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PostSubject: Medius Sunexo   Medius Sunexo EmptyFri Jul 22, 2016 10:45 am

Full Name: Medius Sunexo
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0''
Age: Seven sweeps

Physical Appearance: Consisting of what one would assume to be pipe-cleaners and flesh, Medius is a thin, gangly troll. High cheekbones and a narrow, pointed jaw give him a sharp and unsuitedly princely face. His hair is dichotomous, sweeping down and over the edge of his face to his chin on the left side in the front, with the rest of that side of his head bare, while the right half of his head is completely bald. His thin horns jut outward in a harsh angle before turning inward at about six inches up and continuing for the same distance, giving his headgear the shape of a tall, sharp diamond. His clothing consists of a black v-neck shirt with medium length sleeves, bearing his symbol and made of rough crepe-esque fabric. He wears tight, form fitting black denim pants to complete the ensemble. The right half of his body is entirely obscured by an incredibly detailed, anatomically correct tattoo of a troll skeletal system. His skin is a fair bit more pallid than the average troll's.

Personality: Do no harm... Unless you need to. Medius is a solemn, calculating individual, slow to decide but quick to act. He places the well-being of others above himself, having considered his life "half-spent." His appearance and general demeanor tend to distance him from other trolls, and he lacks essential social mores because of this. In this sense, he tends to speak what he observes as the truth, without much of an air of subtlety. Despite this, he is rather quick-witted, with humour hewn from the driest brush. He is prone to wearing a well-disguised Long-Suffering Look™ when speaking of personal matters; True though it is that he is subject to bouts of idiosyncratic pity over his lot, he never shows beyond a slight affectation and never dwells for long; There are others to be tended to.

He spends a large majority of his time studying medical texts, as well as assorted biological and anatomical literature, and dreams of becoming one of the infamous Mediculler Psiurgeons. This, in addition to his rough-edged mothering nature, makes him a natural (physical) homestead to any group.

Typing Quirk / Color: Short, curt sentences. Distinct lack of self-referential pronouns.
Blood color: Burgundy.
Symbol: Burgundy Star of Life, interlaced with thin, black cracks from the tips of the tines to the center.

Lusus: Caario is a jackal / deer hybrid, with the snout, claws, teeth, and tail of the former, and the eyes, antlers, and general body structure of the latter. The aforementioned antlers are peculiar in that all of the points face backwards, making them unsuited for combat. The claws, teeth, and general ramming function of the antlers give her satisfactory self-defense mechanisms. She generally hunts smaller and weaker prey than her.

Strengths: Medius is an exceptional medic, using his knowledge of troll biology and anatomy in tandem with his psionics. He is level-headed in stressful situations, and level-hearted in difficult ones.

Weaknesses: Medius is quadriplegic. Due to a catastrophic psionic blowout at the age of four sweeps, he has lost all function from the neck down, and decent facial control.

Fears / Insecurities: Medius fears loss above all. He is familiar with it; He seeks to save and protect others he cares for from this feeling, both for their sake and to save himself by extension. He used to feel insecure about his condition, but has made peace with it over time. He thinks so, anyway.

Likes / Hobbies: He enjoys reading the aforementioned medical, biological, and anatomical texts. When not doing this, he likes to play his collection of metal bells hanging from the ceiling in the corner of his hive. He also likes talking to his friends online, and secretly relishes chances to meet with them. He very much loves performing medical procedures, especially surgery. He is confident in his abilities, and thrives on the success of said procedures.

Dislikes: Medius is not fond of physical conflict, and is a conscientious objector; An odd trait among a troll indeed. He will refuse to fight unless forced, and will also refuse to intervene in fights unless heavily pressured. He harbors distaste for the hemospectrum, but recognizes its validity.

God-Tier Title:
Knight of Life
Land: Land of Sinew and Statues
Derse or Prospit: Derse
Strife Specibus: ScalpelKind and MltiSclplKind

Psionic Power:

Medius possesses immense psychokinesis, so much so that he is able to compensate for his quadriplegic state. Since his blowout at four sweeps, he has trained his mind every day, and can treat his physical body like a finely-tuned puppet. Though his motor functions appear floaty and jerky, and his face mainly stays neutral due to the intense concentration necessary to manipulate it, he has gained the ability to influence the minute autonomous processes such as bone-mending and blood-clotting within himself, allowing him to speed his recovery from injury. His psionic reach has faltered from so much zero-range focus, and is generally useless outside of around a five-foot radius from himself. He tends to manipulate his limbs for day-to-day use when around others so as to avoid being off-putting, but reverts to floating and strict mental usage when alone, as well as when performing medical and surgical tasks, due to the increased precision it owes. He is not yet skilled enough to perform the anatomy-altering phenomena he uses for his own wounds on others, and must go about it manually.

Describe your character in three words:
Helpful, Disquieting, Motherly.

If your character were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with them, what would they be?: A scalpel and a roll of gauze.

"There was, at one point, a time that I couldn't jest at my own expense. What a reprehensible quandary. I wish nothing so much as that experience upon my most iniquitous adversary."
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