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 Harton Gargon, the Dispossessed Maester.

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PostSubject: Harton Gargon, the Dispossessed Maester.   Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:29 am

Full Name: Harton Gargon
Title: None. Former lord of Raider's Isle
Gender: Male
Age: 15 sweeps
Height: 6'0"
House: Gargon, last member.

Physical Appearance: He, surprisingly, carries many of the traits associated with the Gargons. A sharp jawline, a sharp down-turned nose, and a moppish head of hair. The primary thing that separates him from his family are his eyes. They're cold, curious, uncaring. They're the eyes that have caused the enslavement of many, and they don't have a single inkling of regret in them.

He has broad shoulders, and a barrel chest that if he ever worked out would result in a natural warrior's physic. His time serving as a mercenary has helped with this, doing away with his paunch and excess fat gained over years of casual study. His hair is characteristically dark, and totally shaved, with long horns that curve forward, useful for goring if that ever became necessary.

Personality: Not many people expect a troll like Harton to come out of House Gargon. Historically it has produced brash, honorable warriors who in ancient times served as the guardians of the Frozen Shore and champions of house Cyroos. Harton Gargon was considered an oddity in that he was quiet, calculating, and loathed direct confrontation. While his brothers and sisters were in the field, he was inside building up the first library his house had ever possessed. This behavior was only permitted as he was the third child in the family, with a brother and daughter before him who could easily lead the house. He began to suly their image none the less, and after he failed to participate in repelling a wildling raid, he was sent south, towards the Citadel to become a Maester.

It was the single happiest day of his life.

He took to the training immediately, proving diligent in all spheres of study with a particular interest in biology and, to the mockery of his peers, magic. He never showed any signs of this bothering him, but over the sweeps he forged his chains, and one by one his detractors died in freak accidents. He was seen as one of the most promising additions to the Citidel.

Then his experiments were discovered - trials of blood magic and attempts at necromancy that left the dead desecrated and fearful shadows over Oldtown. It had been discovered that he had lured the poor and decrepit into his laboratory with promises of warmth and a smile. His crimes had the lord of Oldtown shake in fury and he was captured and sentenced to death, but with the right allocation of bribery and murder managed to escape. During the search for him, Lord Paramount Ossimm and his son Razeth were executed by the current king, and the upstart Ozeath marched south screaming vengeance.  

It was the greatest distraction he could've wished for, escaping with the correct balance of bribery and murder north, back to his home. There he waited out the end of the war, sipping strong northern ales and keeping the Wildlings in check with the clever tactics he picked up in his studies. When the war was over, he learned his entire family had been consumed in some glorious battle or another, making him the lord of Raider's Isle. He was surprised to not really feel any remorse. They made their choice, and they died how they wanted to.

To deal with the economic mess that was Raider Island's coffers, he resorted to countless illegal activities to rake in money due to the sheer lack of natural resources present in his lands. Smuggling, assassination, and sabotage were all things he orchestrated and his house became a hub of that sort of activity.

Finally growing bold enough due to the lack of any real resistance, he began selling poachers and other criminals on his land off as slaves, breaking the customs of his land. The ship he had sent out was caught, and he was declared a criminal under the crown, with all his old crimes that had been seemingly forgotten resurfacing as well.

Well. He had run once, why not again, eh? He booked a trip to Pentos immediately, barely missing the forces sent to apprehend them, and made a living serving as a mercenary for sweeps after that, until finally falling into the service of the last Dragon.

Blood Color: Blue

Strengths: Highly educated, Ruthless, has a talent for deception.
Weaknesses: Jaded, reviled by Westeros as a whole, they have good reason to.
Weapon of Choice: An axe is all he's ever needed.
Psionic Power: Bah.

Describe your character in 3 words: Man without honor.

Other: He took his house's valyrian steel axe with him, Finger Eater.
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Harton Gargon, the Dispossessed Maester.
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