow

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PostSubject: Re: The Fae   Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:53 am

never fear, your Madonna is here!
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PostSubject: Re: The Fae   Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:36 am



Whatever you want to glow

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PostSubject: Re: The Fae   

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The Fae
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