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 Aleato Cultiv: a Gambler, made Master of Coin

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PostSubject: Aleato Cultiv: a Gambler, made Master of Coin   Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:49 am

Full Name: Aleato Cultiv
Title: Lord Paramount of the Reach, Master of Coin, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, Lord of Highgarden
Gender: Male
Age: 12 Sweeps
Height: 6'0"
House: House Cultiv

Physical Appearance: Though a less-than-shining example of the Cultiv family, he retains many of their traits. His hair, while the customary black, and while not possessing the signature curls of his house, does catch reddish in certain lights, though it cascades in straighter waves than has ever been seen before in a lord of the house. Just one more thing to fuel rumors against him -- and it is such that although he keeps it moderate length as his father and brother before him did, he often conceals much of it beneath an ornate, gold-trimmed black three-cornered hat. His face can be described as foxlike if one were to look for the semblance, and many often do: sharp jawline, wry smile, nimble and subtle facial features.

His build, while not frail, is far from being very imposing. This he makes no effort to hide, dressing in well-fitting, fine clothes worthy of his title and position of the world. In battle he prefers lighter metals and leathers to the brash, heavy plate.

Personality: Aleato is a charming, humorous Lord. He makes light of many matters, often some that others do not take so kindly to making light of. Even so, his powerful position shields him from most flak that he caught earlier in his life for his perhaps overly-easygoing disposition.

Born as second son to the Cultiv family, Aleato was the concept of "alternate" personified. Though he would eventually grow to best his brother in games of skill and wit, he did not have the strength or the talent to overtake him in battle, the looks to overtake him at the feasts, nor the status to overtake him as the heir. He was not so much as to be a disgrace to his house, but certainly not much as ever expected of him.

Seemingly doomed to forever live in the shadows of the greater men of his family, Aleato dedicated his time to sharpening what talents he DID have: his mind, his swordfighting, and his charisma. He frequently insisted on hosting lesser parties and gatherings of the household whenever possible, spent time reading, training with his sword, and sitting in on meetings his brother would attend, whenever possible and appropriate.

Though he would continue to improve his strengths even after he came of age, it seemed increasingly hopeless that his house would ever see fit to honor him with significant tasks, when his brother was more the model lordling than anyone could hope for. Not wanting his feelings of inadequacy to mutate into envy -- for despite their differences, the two Cultivs did get along quite well -- Aleato increasingly desparately sought distraction. he company of women was at first an alluring prospect, but after a brief scandal, he supposed he had better find a new hobby, which he found indeed through gambling.

At first he fit the stereotype of the rich noble who had plenty of gold to throw in the game but hardly ever got any in return. But Aleato was smart, and soon learned the true ways of the games and, more importantly, how to profit off of them. Using his superior wit and his developed charisma, by the end of Ozeath's Ousting he ran, partly in secret, a small gambling empire spanning most of Reach and some of Dorne.

The fun and games came to an end, so to speak, when he had received word of the Ousting's tidings. The war had been won, but it was not without its losses -- Lord Cultiv and its favored heir had been slain in battle. Though gambling had become a major part of him, he was forced to give it up at large for the good of the South.

Blood Color: Green

Strengths: Skilled with a sword, intelligent, charismatic.
Weaknesses: Physically weak, insecure, hard time being serious at times, difficulty forming intimate relationships
Weapon of Choice: Beagalltach (Little Fury), a nimble, lightweight longsword  adorned with ornate stylings and his family crest as is his birthright as a son of Cultiv. Since the death of his father and brother, Moralltach (Great Fury) is now also his, although it is a greatsword of considerably more bulk than his style allows for.
Psionic Power: --

Describe your character in 3 words: Silver tongued gambler.

Other: Recently named Master of Coin in the Small Council by King Ozeath.
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Aleato Cultiv: a Gambler, made Master of Coin
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