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 Laadzi Lanlas, Mistress of Law

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PostSubject: Laadzi Lanlas, Mistress of Law   Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:53 pm

Full Name: Laadzi Lanlas
Title(s): Lady of House Lanlas, The Clawbeast, Mistress of Law.
Gender: Female with a very masculine appearance.
Age: 14 sweeps.
Height: 7'0.
House: House Lanlas

Physical Appearance: Laadzi is very well built as mentioned previously, a giant like Ozeath. The majority of her body is covered by a large clawbeast pelt that was passed down as an heirloom of her house for generations. The pelt is more like a robe though, considering how gigantic the beast was. The majority of the fur would be stained with blood of every color imaginable. Even High Valyrian. Underneath the hood is a long mess of hair, almost resembling a lion's mane, covering her small horns. Her eyes as cold as stone with a constant resting bitchface expression.  
Personality: Laadzi is your typical villain, large and in charge. She commands the largest army in The Westerlands, and is the current Mistress of Law. Of course she has to be serious. Although, if you catch her alone, she'll break her resting bitchface expression and actually smile for once. In reality, she's just a gentle giant. She's been a good friend of Ozeath ever since she tore The Westerlands from House Huslei, but that doesn't mean her allegiance won't sway towards a certain fuchsia blood.
Blood Color: Gold.

Strengths: Her size and how intimidating she is. Not to mention her 'devotion' to the crown.
Weaknesses: She can get violent rather quick, and opens up to people she trusts even quicker. She also doesn't wear much under the pelt.
Weapon of Choice: A gigantic greatsword that she affectionately named "The Butcher" after slaughtering House Huslei.
Psionic Power: None.

Describe your character in 3 words: Big buff cheeto.


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Laadzi Lanlas, Mistress of Law
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